Deadlands: Hell on Earth

McGovern AFB Unfinished Business

Bountiful Stock, Turning up the heat, Arming the people

McGovern Air Force Base

Ben and Hammond finish filling in the 2 project “Blue Belle” soldiers on the way of the world since the war.

The soldiers inquire about the situation that the posse mentioned in Kingman and Near Tuscon. They see the need to set up a base of operations in Near Tuscon and agree to take as much of the supplies as they can.

They crew spends a while sorting through the supplies.  The soldiers mention that they have less than they were supposed to have received. Never the less the weapons, ammo, gear and consumables are much more than the posse has seen in a long time.

With the three jeeps nearly full, the three posse members mention that they have a bit of unfinished business here.  Hammond pulls out the cursed military ration and  gives it to one of the soldiers.  They use the base’s computer system to pull info based on the serial number.

As it turns out there was a bad batch of rations that was responsible for many illnesses and a few deaths.  The rest of the batch was disposed of and the containers were melted down in the smelting shop on McGovern.  This was the only container left.

The three posse members head towards the smelting shop while the soldiers finish loading the vehicles and setting the explosives to blow up the bunker (wouldn’t want the excess supplies or data to fall in the wrong hands).

Nigel, Ben, and Hammond enter the smelt shop.  The machinery is worn from disuse, but appears to be in good order.  Ben guides Hammond and Nigel through the steps of starting the furnace.

With a loud clank and a rumble the gate at the back of the furnace opens.  The iron inside quickly melts from the heat of the exposed ground heat vent.  Hammond lets out a sigh of relief as he chucks the MRE into the pool.  The container melts instantly- a small slick of
steel riding on top of the molten lead.

The molten metal flares up wildly.  The men hear a slam behind them, turning to see that the doors have been barred.  A growl emanates from the smelting furnace, followed by a word “Hammond.”  The crew turns back around to see the top of the furnace blow out.  The liquid metal starts rising up into a twisted figure.

The molten being slings a glob of flaming goo at Hammond grazing his stomach.  Hammond quickly tries to shut off the furnace, but nothing seems to work.

Ben spots an emergency button and points it out to the others.  Nigel runs over to hit the button.  The pool of metal begins to be sucked out into a cooling chamber.
Hammond tries to throw some scrap metal at it, hoping the added mass would cool the beast- but it just absorbs the scrap.  Ben tries to open the bared door with his telekinesis but it is unmovable- he can sense there is an unknown force holding it back.

The monster emerges and rushes after Hammond.  The searing heat from the molten beast causes him to be weary.  “If you do not submit, they will suffer in your stay!” growls the demon.

Ben and Nigel spot the old emergency fire sprinkler pipes above them and begin shooting to burst the pipes.  They burst one of the pipes and send water splashing down on the demon.  It seems to yell out in pain.

The burning metal monster does an about face and throws more molten goo at Ben and Nigel, but misses setting fire to a pile of rubble. They fire again and burst the other pipe in that section of the building- spraying the monster again.  It angers and runs after Ben.

Hammond leaps forth and rips down another pipe above the monster with his hammer, pouring the rusty water all over the beast.  “You want me, you’re gonna have to fight to get me!”

Ben uses telekinesis to burst another pipe.  The water is enough to cool the monster, freezing it as a demented sculpture.   Steam rises off of the metal structure.  Ben smashes it with the pipe and it topples.

The head rolls off,  but the molten core (the actual steel from the MRE) oozes out and forms a small metallic spider and begins scurrying towards Hammond.  The face of his hammer smashes it into a flat plate.

I reckon that’ll be enough partner  Hammond hears this.  “I reckon it will.”

Ben notices this, “I reckon what?… Hammond?”

From inside the burning rubble pile Hammond sees Ronin Lynch emerge. He gives a nod and bids Hammond farewell, their journey together is done.  He then walks back into the fire.

Ben sees Hammond talking to nothing, – “Uh, Nigel, I think the heat is getting to Hammond, we better get him out of here”.

The bars on the doors have disappeared.  The three men escape the burning building and head back to meet the soldiers.  Everything is complete.  They head off to pick up the van.  Travel through the maelstrom is surprisingly uneventful.

Near Tuscon

The entourage of vehicles arrives.  A crowd of refugees surrounds them, cheering praises- a post-apocalyptic fan-fare of sorts.  The posse notes that the number of refugees has increased since they left.

Tulip comes out to greet them.  They give her word of the Cult of Doom’s presence in the maelstrom.  That is far too close, they’ll have to set up defenses and begin working on a plan for the offensive.

 An old burned out corn field

A cloaked figure shuffles forth.  The figure is moving towards a cross.  A man is crucified there, clothed in burlap with a sack covering it’s head.  Eye holes are cut out and his eye’s peer out towards the cloaked figure.

“Well, Look at you, all hung up there with nothing to do.  I’ve got something for you.  Do you want to come and play again?”

“*yes, I want to play*”

The cloaked figure removes it’s hood.  It’s a new body, but the signs of corruption and decay reveal it as the incubus.  It’s dark tendrils (nearly invisible in the low light) remove the nails from the crucified man.

His body drops down and lands in a flesh puddle.  The form rises back to it’s feet.

“Come, I have some new friends for us to play with”.



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