Deadlands: Hell on Earth

JunkYard always read the fine print
A deal is made, but is it legit? Preparing for ?ghostly? encounters


Nigel and Hammy finish their portion of the purchasing and head to the Court House to get papers for Nigel. After some slight bureaucratic entanglement, they purchase him a regular week pass.

Ben completes the rest of the sale process. Some AP ammo, boxes for holding the posse’s ammo and a few other items.

They meet back up and head to the JY Hilton to meet with Sydney. They are told to meet her in her room, a suite up on the 3rd floor. The room is impressively lavish for a post apocalyptic hotel. She offers them drink (with ice).

Before going into details about the job, she wants to find out our desires for payment. She agrees to 1 weeks worth of food for 7 people, 20 gallons of spook juice with containers, 3 room for 4 days at the Hilton, 5 40mm grenades, a tween book, and several sets of bedding for the road, as well as a security watch on our vehicles while we work on the job.

Finally we get some details about the assignments. The place we are heading is the Salem Apartment Towers, off in a rough section of town. The building is not in good condition as none of the repairs could be made- make sure to move with caution. There is no electric, so we will need to bring flashlights. The Ghost, for lack of a better term, is very potentially lethal.

Sydney will be accompanying us into the building to ensure we do not destroy it while evicting the ghost. All parties agree to the terms. Ben, Hammy, and Nigel hang in the suite (ours for the rest of the evening) and invite the others up. Everyone is very impressed by the room.

Ben heads out to get flashlights while Hammy and Nigel go to do some research on the Salem Appts. and on ghosts in general. On the way out they are stopped by a messenger. He lets them know that Sydney’s offer should not be taken at face value. There is more to the story. Meet up at Tech Noir, ask for the “Salem Reservation” for more info.

It takes some time but Ben gets the flashlights/batteries. Ben starts asking around town about the Ghost at Salem Towers. A stranger tells him of a crazed man, babbling nonsense that was picked up near the apartment. He was claiming to have seen ghostly flashes in the building. Nigel and Hammy continue research at the Library.

Ben heads to the hospital, as the crazy guy who was on their floor is most likely the same one that was picked up by the apartments. He tries to get in, but is denied entry. Hammy radios him a plan to sneak in, but the attendant (right next to Ben) overhears it and he is escorted out.

Hammy and Nigel relay the info they found about JY and about ghosts. As they suspected, the ghost may have some unfinished business, or an attachment to an object in the hotel. They also discuss the Salem Reservation at Tech Noir. They decide to go.

Hammy dresses in biker disguise and surveys the place. Ben stays mentally connected to him. Seeing no immediate danger, they hang out and wait for the mystery guest to arrive.

JunkYard opportunity knocks
Crow joins the group, The Posse finds a job


Early morning, the light creeps in slowly through the windows. Nigel is keeping watch on the girls. Charlie wakes up in a storage closet, as she had wandered in there in her stupor. The other members wake and get sorted. Now that the others have awakened, Nigel goes to get some sleep.

Ben finally meets Crow. Ben and Hammy head to the impound lot to pick up the station wagon. The guard at the lot is resistant because they don’t have the proper paperwork.

Charlie and Crow go to find info and water (for coffee). Twitch fashions a coffee pot out of an old bedpan using his “torch”. Crow asks some questions about his craft and they exchange stories of their powers.

Ben and Hammy finally get the station wagon but unfortunately someone broke in and stole some of the supplies (food, gas, a few random items). They head back to the Yard Arms parking lot and run into Charlie, who is working on the van. More bad news, they broke into the van too, only a few things missing.

Twitch and crow talk with the Doctor about her history. Apparently Crow was admitted under the name D. Simon. Twitch suggests checking in at JY entrance gate to see if they have any info on this D. Simon person.

Ben, Hammy and Charlie are approached by a woman named Sydney. She know who and “what” we are, and is looking to contract our services for her employer. The job is basically to remove a ghost from a hotel that is being renovated. They let her know they will get back to her. (She’ll be at the Hilton). They head to Winister’s and pick up the Auto-Shelter, G-Ray Batteries (3), and the Psycho-Active helmet.

A Rambling crazy-man freaks out at the hospital. Twitch and Crow attempt to help the staff but are turned away. They group has been waiting for a long time for Hammy/Ben to return, and ultimately decide it’s best if they get the others and try to find them at the Yard Arms parking lot.

Winister tells Hammy to check with his contact, Sarge, for info about the cursed ration and to buy ammo for the black widow. Ben also buys some Ghost Rock for Charlie.

