Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Table Rock Light in the Dark - GroupB

dino-rodeo, mysteries of the mound, karma comes around

Table Rock

The monstrous T-Rex charges toward Big John. All of the men begin firing on the dino. A few of the men are wounded as the beast thrashes about.

Norman takes a step back then charges off of the plateau; leaping onto the T-Rex’s back. Several slashes with his blades, along with the incoming fire from the rest of them men, help them to scare off the T-Rex.

Norman and Big John meet back up and talk with the foreman about the other missing men. The foreman tells them about how he went up the tall plateau with the 2 other men. The first two supposedly got into an argument and shot each other. Big John doesn’t speak out at the time, but later tells Norman he had doubts about the foreman’s story.

Norman and one of the miners get what’s needed and head back up to the dirt mount on the plateau to check it out. The inside is covered in pictographs and paintings, but neither man can decode them. They also find suspended bed, like a hammock surrounded by ornamental grass and trinkets. Inside the hammock is a mummified body in Native American ceremonial garb.

Nearby they also spot the bodies of the two miners. Norman studies them. The placement of the wounds doesn’t seem to make sense with the foreman’s story. In fact it appears the men were executed. A further took around reveals that something has been removed from the hands of the mummy.

Norman comes back down, grabs Murdock and confirms the foreman was lying. They figure he must have taken the item from the mummified native and killed the others to cover it up. Disturbing the grave must have caused a curse on the place. The foreman is gone from his area of the cave. However they manage to find a hidden passage and speculate the foreman must be using it to escape

Big John takes Twitch and the miners aside to explain what’s happened.

Norman continues pursuit down the secret path. Then he hears some shuffling in the dark and sees a small light up ahead. As he approaches he sees that the light is the burning of a fuse connected to three sticks of TNT. Norman runs away as the blast goes off.

A huge Boom echoes out from the mouth of the cave, followed quickly by a cloud of dust. After a second of suspense, they see a figure emerge from the rubble. Norman was somehow able to narrowly escape.
The group pulls together to formulate a new plan. They settle in on using the drill-dozer, and possibly killing one or both dinos.

Cut scene: The foreman is escaping from a small cave. He begins running through a forest of stone pillars. In his hand is an amber orb filled with red. The blood inside is eerily still liquid and sloshes about as he runs.

A shadow looms over him. He turns and sees the toothy maw of the T-Rex. A bit of saliva drops down on to his should as the monster rears back. The man lets out a horrifically loud scream as the mouth closes over him. His empty severed hand is all that remains



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