Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Caves and Critters

No good deed unpunished, where the hose goes, down the hatch?

The dark back alley of a city residential district. (Twenty years in the past)

Two men meet in the shadows. “How many are left? … How many do I have to kill.” says the first.

The second man states “Not many, your days are over.”

The first man steps into the light. His dark complexion covered in scars. He reveals a large knife. “So are we gonna start this? I can’t wait to taste your blood boy.”

The second man emerges from the dark and reveals himself. It is the man-in-black from the earlier cut-scene (The Incubus in the form of Sylvia Chambers recruited him)

The man-in-black replies: “In the end it will come down to two. And it won’t include you.”

The two men struggle, but the man-in-black quickly bests the first. He decapitates the scarred man. An energy surge pulses out of the dead man’s eyes. The eyes of the man-in-black light up, nearly pure white as he puts on his sunglasses and walks away.

Near Tuscon

The people of Near Tuscon, both the original residents and the new refugees from Kingman are living a squalid life. Resources are stretched thin and the people have become anxious. Tensions are high as squabbles amongst the different groups break out over food and water.

The clouds flicker and a few crashes echo out from the sky. The rain starts pouring down. A strange turn of luck, the rain is clean. Ben heads over to talk with Tulip. Hammond tries to rally the townsfolk into collecting some of the water, since it may not rain again for quite some time.

Ben, Tulip, and the Blue Belle soldiers are discussing plans for distributing the supplies they brought back. Ben mentions they should try to collect some water. Tulip asks for some assistance in quelling the anxieties of the refugees. She feels maybe the posse’s work during the battle of Kingman may help bolster their trust. Ben reveals that the posse has plans to take back Kingman. She points out that they will need to motivate a militia.

Meanwhile, Hammond reveals his tabard and calls out for action to everyone. He presses them to try and work together. A few of the refugees start heckling ”We remember you, you left us all to rot! Have you seen what happened to the people they got when those cultists came? The other guy like you, yeah I remember him, why don’t you go back there and see what they did to him!”

Hammond is upset, but maintains his composure. “Maybe you ought to quit blaming me and start thinking about how the Cult of Doom is responsible.” ”How are we supposed to handle that? They got magic and stuff, blowing things up with green rays and crap” “Well, we got a whole mess of guns, ammo, armor, and supplies that says we can do something about it!”

Ben overhears the rabble and sees there’s an unhappy crowd gathered in front of Hammond. The groups of town people are bickering with themselves. Ben shouts “Why isn’t anyone collecting this god damned water?!” He barks some orders and folks and they are, for the most part, listening.

Hammy and Ben talk about the discontent in the town people, as well as the increased dangers at Kingman. They decide it would be best if they put a small infiltration team together. They’ll take one of the Blue Belle soldiers with them, and leave the other here in Near Tuscon to direct the fortification efforts.

To provide the BB soldier (Haldeman) with a better idea of the kinds of horrors they may find, Ben removes his wraps to show his face. The soldier is unfazed, but notes Ben could be taken for a zombie to the untrained eye. They develop a plan and head out on the road.

Desert near Mount Pass on the road to Kingman

The van makes the trip fairly quickly. As dusk settles in they arrive just outside of the mountain pass. They park and conceal the van. The men make their way towards the pass. They scope it out and notice there is a makeshift vehicle barrier of logs and impaled bodies.

The 4 men sneak forth. Ben notices a mine. They carefully make their way through the field, following in Ben’s footsteps. Luckily they avoid being blown up, but they make a note that the mines will have to be neutralized before they bring the militia through.

The distance closed, they can now see that the bodies on the logs are impaled zombies. This strikes all of the men as odd, considering the manitous inside would just be wasting energy. Hammond mentions there is a remote possibility that they are being used as undead security cameras- getting an early view of what’s coming. They see that as possible, but move forward, as they would have already been spotted.

In the pass, they find a vehicle trap but are able to successfully disarm it. They realize that if there is a trap here, there must be a hatch or entryway nearby. The crew tries to climb up the side-walls. All are successful except for Hammond, who falls flat on his back.

The others dig through their gear and find a short length or rope. They tie it around Ben and lower him down as far as possible. Hammy runs and leaps, just barely grasping Ben’s hand. Nigel and Haldeman pull the two men up.
They search around the upper level and find a worn footpath leading to a carved ladder. The men climb it and discover a scouting station next to a tarp on the rock wall. Dust covering the binoculars at the scout station indicates that they haven’t been used in some time. The tarp is removed and they find a dark entry into the caverns.

They enter the caves and light up their flashlights. The walk is on a definite decline as they move forward. The path winds a bit and comes to a point where it constricts providing a very claustrophobic feel. Nigel heads in first for safety. He finds a root or outcropping. He cuts it with his knife. A piece falls off; it’s a type of moss. As the moss peels away, a new whole is revealed. Beyond the whole is a large circular room with what appears to be a pool of water. They use the Geiger counter and the radiation in the pool is very high.

The crew works their way around the outer edge, avoiding contact with the liquid. They find a hose coming out of the pool. They pull the end out of the water to see which way the water is flowing. It appears the hose is pumping out of the pool.

They decide to follow the hose considering it must lead to someone/something important. The hose leads them down another winding path. They hear movement on one of the walls. They shine their flashlights and see a freakish gremlin-like humanoid climbing on the wall. The creature’s eyes are large and black, but it does not appear to see them. Its skin shifts color and blends into rock as it slinks away.

They follow the hose until it comes to a four way intersection. They decide to continue with the hose. This leads them to another tarp covering a whole. They enter carefully and find a much larger chamber. Off in the distance they see a figure hunched over a section of hose. Light reveals yet another one of the gremlin-men. It’s on its hands and knees drinking the spraying water. The men’s footsteps and whispers startle the beast; it whips its head toward them and snarls. Then it changes its skin to a dark color and runs off.

In the interested of getting a better feel for their surrounding they try and light up a torch. As it lights up, they can see the edges of the large cavern. Lining the walls of the cave are tons of these gremlin-men, all of which have become aware of the intruding posse. They also hear from behind them as one of the gremlin-men leaps down from the opening they just came from.


Charlie Silverfox mills over her decision to head to MovieTown. The other members of the posse didn’t want to go, so she figured she’d head there on her own. Knowing how things had gone last time she was in Kingman, she figures they would be happy to have her fuel up there. Little did she know that Kingman had been taken over by the Cult and it’s band of muties.

Charlie is being processed by the Cult’s security detail. She is removed from Car-el while giving it instructions. One of guards makes a snide remark about how stupid she is for talking to her car. Suddenly his head explodes. A gunshot echoes out from some nearby housing. Car-el drives off to avoid the incoming fire.

Charlie runs but is nabbed from behind. A hand covers her mouth and she is pulled off into a small abandoned building. “Don’t worry, just be quite- I won’t hurt you, I am one of the rebels”. She turns and sees a reptilian fellow. He offers to help, but she needs to keep quiet. Charlie keeps pressing him to try and get back to Car-el.

Charlie tries to use her homing device for Car-el. She gets it working, but Car-el is unable to drive to her location without significant chance of total destruction. The reptile man leads her to an underground safe house located in the sewers. The rebels cautiously welcome her in, some of them actually recognizing her. They ask her many questions of the outside world; is there anyone coming for them? They fill her in on the goings on at Kingman after she had left. Charlie also spots a short wave radio, though it apparently needs repairs.



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