The entire group meets up down in the parking lot. Crow expresses a desire to join with the group, as she has no attachment to JY. Hammy reveals to Crow his status as a Templar, and describes what they intend to do (the ghost job from Sydney). Twitch and J. Douglas will watch over Marilynne while the others go into the hotel.

Hammy, Ben, Crow, and Nigel go to Sarge. They buy the Black Widow ammo, a SAM 50 clip and Hammy finds out that the ration is from McGovern Air Base in AZ (near tuscon?) Charlie and Twitch study with Winister a bit- Soria and Mari watch over the vehicles.

JunkYard beyond the mirrors
Ben helps Soria and hones his skill, Crow gets T.M.I., Hammy looks for the car


Ben stands in the darkness of Soria’s mind. A wrapped hand reaches out and grabs him, Soria’s keeper of all memories. Why has he been causing so many ripples? He tries to envision happy memories, but it has no effect. He picks up a dusty hand mirror and ends up in the memory of the night we were ambushed by the hill people.

Back at the hospital, Nigel watches Ben/Soria during the Peace of Mind. Hammy, Twitch, Crow, and J. Douglas are all in the one room. Hammy checks out Crow’s injuries- the gunshot, knife wounds and head all appear to be healed. The night watch helps out with some details, she’s actually been there for 3 weeks.

Ben is inside of Soria’s memory of a late night conversation with Hammy. Another Soria steps out from behind a barrel and asks if he as seen “it”, the viridian goliath. She sees he is one of her friends, but she cannot help him.

Hammy formally introduces Crow to the rest of the gang. J Douglas leaves to go to Smithwick’s. He suggests getting in touch with librarian Dolishnikov, may have info about the Incubus.

Twitch ends up talking Crow’s ear off. Hammy goes to get food and supplies from the station wagon.

Back inside the mind, Ben finds another mirror – out from behind it, the viridian goliath climbs and seethes at him. It scratches him, but he catches it off guard by hugging it. It throws him into a mirror which pulls him into the memory of Soria’s first transformation. She is assaulted/raped by several men. She turns into the beast and kill all but one- he moves to shoot her. Before he does, a green blast destroys him and Barbi Brin comes to embrace her.

Suddenly the beast tears into the memory and attacks him. He covers her, much in the same way Barbi did, and reassures by telling her how all of the group cares about her. Soria’s voice echos in, very pleased with the outcome. A small bit of comfort in a world that offers none. He exits returning to his body, suddenly the pain hits him (all the battle in the mind wounded him a bit). He shouts at Nigel, “Why didn’t you get Hammy?”

Crow is still stuck listening to Twitch, but she is trying to sleep. Twitch relays his version of their travels. Nigel ventures into the room and officially meets Crow. They are all hungry and radio to Hammy- but he’s stuck in outer JunkYard- turns out the stationwagon is in the impound lot. It’s the middle of the night, have to find somewhere to rest until the morning.

JunkYard mysteries of the mind
Ben loses the lotion, Charlie hits the bottle, the Bloody Bride awakens


Ben’s Ego asks how Twitch plans to teach Ben how to do Peace of Mind. Twitch suggests drawing pictures, then reconsiders. He thinks showing Ben how HE got the power might help. He then has a “re-imagining” of the encounter with the Brain-Eater. He kills the beast but ends up back in the Library. He then gets the idea to erase Ben’s obsession with lotion. He pulls out the “Lotion” book and burns it, then exits.

At the hospital, Charlie goes on about getting drunk with the front desk guy. Hammy and Nigel go have a “talk” with him, scaring him half to death. They discuss more details about Nigel being a cyborg on the way back up.

Charlie is freaking out again- she’s hearing Vlados’ voice. Hammy convinces her to let Ben do peace of mind on her. He then heads to get Ben, who has begun to teach Twitch how to meditate—change of plans. Hammy asks J Douglas to cure his ? ailin’ while they wait.

Ben talks the procedure over with Soria and decides he should try it on Soria first, before going into the head of someone as crazy as Charlie. She reluctantly agrees.

In another room, Crow St. Simon awakes. Bandaged on her head, an IV in the arm and dressed in a bloody wedding dress, she has no recollection of where she is or how she got there. She calls out for help. Charlie hears her and thinks it’s a voice in her head. Nigel asks Crow to kindly be quiet.

