Deadlands: Hell on Earth

The trouble with doors
bad with numbers, not so funhouse mirrors, special delivery

Maintenance Level of Shelter 19

Having just heard the loud vibration in the distance, the posse speculates the origin. They decide to double back to the algae room to investigate.

They check the computer systems, but see no change in activity. Nigel inspects the algae tank, but it appears undisturbed. On the other end of the catwalk there is a hatch. Nigel is at first reluctant to open it, but pushes on the panel as hard as he can. Hammond steps in and pries the door open.

Inside the hatch they find a mess of tubes, vents and wires. Nigel takes a look around but doesn’t see anything of interest. Moving around is difficult through the tight spaces. Ben says he doesn’t think this is the right spot. The others agree. Before they leave, they get the idea that perhaps “the mother” is some kind of chemical breeding tank- maybe the algae? The gremlin smirks and replies Stupid MeatMen, you think I would be calm if we had found the mother?

They head back to the maintenance monitoring room with all of the valves/gauges. As they inspect the rows, Ben and Nigel find that a portion of the wall in the corner has moved. Before them is a small closet with a freight elevator. There is a small control box mounted within.

They test the depth by dropping a bullet through the grate. It appears to be only about a story down. The lift is only large enough for three of them to go down at a time. They mount up their weapons and get ready to head down. Nigel and Hammond descend first, dragging the gremlin with them.

The lift slowly descends. Ben and Haldeman have an interesting exchange. Ben- _”So, what do you say we just leave? They’ll be fine.” Haldeman doesn’t really get the joke.


Hammond, Nigel, and the gremlin arrive on the lower level. Before them is a small room capped off with a pair of very large doors. There are signs on the wall indicating this is an Experimental Chamber- Authorized personnel only. They send the lift back up for the others to come down.

Seeing nothing else of note in the room, they head to the doors. There is a numeric keypad nearby. Hammond tries to use the original entry code they had received for the Shelter, but it does not take. A muffled voice blurts out from a speaker nearby, but it’s too garbled to make any sense. Hammond tries something crazy and knocks on the doors. No answer.

Since they have no other options readily available they head back upstairs to check for codes. They spend quite some time checking through the locker room and the administrator’s computer, but find nothing of note.

They head down to the Geothermal level and attempt to use the split card. Unfortunately it does not process and the doors do not open.

Frustrated, they head back to the Experimental Chamber fore-room. Hammond brings up the idea of sending someone through the ventilation system. They could use the help of the gremlin and send Nigel in as well. The gremlin does not want to go, since they could get to the other side, but in his words ”the mother is guarded. Not MeatMen, is else, moves like MeatMan. We will both be killed.”

They discuss the possibility of blowing out the door, but the danger is too great, and there is no way to guarantee it would work.

A few more suggestions for passwords come out (the admin’s birthday – from his ID card. Date of the bomb drops. Etc). Ben inspects the pad and sees that all but the 1 nd the 6 have been worn down. This leaves a huge number of possibilities.

The posse drops that plan and decides to try and hack their way through the door system. Ben disassembles the keypad and collectively the group tries to figure out the wiring.

Several unsuccessful tries, and a few electrocutions later, they are able to get the doors to at least budge open. They continue to try, each time the doors open slightly wider. Finally the door opens fully and remains in that position. There is another, different announcement, but again it is indecipherable.

Beyond the doors there is a long slim hallway. They enter and realize there are reflective panels on nearly all sides. As they pass the halfway point, two high power security lamps flare up. Another muffled statement through the speakers, followed by an alarm and a rumbling motor revs up.

A laser column fires horizontally across their path at abdomen height. Hammond tries to smash the reflective surface, but it is shock resistant plexi material. The posse members quickly run and slide under the lasers. Some of them singe their clothes on the lasers as they doge them.

Nigel fires off a plasma blast near one of the originating spots for the laser. His shot partially melts and distorts the surface in that location. Ben uses his telekinesis to float his hand mirror into the path of the laser. He is successful and scorches to the door, but the laser from the other side melts the mirror.

Seeing a structural fault in the door they all begin aiming towards it. Nigel blasts his plasma at the burn spot, punching a small hole in the weak spot. As the first set of lasers meet in the middle, a second laser stream blasts in from above/below, weaving side to side while moving down the hall. They all manage to avoid the second laser and continue toward the punctured door.

The third round of lasers rotates around the hall while it works through the hall. The lasers are now coming from both directions. Ben uses his brain blast on the door, while Nigel continues with the plasma. Hammond tries to dodge, but catches a beam in the arm.

The new hole in the door is just large enough for them to get through. Everyone tries to make a mad dash for the door. The array of lasers speeds up and rotates more frequently.

