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Welcome to the Basic Character Info Page

Here you’ll find a short description of the major characters in the game, great for new folks to familiarize themselves and for those in-game to get a quick refresher.

Main Posse Members – (Current, Former, and … Future?)

Please Note: Player Characters should have a Stat Sheet on the “Characters” tab.

Ben Collins:
Fought during the Banshee Wars. Member of the Dragon’s Syker group. Lost his fiancee when she was killed by a Plague Zombie. He holds much guilt from abandoning innocents during flight from the Unity. As a result he now seeks a redemption of sorts by assisting the Templars. He encountered Hammond just prior to the beginning of our story and , as his previous Templar had died, the two decide to travel together.

Cleibold Hammond
Former mine worker. Lost his mother and sister when bombs dropped. Got fed up with passively waiting around in Helper. Met a Templar (Harry) and decided to join the cause. Traveled with Harry as a squire for about 2 years. Shortly after graduating to full Templar he bumped into Ben while traveling through JunkYard.

Nigel Winthorpe III
One of three siblings born into an upper-class British family, Joined the military in a tradition of noble service to King and Country, and attained rank of Lieutenant. Volunteered to become a Cyborg – only afterward discovering that becoming a Cyborg meant becoming a member of the Special Undead Service. Outfitted as an Infiltrator, and was a member of the British contingent of the UN forces sent to Banshee. Returned to Earth on the Unity. Stayed near the Houston Space Port for years before finally leaving the area, and encountered Cleibold Hammond, Marylin Chambers, Charlie Silverfox, and Ben Collins after they’d left Near Dallas. Had on occasional missions on Banshee served with Ben Collins.

Charlie SilverFox
A child movie star before the war. Had emotional breakdown and began drinking after seeing her sister raped and murdered. Made several adult oriented films to keep the money coming in. Encountered Ben, Hammy, and Marilyn in Near Dallas. Traveled with them through to JunkYard where she stayed behind to work on her Car-El “smart” vehicle.

Crow St. Simon
A mysterious woman with a bit of a gap in her past. She’s a witch from Louisiana. Has some problems with stress and traumatic situations. Woke up in JunkYard’s hospital wearing a wedding dress- no recollection of how she got there. Accompanied the posse on their investigation at the Salem Apartment Towers, then suddenly skipped town.

Alternate Posse

These guys have ther own story going on, but in their fate path is intertwined with that of the main posse.

Norman “last name”
A beast of a man. Very smart, but unale to read. He is a master at many hand to hand weapons. Does not work well with techie items though. Had a Ghost Rock bomb land ON him- Somehow survived. Looks about 30 but hasn’t aged in years. Has resorted to cannibalism and kind of enjoyed it. Scary to have on your team, but you wouldn’t want him to be against you.

Kevin (Twitch) Bowers
A Junker in his late 20’s who deals in weapons and repairs. Difficult childhood of scavenging, was abducted and tortured- keeping him in an almost perpetual adolescence. Major A.D.D. and very childish viewpoints- interspersed with very adult and poignant insights. Has picked up Syker powers after a run in with a powerful monster.

Twitch’s psychological problems were never really addressed, which left him open to manipulation by the very demon that tortured him as a boy.

“Big” John Murdock
In his prewar life, John Murdock was a radio personality who capitalized on his enormous girth and deep, powerful voice, thus gaining the handle “Big John Murdock” and boasting of being the only radio DJ visible to the naked eye from ComSat1. Covering a variety of roles from classic rock DJ, political commentator, morning show host, and others, he also possesses significant knowledge of electronics and the technical aspects behind radio communication.

An added oddity, he seemed to resist any sort of mutation, and never felt the pull or influence of any the arcane and supernatural influences that were so prevalent. Big John is completely Normal.

After the war, John quickly came to the realization that knowledge and communication are the keys to society’s survival, and has made it his mission to tie people together and keep them informed.

Who's Who

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