Crow gets up to check out the responding voices. She recognizes Mrs. Silverfox and asks if Nigel can help her figure out what she’s doing here. Charlie escorts her down to the front desk to ask questions.

The attendant, still in shock from the encounter with Hammy and Nigel, runs away and locks himself in a closet. Crow is told to ask the 2nd floor patrol man. They head back upstairs. Charlie explains to her some of her rough past, and discusses some of the voices in her hed.

Back in Soria’s room Ben is within her mind. Shattered mirrors and blackness. There he enters a series of memories of Soria. Back when she was just a child, the last time she was happy; up through her torrid teen years and on to her meeting with the posse. All the while he is chased by “the monster” that is her mental guardian. He runs into a version of her and discusses with her about her past, her mother leaving and the other bad memories she hides. The viridian goliath takes her over, and the rest of her feelings go away. He goes back to the dark mirror room and moves to the next mirror.

Hammy and J. Douglas finish the healing and head into the other room. They are introduced to Crow St. Simon. Hammy suggests they get in touch with the head of the hospital to find out what happened to her. But first, they need to find someone to check out her injuries.

JunkYard better late than never
Nigel comes out of the cyber-closet, Twitch actually has knowledge to offer


Flashback. The morning after the midnight abduction attempt and attack. Junkyard Militia comes to collect Nigel for questioning. He’s very hesitant, being unsure who the JM actually are. They take him in and lead him to an outer search room. They plan to run him through all of the standard tests, one of which will show him as being a cyborg. Nigel protests, stating it could possibly kill him.

The JM guard is not convinced and begins the test. Nigel fakes like he’s in pain, but the medic can tell it is fake. The JM captain comes over and starts railing him about hiding something. He directly asks “are you a cyborg” he will be ripped limb from limb if he does not comply with the test.

Nigel’s AI begins rapid firing possible escape methods, all involve killing the guards. Nigel begins battle with the AI. Somehow he beats it and deletes the programmed rule of engagement. He answers that he IS a cyborg, and thanks the JM leader. He is let through, but encounters a man asking questions about the night’s attack, very accusatory. Eventually he is released, burlap sack over the head and dropped off in the middle of JY. He tries to head to the courthouse to get his stuff back, but ends up stumbling on the hospital.

Back in the present Charlie comes to in the hospital and starts to recall what happened over-night. Hammy comes in to calm her. She is reintroduced to J. Douglas and Twitch. It’s an odd hello. Twitch mentions he’s there because he’s seen “the man with the eyes”(Incubus). Charlie freaks out, knowing what he is talking about- so Twitch gives her some of the calming meds that Douglas had prepared. They talk a bit more and Twitch tries to use “peace of mind” on her- failing when he encounters her “Big Bertha” mental guardian.

Ben suggests having Twitch teach him how to use “Peace of Mind”. J Douglas comes along with them, as it appears Twitch will have to perform POM on Ben in order to bestow the knowledge. Nigel bumps into them on the way to Soria’s room. Hammy gets Nigel up to speed on the goings-on. Charlie sneaks off and convinces the attendant to give her some of his booze.

Twitch enters the library of Ben’s mind. He explores and ends up in the “Fear” book. A run in with a skinny sends him back to the Library. He then heads to the psionics portion of Ben’s mind.

Nigel explains to Hammy about being a cyborg, but asks that he keep it secret from the others in the group. Charlie stumbles in and alerts everyone to her drunkenness. They are very disappointed. Hammy and Nigel giver her a piece of their minds and Soria just gets confused.

JunkYard meet the B team
it's a small world,


The adventure begins on a flash sideways. Twitch has a dream about the abusive fellow that captured him as a young boy. One of his traveling companions, an anti-templar, says they’re waiting for the other guy to arrive. Twitch asks who was calling for him by the name Kevin; the anti-templar didn’t even know that was his name. The 3rd traveler arrives, it turns out to be Jonathan Douglas.

J. Douglas has apparently been “helping” Twitch with his psychoses by providing medicines and herbs (he was apparently a psychiatrist pre-war). Twitch has not been good at following the usage instructions however. They discuss the calling of Kevin’s name, Douglas is curious about the dreams and wants to know more about the abusive man.

Meanwhile, the interrogation of Ben/Hammy is not going well. The judge is extremely biased and does not follow our story. He is disgusted by the violence, but has received a character statement from Jonathan Douglas, seconded by Isaac Taylor (head of JY) – commending the group for what they had done. As such, the judge lets them off, having to pay only a small fine for littering.