Ben and makes a dive through the door, getting tagged by one of the lasers. As he gets up to look back through the door, he is hit by a mass. The gremlin clamors his way off of Ben and camouflages himself.

Hammond attempts the same move and is also struck by one of the lasers in his other arm. Haldeman makes it through with a few minor burns. Nigel makes it out more or less unscathed.

They take a few moments to patch each other up. They check out the surroundings. There is yet another door, with a full keyboard. They check the keys and find that the T, H, O, M, R keys have been heavily used.

Hammond types MOTHR, and the door opens. Another security message sounds, but is still to difficult to understand. Inside they find several steel shipping/storage boxes. A large set of doors marks the other end of the room with M.O.T.H.R. painted in stenciled letters. They discuss what the acronym may mean.

They start scrounging around and instantly the doors close. Another security message plays, still indecipherable, save for the word intruder. A Large tube drops down from the ceiling, placing something in the center of the room. Standing before the posse is a large mechanized armored humanoid skeleton. In its hand is a large chambered minigun. They all instantly realize it is an automaton!

They quickly dive for cover behind the boxes as the automaton’s minigun revs up.

Opening Doors
Dealing with the enemy, Vat of green goo, riddle me this

Shelter 19 within the caves of the Hill People outside Kingman, AZ.

The posse enters the Command Center of Shelter 19. The Command Center is one large room, sectioned off with a maze of cubicles. On one of the walls is a large array of monitors. Many of the monitors are off or displaying only static, but there are still a few displaying feeds from the security cameras.

Ben mind scans to see if there is anyone in the room. He can detect 4 minds besides the posse. The crew convinces the gremlin to scale up the wall and see if it can spot them. The gremlin comes back and indicates they are in the middle of the room. He also mentions that the Meat Men know they are coming, as they saw them on the “great eye”.

Ben and Nigel notice that one of the large monitors is displaying a live feed of the posse standing at the entrance to the room. Nigel tries to figure out the position of the camera.

The crew banters a bit about what to do, when out of nowhere the gremlin mentions- “why not ask? They’ve already seen you kill the others, just ask them for what you want.” Ben objects, since that’s basically the same situation as what occurred in the projection room- it doesn’t seem like that will work.

With a few grumbles, they call out to the mutants.

At first the mutants are very resistant, but after some back and forth they begin to speak freely. The posse asks about the white rock, and the Shaman controlling it. According to the mutants, the Shaman has helped them, so they will not do him wrong by him. “Anyway, you’ll probably just kill us.” The mutants say. Hammond retorts, “Your people are the ones that attacked the innocent townsfolk”

As this discussion takes place, Nigel begins sneaking around the back side of the room. He takes position to fire on the mutants, just in case.

The mutants try to make the point that the people of Kingman forced them out in the first place. They say that when they were all mutated, the folks at Kingman shunned them and ran them out of town.

After some time of doing what they had to in order to survive, the mutants had caught a lucky break. Hector was the first of the mutants that was born looking like normal. They sent him in to rise to power in order for to make it safe for the mutants to come back. But the posse’s meddling screwed up that whole plan, so they had no choice but to take the town for their own. They were offered a choice, get out or die. Besides, the “innocent” people of Kingman were all living under the rule of crime lords, so they really weren’t that innocent.

Hammond interjects – “Who do you think is worse, people who live in fear of the crime lords, or the crime lords themselves- and those that serve them? You picked the wrong side. Especially going along with the Cult of Doom. Those kind of folks are the reason the war started in the first place.”

Ben chimes in as well- “ The Cult of Doom is just as bad as the mutant-hating humans they oppose.”

The discussion goes back and forth for some time. Eventually they tire of the banter. “What are we doing here?” one of the mutants asks.

Ben and Hammond almost simultaneously respond. If they had just wanted to kill the mutants they would have done it by now. The posse asks them to stand, and they comply.

Ben reveals himself as a mutant, to show that there is more tolerance than what these mutants believe exists. The mutants acknowledge that not all humans hate them, but are still wary of the posse. Hammond presents these mutants with the same choice. “Leave now, or we’ll take down all of you.” The mutants agree. “Let them pass” Hammond says, and the posse allows the mutants to exit on their own. The posse watched the mutants on the monitors. They exited via the Geothermal door.

Ben and Nigel fiddle around with some of the computers in the Command center to try and get some information. Most of the machines there are significantly bogged down with viruses or other evidence of disrepair. There is very little they can extract, but they have determined that the geothermal is exactly what they expected- a thermal vent being used for power. There is no mention of layout or exits.

