Deadlands: Hell on Earth

McGovern AFB Back-Up Plans

Out with a bang, What's the password, Wakeup call

McGovern Air Force Base

The Cultist’s mercenaries pump bullets out at Ben and Nigel. Nigel returns with a volley, taking out a Trog and a merc. Ben explodes a guy’s head with his auto-shotgun.

The Cultist, heavily wounded and losing, runs out the door of the mess hall. He then turns while gathering a bright green ball. He launches the ball into the back end of the room, exploding forth a Nuke blast.

The force of the blast kills all of the remaining Mercs and Trogs. The Cultist himself is blwon back into a wall, killing him on impact.

Nigel is the first to get up. Perhaps sheer luck, or a little help from his EMP shielding- he is basically unscathed. Sound is muffled and the room is full of smoke/dust, making in hard to see more than a few feet. Nigel charges out into the hallway to take out the Cultist, but finds his charred corpse.

Hammond rolls back over, feeling pain in his leg and his torso. He hears something but cannot make out the sound. Eventually his hearing adjusts and he realizes it is Nigel calling out. Then the sound of Ben yelling for help.

Nigel and Hammond find Ben splayed out on the ground. His leg has blown off and a large piece of re-bar has pierced his arm. Hammond quickly gets to work to stop the bleeding- Ben is in shock, but conscious enough to assist Hammy with the make-shift tourniquet. Nigel searches around for Ben’s leg.

All three pick up on the groans and creaks coming from the building. The Nuke blast did major structural damage, and it does not appear that this building will stay standing for long. One of the sections near the kitchen completely collapses.

Nigel locates the leg and they head out. Hammond carries Ben as they attempt to find a way out of the building. Ben notices they’ve taken a wrong turn, but spots a window. They climb through and get clear of the building just before this section caves in on itself.

They spot the hanger building nearby. Ben mentions how they could have avoided this mess if they had gone to look in the hanger first. Hammy- “You know what they say- hindsight is always 50/50” Ben- _"Uhm, I think that’s 20/20".

Hammond asks Nigel to assist in carrying Ben into the hanger. The main hanger doors are locked, but an old side door opens with a little help from the hammer. Ben Mind-scans before they enter and detects 2 “human” minds. Despite the risk, they decide to enter to avoid being vulnerable out in the open.

Once inside, they realize that this small room is actually a maintenance office. The janitor’s body sits in a chair. The back side of his head is gone; an old pistol lay on the floor next to the chair.

Nigel and Hammond clear off a desk and place Ben on top. They position the leg and Hammond begins to perform Lay-on-Hands. Nigel ventures into the rest of the building to get more info about these 2 minds detected within.

Nigel explores the next room. He finds a door from which a low constant humming sound can be heard. Nigel also finds some paperwork and pieces together that this is not a hanger, but a storage facility for secondary items (those not directly used in the war efforts).

The healing session goes well. Ben, though still heavily wounded, is back in one piece. He searches around for some new pants. The crew meets back up and checks out the humming door. Ben blasts it open to reveal it’s secrets.

Inside the room is a large structure made out of an odd looking metallic substance. The structure has a door and a small push-button mechanical keypad. The metal is very cold to the touch. The crew discusses possibilities (cryogenics, biological weapons, etc.)

Ben finds a key code on the ID of one of the corpses. They punch the numbers in and unlock the metal door. As it opens they hear the release of pressure and are hit by a waft of clean air. The short step in leads them to a vast warehouse. Large stockpiles of weapons, armor, and other supplies line the walls. Several vehicles in pristine condition sit in the middle of the room.

Along one wall they find a row of large tubes with small red lights on them. In the first few they can see dried corpses with tubes and wires. Nigel find this disturbing and proceeds to check the rest of the area.

Ben and Hammond check out the other tubes and find 2 with green lights instead of red. The bodies inside these tubes appear normal. These must be the 2 minds detected. At the end of the row they find a small storage unit with maintenance robots. Next to the robots is a small interfacing terminal screen.

The interface terminal requests 3 pass-codes to access. They find the remaining codes on the other 2 office workers. The codes provide them access to the main functions- Operations and Database. They find some interesting info- such as the name project “Blue Belle” and all as follows:

(In Summary) McGovern was chosen for project Blue Belle for its anonymity, the large pocket of Ghost Rock under the facility, as well as a the heat vent/power source. “Blue Belle” is a secret double classified detachment of the CSA Ranger Corp. They will be held in stasis and a set of supplies will be allocated to assist in their mission. Total destructive war is seen as unavoidable, this deployment will be deployed AFTER the war to solidify CSA presence and re-establish society. It is also in response to a similar program from the NA- and may be used to combat the NA presence. While there are multiple independent deploments of “Blue Belle” they can be synchronized using the pass code “Remember Richmond”

Hammond remarks – “No wonder the world went to shit. They were already planning a war after the war.”

They attempt to access the Operations menu to open the tanks. All functions under this menu require the master code. Hammy and Ben figure out that the janitor they found is actually the “Blue Belle” commanding officer. They search his body and find his key code. The command is successful and the tubes power up and open. The lights in the warehouse turn on and the air begins flowing.

The two Rangers step out- cool and calm, though a bit disoriented. “Identify yourselves” they state. Ben provides his name/rank and Nigel does the same. The soldiers identify themselves and ask about the year and the status. Ben notes that the crew has a bit of explaining to do “The original team is dead, the world has collapsed. Things have changed.”



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