Deadlands: Hell on Earth

McGovern AFB Gathering Clues

A long scream, detailed notes, dinner guests

Outskirts of Tuscon

The three men push forward into the dark maze of industrial ruins and warehouses. They reach a relatively clear area, what may have once been a field or park. The space is clear, but craters and scorched earth are it’s main make-up. Off in the distance they see the remains of McGovern Air Force Base.

Hammond asks Ben and Nigel if they can recognize any of the layout. Several of the secondary buildings are still standing, as well as what looks to be a hanger. Ben spots the barracks and the men head towards them across the pock-marked field. The dirt beneath them crunches with each step.

The silence is broken by a rapid beat of the same crush sound. Ben spies a scraggly character with a rifle running. The man looks scared. Then all three posse members notice the thing of which he is afraid. A gangly creature nearly 12 feet tall with a flat oval head and very few features. It has dark pits for eyes and a freakish grin. Ben and Hammond recognize it to be a “Night Stalker”. The Night Stalker hunts down those who meet eyes with it, tracking the prey until they are dead, or until the Stalker disappears into the sun light.

The running man stumbles and lands hard on the ground. The Stalker’s long steps close the gap and it makes a gesture with it’s hand. The man floats up and hovers in front of the gruesome smile. He begins to scream as his flesh slowly peels away in long thin strips all flowing into the Stalker’s mouth like “man-ghetti”.

Nigel uses his rifle to shoot the stalker right through the head. The shot lands but nothing happens. Seeing this the crew makes a run for the barracks. Hammond knocks down the fence. Just then Nigel glances back but quickly looks away to avoid the Night Stalker’s gaze. The fallen man’s screams finally stop.

McGovern Air Force Base

The three enter and find the ruins of an old office. Ben suggests they burn one of the chairs for light. They find the dried remains of several workers. There is a paper that indicates some directory information for the base. They set out for the food/catering area in search of the rest of the MRE supply.

They head down several long hallways until they come to the mess hall. They enter and head for the back toward the kitchen. They search through the documents there, but find little. They check a body at a desk and find an old notebook with entries dating near the Reckoning. The entry mentions a mis-shipment of MRE containers. There is also indication of concern regarding the highly increased number of job fatalities/accidents. With this information they decide to head towards the infirmary.

As the men start heading back to the hallway they spot a couple of Trogs, followed by some armed thugs and a Cult of Doom member. They try to slink away, but the Cultist spots them. “Well, Well. What’s this? Some scroungers from Near Tuscon? Kill them men!”

Realizing they are stuck in another battle, the posse pulls out their weapons. Hammond makes a charge right on the Cultist, delivering 2 hefty blows. The surrounding Trogs are startled but turn to attack him.

Some of the Trogs toss cafeteria tables at Ben and Nigel. Ben pulls off Aztec Surprise on the Cultist dealing some damage. Nigel fires on the Trogs taking a few out.

The Cultist’s hired guns start laying down some fire on the whole crew. Fortunately the frantic movement helps them avoid damage. Nigel and Ben thin out the Cultist’s gang with rapid fire. The Cultist blasts Hammy and Ben gets hit by stray bullets in the arm and leg.



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