Hammond finds an architectural map of the shelter. There’s a decent amount of information. It appears that the Habitat and Recreation levels were once much larger, but the collapsed area cuts it off. The Maintenance area and the Geothermal area are roughly the size of the Command area. Maintenance is a mess of wires, pipes, vents etc, and very difficult to read. Geothermal is surprisingly sparse- with very little information, save for a few noted parts.

One last sweep of the room reveals a key card for the Geothermal level. However, the card was cut in half. They take both halves, and move down to the Maintenance level.

Maintenance Level

The Maintenance level has a host of tight hallways, each with doors leading to utilities rooms. First they find an AC/heating room. Next in line is a room containing the water heater and storage tanks. The third room contains 3 rows of maintenance meters and readouts. There are gauges and meters for nearly everything.

While searching around the crew discusses “the Mother”. They begin to speculate, based off of the phrasing the mutants used, that the Mother may actually be some kind of cloning machine. Such a machine would require a lot of power. They examine the meters and finds one in particular that has a lot of activity. “EXP CH 1”

The group examines the map but can find no area matching that name. They continue on to survey the rest of the floor.

They find a door leading to a long hallway cross-crossed with pipes, tubes and vents. At the end of the hall they find another door. Much like the others, Hammond tries to force the door open. A loud buzz emanates from the door as Hammond is jolted down to the floor. A female voice comes out from a speaker above the door. “Please supply the password.” They state a few suggestions, but the systems denies them entry.

Ben searches around and finds an access panel that reveals a keyboard. He starts typing, and the security system states he should only use the keys if the voice recognition does not work. They decide to move on and look for a clue or password later.

The next room contains a large and smelly tank full of what Nigel believes to be algae. They are uncertain as to the purpose, but speculate it may have been used for oxygen production or waste breakdown.

The final room on the floor is the maintenance locker room. Here they find a few various items. They also find a note in the pocket of one of the jumpsuits. The note is a complaint written by one of the works. In it, he mentions how he does not like that the maintenance administrator is always trying to get him to listen to classical music.

Using this clue the crew goes back to the door and starts spouting off composers and artists. None gain them access, but they are certain that the note is a clue. They go back to the locker room. This time Hammond checks the name on the jumpsuit- “Wolfgang”. They return to the door and spout out “Amadeus”. Access is granted.

The door opens to reveal a very dried out corpse sitting at a computer desk. The screen has a phrase typed in and is awaiting entry.

Walk on the living they don’t even mumble, walk on the dead they mutter and grumble

Ben types in F*** You. Hammond does not notice this and hits enter to see what happens. Question one not accepted

What is the beginning of the end, the end of time, the middle of yesterday, and nowhere in tomorrow?

Ben figures it out- and types “E”.

Access granted. They are presented with an accessible maintenance computing system. They search for EXP CH 1. There is no information, but a button comes up labeled “Unlock”. They click the button and somewhere nearby the is a large vibration, followed by a clunk- like a very large door has been opened.

Tensions Ignite
trick shootin, the exclusive black dot, metaphysics and so did you

Shelter 19 within the caves of the Hill People outside Kingman, AZ.

The mutant crew works their way into the room, all with weapons pointed out at the posse. The scaled green / brown fellow shouts “Put the weapons down fellas!”

Hammond responds “Alright, we ain’t looking for any trouble”. The rest of the posse begins putting down their weapons. He then looks back at Ben. They exchange a nod.

Ben bends down to place his machine gun on the ground. He rests it on the bipod and lets loose on the mutants in full auto.

The bullets spray out and hit several of the mutants. The posse quickly scrambles to grab their weapons back up.

Nigel and Haldeman try to fire on the mutants.

A heavily armored mutant with a flame-thrower shoots a blast at the wall just behind Ben. The flames burst out and engulf Ben and Hammond. Ben’s swat armor cuts down on much of the flame. Hammy is not so lucky and much of his body is lit on fire.

The mutants near Nigel and Haldeman fire back. Haldeman takes a shot to each one of his arms.

Ben gets shot in the leg by an auto shotgun. Ben shoots at the flame-thrower mutant landing a few hits, nearly ripping one of his arms off.

The flame-thrower, now heavily damaged, retreats and orders two more mutants into the room- “Kill them!”

A mutant with a rock drill attacks Ben, followed by a mutant wielding 2 flechette sub-machine guns. Ben is peppered with shots, but his armor manages to protect him fairly well.

Nigel is slashed with a blade, but is not seriously wounded. Haldeman takes another round of shots, this time in his leg. Hammond, still writhing from the flames, is struck by a sweeping battle axe. “Bleed little man” the mutant grunts. The rock drill mutant attacks Ben again.