Ben and Hammy retrieve their personal items and head outside. They encounter a messenger with a note for Hammy. J. Douglas requests a meeting at Tech Noir, Hammy heads there.

Ben heads to the hotel to see if he can find anything, like that odd book. He persuades the guard to let him in and grabs the book and poncho.

Hammy makes it to the club and meets Douglas’s other party. He informs them of the situation with Marilynne and the encounter with the Incubus- Douglas believes it may be a greater demon. Douglas and Twitch decide to head with Hammy to the hospital.

They all arrive at the hospital around the same time. Hammy helps tend to Soria while Douglas fills Ben in on the greater demon idea. J.D tells the story of Baphomet and there are notable similarities. Ben things the Incubus is getting stronger the closer it gets to “the room”.

Ben notes that Twitch may know the location of the room. He reads his thoughts and is attacked by a memory of the abusive man/Incubus. After some discussion they determine this is the location of the room most likely Kansas.

Ben asks J.Douglas to inspect the book that the Incubus was using. It is in Finnish and contains what appear to be magical writings, but he cannot make them out.

JunkYard bump in the night
Sylvia tries to take Mari, battle on the stairs


Winister is out for the evening, so buying the iSpyBot is a no go. Hammy suggests Ben climb up on one of the other buildings. Ben pulls himself up, and levitates in the shadows to get a glimps inside. Sylvia is reading to Marilynne from a strange old book.

Back in the hotel, the group devises a plan to order some room service and pay off the clerk to scope out Sylvia’s room. Soria expresses her concerns, what might happen if the group tries to sell Mari or pimp her out. Then a knock on the door- room service.

They pay off the clerk, but he doesn’t see much. The group eats the rest of the food. Over the meal Ben tells of how he came back from Banshee, heading home and going through the maelstrom. He and Hammy reminisce of how they first ended up joining forces. “Story is Ben accompanied Templar Hilary Jackson (a man) at Trinity Springs. Ben got shot up and Hilary ended up dead. Ben headed back towards Boise, but ran into Hammy at Junkyard, ended up traveling together.”

The gang washes up and decides to try and get some rest. In the middle of the night Soria hears a door slam. She goes to check it out. Soria follows the noise and finds Charlie in the stairwell, trying to sneak out for a drink. Suddenly the door opens and Sylvia and Mari are heading into the stairwell. Soria notices Marilynne is in a zombie like state so she confronts Sylvia.

Ben hears the slam of the door the 2nd time and heads into the hall to check it out. A fight breaks out on the stairs, Sylvia sprouts shadowy arms and starts wailing on Soria and Charlie. Ben makes it to the stairs, but slams on Hammy’s door on the way. Ben joins in on the fight.

Soria’s arm is ripped off, Charlie takes a nasty knock to the head and is out cold. Sylvia uses Marilynne as a shield and floats down the stairs. Ben follows.

Hammy wakes and heads into the hallway. Unfortunately the rest of Sylvia’s group is now there waiting with guns in hand- also have a magic chucker. Hammy battles them all, leaving a bloody mess.

Ben is in pursuit of Sylvia. She turns and speaks with that same voice, the Incubus—sending images into his mind (the same he saw when we encountered Vlados). She strikes at Ben and begins choking Marilynne. They make a trade, She’ll spare Mari’s life if he spares hers. Agreed. She throws Marilynne to him, but in the process crushes much of her windpipe.

In the aftermath, hammy comes to Lay on Hands. Ben Patches up Charlie. The chaos and firefight have stirred up the JunkYard Militia. Ben relays the story and the JM allows them to continue to heal. As soon as possible they transport everyone to the hospital, but they take Hammy and Ben in for questioning.

JunkYard hotel recon
the posse pulls a stakeout on Marilynne's mom


Ben continues discussion with Hammy, Soria and Nigel via mental link. Marilynne asks Ben to remove the mental link he established when saying goodbye. She says it is confusing and distracting her. Ben complies, but attempts to read Sylvia’s mind- and fails. Ben and Charlie take the van over to the Bus to trade the rice/beans. Hammy goes around to trade for a disguise, which he plans to use while trailing Sylvia and Marilynne.

Ben and Charlie successfully cut a deal with the Bus crew. They also find out what they can about Lunchburg. Hammy, in his newly acquired dusty biker outfit, hangs out waiting for Sylvia’s crew to make it through processing.

