Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Shadow's Landing

Flailing umbras, no leg to stand on, going all in

Battlegrounds clearing

Lightning cracks all around as Karisha stands menacingly before them. The demon’s dark tendril limbs emerge and rear up. Karisha blinks, and the tendrils launch forward striking out at all three of the posse members. Each of the posse members is struck hard by a shadow fist.

The demon looks at Hammond – “You’re mine”. It’s eyes flash and Hammond feel’s it’s dark grip on his very soul. He becomes detached and is under the command of the Incubus. Fortunately Hammy shakes it off before being able to attack anyone. He rages on the Incubus and manages a small cut to it’s skin. Black ooze billows out from the wound.

Nigel fires at it with his rifle. The bullet heads directly for the incubus’s face, but it seizes the bullet in mid-air with one of it’s tendrils. Karisha throws the bullet back at Nigel. Ben shoots it with a brain blast, smacking it back a step and catching it’s attention.

Karisha lashes out at them all again with it’s tendrils, with 2 at Ben. Hammond runs up and stabs the Incubus once again. The demon rips Hammonds sword away and tosses it across the ground. Nigel shoots it in the head , but the bullet does NOTHING. The party realizes that they MUST use the weapons that Marilyn blessed in order to harm the demon.

Karisha strikes at Hammond with it’s actual hands, as well as a tendril, all while attacking the other with the remaining shadow hands. It lands several of these hits damaging each of the party.

Ben uses his telekinesis to float Hammond’s back to him. This give them another quick chance for a strike. Hammond strikes, then takes another strike to the guts. He dives away. Nigel fires on Karisha with his plasma hand. The blast shakes him, but the demon’s armor prevents significant damage. Nigel will need to overcharge the plasma hand to make it deal damage. In the back of his head he hears Marilyn tell him he can use her blessing to increase the armor penetration of the blast as well.

Karisha rushes forward and lands some massive strikes on Ben, trying to rip his guts out through the armor. Hammond joins in the fray again to get the Incubus off of Ben. Ben backs off a few steps to get clear from the fight.

Nigel circles around to get a decent shot on Karisha. The incubus tries to take over Ben’s mind. Ben is able to mentally wrestle with it and avoid take over. Hammond wrestles with the Incubus’s tendrils to keep it busy.

Nigel then shuts down his infiltration systems to provide additional power to his hand cannon. He charges up a large blast. He draws a bead to get a better shot. Ben shoots Karisha with a powerful brain blast. Hammond strikes it in the head before diving back. Nigel shoots hitting the Incubus. the blast shakes up the demon, catching his attention. However the charge nearly shorts out Nigel’s circuits.

Ben follows up with a major brain blast. That pulls Karisha’s attention back to Ben. Nigel charges up the blaster even more by shutting down one of his other internal systems. He draws a bead on the demon again. Karisha retaliates with a few strikes to Ben. Nigel’s 2nd blast does some significant damage to the Incubus.

The damage sends Karisha into a fit of rage. The demon turns about and comes at Nigel with full force. It strikes at him with all of it’s shadow limbs. Nigel’s free arm goes limp. Karisha slashes Nigel’s chest slicing it open. Nigel feigns being paralyzed. Hammond and Ben recognize this and react as if Nigel is truly going down. Karisha sees Nigel’s immobile body on the ground and turns back to the others.

Ben fires a heavy brain blast on the Incubus face. the force actually bursts one of it’s eyes. Karisha swipes back at him. Hammond and Ben both try hitting at it’s head to take it down, but are unsuccessful. Karisha strikes back at both of them. Their bodies are on the verge of collapse, but they stand their ground.

Karisha – “Failure will be your doom. I will rip your body apart in front of your friends. You will know the pain of going against a god!”

The demon rears back and strikes Ben and Hammond one more time. They barely manage to stand. Their fate looks grim. Karisha sweeps Ben off his feet and is trying to drill through his armor with a tendril. Hammond’s sword is ripped away, then one of the tendrils wraps around his neck, squeezing the life from him.

Nigel musters up all of the rest of his will. He raises his plasma hand towards Karisha. He calls upon The Baron – asking for his favor.

Time freezes for a moment as out of a puff of smoke, Baron Samedi emerges. He and Nigel negotiate a deal. Nigel asks for the Baron’s help. He need to land a shot and for it to kill the Incubus. The Baron just nods. Time begins to move again, only in slow motion.

Nigel raises his hand- out of the air a ghostly skeleton hand grabs his wrist and points the plasma hand at Karisha’s face. Nigel feels an intense and overwhelming power surge from the Baron, through his blaster. The shot fires off connecting with Karisha’s head and exploding half of its body. Nigel’s plasma gun circuit explodes from the power surge. The surge shoots through his body and damages his spirit fetter. Nigel passes out entirely.

The rest of the Incubus’s corpse falls to the ground. Black ichor leaks out as Karisha dissolves away into nothingness. The storm that was above clears revealing a soft sunset.

Ben and Hammond slowly collect themselves. They spend a moment patching each other up, then try and sew Nigel back into one piece. They scrounge around to put together a makeshift stretcher, since they’ll need to carry Nigel. They scout out the land and head northwest, back towards the cemetery/prison.

An hour or so passes and they see a plume of dust off in the distance. A vehicle approaches. Ben looks through his land warrior helmet and sees it is the van (they could tell by the Black Widow on top).

The posse’s van arrives at their location, driven by Jonathan Douglas. He and Charlie exit the vehicle to assist the battered men. It is a bittersweet moment. Jonathan states that Michael and Soria are in the back of the van. They are wounded seriously, but will live. He opens the door. Soria and Michael lay in obvious discomfort. They both look up and all acknowledge each other. Hammond touches Soria’s hand.

The crew looks to Douglas with questioning eyes, he already knows what is on their minds. He nods blankly and gestures to the rear of the van.

Inside the back section wrapped in an old blanket was Marilyn. She lay there motionless.

Then a little cough, and a turn of the head. The Posse sees that she is still alive and well, albeit exhausted.

The three companions let out sighs of relief. Ben and Hammond load Nigel into the back of the van. They head off towards the safety of Fort Bridger.



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