Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Table Rock Meeting - GroupB

left for dead, lighting the dark, big game spotted

*This adventure is taking place with the alternate posse. *

Table Rock (a mine/quarry in southern Arizona)

Within a cave, Norman and Twitch hide with the remaining miners. They have just had a rough tangle with a dinosaur. Fortunately they managed to injure it as well.

On top of the ridge, two Native Americans have a very large man captive under gun-point. “We don’t care for your program. You insulted our people.” Big John Murdock pleads for his life- but the natives kick him over the side of the ridge.

Painful as it was, hitting the side slowed his fall and he manages to survive the ordeal. He recognizes the area now as Table Rock (a revived Ghost Rock mine). No time to recover. A large figure emerges from behind a stone pillar. Before John is a 12 foot allosaurus. The creature seems slightly daze and has slashes and burn marks on it’s face.

The sizable man attempts o roll away slowly as to avoid the dino, but a man his size rarely goes unnoticed. The allosaurus spots him and lets out a roar.

Norman and Twitch recognize the sound- the allosaurus has found prey. However, it does not appear that anyone in their group is missing. Then they hear someone yelling back. Big John uses his mighty voice to retort, causing the dino to be confused and run off.

John is able to free himself from the loose ropes, grabs his glasses and surveys they area. There’s a large tall plateau with a spiraling walkway. If he was to scale it he would be out of reach of the dino. He also spots the remains of the mining area- large drilling machine and a cave.

He decides to scale the pillar. He has a few near falls before making it up half way. At this point, a break in the walkway would require a skillful jump- not exactly his area of expertise. He decides to descend and check out the mining area.

On his way in he hears noise coming from the cave and attempts to hide behind the large machine. Norman and Twitch exit the cave and spot a badly hidden person behind the drill-dozer. Big John reveals himself. Norman recognizes him, Twitch mistakes him for a blob monster. Despite fear of the blob monster, Twitch suggests they move inside to avoid being eaten by the dino.

They make full introductions and explain how they got there. Twitch and Norman were hired to inspect why the Ghost Rock had stopped coming, and to recover what they could. Murdock had a “misunderstanding” with the Native Americans (he had made some offensive statements on his inflammatory radio show). This was their way of expressing that disagreement.

They review the situation. Twitch suggests trying to fix up the drill-dozer. It could be used to punch a way through the collapsed material blocking the entrance to the canyon. They all agree, but know they’ll need a distraction.

Norman suggests they set up some men on each of the two plateaus and keep the dinos busy while the repairs are made. Murdock checks the miner’s supplies and finds some weapons he can use.

Norman begins scaling the taller plateau. On the way up he notices a massive footprint on the ground. The larger dino is MUCH larger. The climb is difficult, but he manages to make it. He reaches the top and finds a large dirt mound. Norman signals down that they can begin. Twitch and Big John move into place. Twitch quickly gets to work on the drill-dozer while Big John moves about to watch for any signs of danger.

Norman takes a quick look at the mound. There is curious writing all around the entrance, petroglyphs of some ancient meaning. He steps inside and feels the swirling wind around him. The walls inside are dry to the touch. However it is far too dark inside to see.

Norman signals down for a torch- a rather humorous game of charades ensues before they figure out his meaning. Twitch tries to help with his pyro power, but the distance is too far. Just then, Norman notices movement beneath the actual Table Rock structure. A massive T-Rex emerges from the shadows.

One of the miner’s arrives from below with a flint and torch. Norman tells him about the mound and the oncoming T-Rex. With know idea of the monster nearby, Twitch furiously hammers away on the drill-dozer. The bangs echo through the canyon and spark the T-Rex’s interest. It begins to move.

Big John and Twitch notice the booming rumble of the footsteps and start moving towards the mine. Norman readies himself to encounter the mighty beast.



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