Ben heads into the hospital and accidentally stumbles in on Soria changing. They talk about distrust of Sylvia and head over to Junkers Row to meet Winister. Ben talks business with Winister and contracts out for some services. He orders the Psycho-Active Helmet and the IFF transponders. He leaves the black widow with Winister so he can configure the chips. He also makes deal for some g-ray batteries.

Hammy loses the truck and sends Ben a message to see if they noticed it drive through. By chance it just pulled past Charlie and Soria in the Van. They’ve pulled into the Yard Arms Hotel. Hammy stops on the way to pick up a disguise for Soria. Plans change as Soria would probably be too easy to recognize (they need to fool Marilynne too), plus Charlie’s acting abilities might giver her an advantage. So Biker-Hammy and Bandito-Charlie head in to get a room on the same floor as Sylvia’s group.

Ben spots Marilynne and the rest of Sylvia’s group on the 3rd floor, but doesn’t see Hammy and Charlie in any of the rooms on that side of the building. He and Soria decide it’s best to go in and get a room on the same side of the building.

Hammy sends Charlie on a recognizance run, “asking for water” from the room across the hall. It is an awkward exchange, but she gets sight in the room, no sign of Mari. Biker-Hammy comes out into the hall and has a chance run in with Sylvia. She doesn’t recognize him and he makes a loop back to the room.

Ben mind-scans and finds Marilynne in the 3rd room over. He tries to get a look in the room from outside. She’s sitting against the window. He heads back to Winister to see if he can buy the iSpybot to fly up and watch them.

Junkyard a family reunion
Aquire the Van, make new friends, ...find Mari's mom?

Following the sale of the cab, Hammy and Ben head to “Parts is Parts” to look for armor etc for the van. Get info about the auctions. Meet Jeremiah Clay from Junker’s Row—may be good for trading with later. Ben/Hammy bid on and win some armor for the van (in the form of part of an airplane, a steel sink and some other items). The auctioneers begin inquiring about payment/pickup. Hammy heads back to get the van and Charlie so they can pick up the stuff. On the way he bumps into the guy from the Bus- they might want to trade for food.

Outside the gate Nigel maintains radio contact with the others inside. Hammy suggests selling some of the extra beans/rice for some water. They sell off some. While making trade someone recognized Marilynne. Sylvia, presumably Marilynne’s mother, has finally found her daughter and wants her to come along with her group. Nigel radios in to Hammy about this.

Ben bumps into Winister at PiP. He wants him to stop by his studio to check out his more interesting junk-tech. Charlie is sent to PiP to pick up Ben while Hammy goes outside to see what is up with Sylvia.

Hammy meets Sylvia and has a private conversation with her- He is distrustful and uncertain of her nature and intentions. Ben and Charlie arrive out front. Ben joins the conversation with Sylvia/Hammy. It is tense, but ends in Sylvia being able to take her daughter with her to Lynchberg. She denies them a chance to help escort to the town. Sylvia tells Marilynne. Collectively Hammy, Ben, and Nigel say their goodbyes to Marilynne. Charlie is not told until they enter JY again.

The posse heads back in to Junkyard to finish trade and keep an eye on Marilynne. Ben has had a mind link with Soria since he left the hospital. He senses she has awakened, begins asking questions. He tells her about Sylvia and Marilynne.

JunkYard at the gate
Arrival and exploration

The posse rolls up on the first checkpoint. Before getting in the queue, Nigel insists he must stay outside the walls, but is unable to tell us why. Hammy trusts Nigel, and doesn’t press him on this. They load all equipment into the Cab. Nigel and Marilynne will wait outside the gates for now.

First order of business is to take Soria to the hospital. We speak to the gate guards during processing—they tip us off about the hospital location. Charlie asks about her cousin—Spenser Vaughn of the JLA may know.

They pass by “Parts is Parts” and “Yard Arms Hotel” and a sign for Hellstromme Library”. Speak to an orderly at the Hospital to admit Soria. Meet Dr. Maria Mendoza- trade medical supplies in for Soria’s treatment.

Meanwhile Charlie works on the Sensors for Carrel, but only has enough parts to start building the Commo piece. Ben speaks with a guy on the street about finding a Psychoactive helmet- may want to contact Abraham Winister.

Ben and Hammy opt to sell off the Black Widow- looking to sell to Winister. In looking for trade they pull up to a trade convoy. One of the guys asks about buying the cab-over tractor. After some group debate, we decide to sell. He is willing to trade for a van- and after a lengthy and heart-wrenching plea from Charlie, he agrees to supply us with an additional $3000.


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