Ben runs out after the flame-thrower (since his swat armor also provides protection from fire). Ben charges the flamer riddles him full of bullets, dropping the large mutant instantly.

Hammond’s rage built up, he wallops a few of the mutants with devastating blows form his hammer.

Haldeman lands a few more hits on the mutants with his rifle. Nigel shoots down the mutant up in the cat-walk with a sniper rifle. Hammond smashes down one more of the mutants. The second hit lands, but doesn’t kill. The mutant freaks out and runs away., spraying bullets at Hammy.

The posse fires down on the rest of mutants. Hammond splatters a guy’s head, then drops to the ground to put out the flames still raging on his body. Haldeman kills the last of the mutants.

Despite their wounds, the posse puts together a barricade in front of the stairwell. Once the stairwell is secure, they check out the safety of the immediate area. Ben follows the mutants’ tracks to figure out where they came from- looks like it was from upstairs. They find a camera in the auditorium area and destroy it so they cannot be watched.

The posse takes the chance to hear each other. Given the fight, the healing process takes a little longer than usual. Nigel managed to get through the battle basically unscathed. Ben notes that “When you’re the least threatening looking of the group, you tend to avoid fire.”

Having been twice burned to a crisp, Hammond gets the other Swat armor from Ben and begins putting it on. They search the bodies of the mutants and find a key card with a black circle (symbol of the Command level). They take any workable equipment off of the mutants (ammo, etc.). and pile up the bodies. They decide their best bet is to finish checking out the rest of this floor, then head up to the Command center.

They split up to check the remaining rooms. Haldeman and Hammy find a cafeteria. Inside they hear a noise. Upon inspection- they find the gremlin snacking on some left over rubbish.

Ben and Nigel find a rudimentary school/instruction room. They find a few books of note, which they collect.

Hammy negotiates with the gremlin, since he suspects the gremlin walked them into a trap. The gremlin is surprisingly candid. It knew the others were coming but did not alert them. It wanted to see if the posse was strong enough to defeat them. Now it knows. Hammond sees the logic, but points out that if he does that again, the gremlin will be amongst the bodies. The two reach an understanding.

Not So Safe Haven
Tiny spaces, Where they keep the mother, a short film

“Hill People” caves outside of Kingman, AZ

The gremlin creature has agreed to help the posse in exchange for the freedom of its people. It leads them down a winding set of tunnels. Everyone once in a while it stops to get its bearings.

They reach an intersection and the gremlin notes they need to choose the way to go. They ask why they must choose again, since they wanted the long safe path. “Long and safe it is”. he replies, and jumps straight up into a 3rd tunnel.

Ben suggests they mark their way, but the gremlin points out that neither his people nor the Meat Men use markings. Doing so would alert either group to their presence.
The group requests that the gremlin holds on to the rope to help them climb up. He reluctantly agrees (noting his injured leg). First up is Nigel, then Haldeman, Ben and finally Hammond.

The new path is very claustrophobic. They cannot move unless squatting or crawling. The slow push forward seems to take forever given their restricted movements. Finally they come to a hole. As they stare into the darkness, the gremlin notes that it is much farther going down than coming up.

“Mind, the bottom is where they live, their area at least.” – the gremlin states.

The posse agrees to have Ben go down first. His telekinesis skill could be used to cushion someone’s fall. He leads the way and points out to the other where to climb.

They arrive at a small bend in the drop; a good natural resting point. Below the hole opens out into a larger cavern.

They brace together and dangle Ben down into the cavern. As he descends he spots a beast-like man roasting a large hunk of meat on a bonfire. The pig-man does not seem to notice him.

The others begin to wonder what is happening and send the gremlin down. Ben sends a message back that they are not alone.

Ben uses his Aztec Surprise to rip the heart right out of the pig-man; he dies instantly and flops to the ground. He sends another message back to the others and they all descend to the cavern floor.

At the bottom there is little else in the area, save for the pig-man’s body and the “meat” he was cooking. It turns out that the meat is actually a human. The gremlin picks up the pig-man’s heart and eats it.

They do see a large metal object off to one side of the cave. As they near the object they see it is a large metal door. “Shelter 19 – Hellstromme Industries” is painted on the door in large stenciled letters.

“That is where they keep the mother. They keep her here in a place where they can spawn us AND them. They use the mother to make them faster.” says the gremlin.

They use the Geiger counter on the outside of the door and detect a severely high level of radiation. They’ll have to keep their travel in the shelter very short. Ben mentions that they DO have some Dr. Pepper, just in case.

Nearby they find a small metal box with a keypad. They analyze the keys to find which ones are the most used. Ben check the body of the pig-man and finds a scrap of cloth with the same digits in a code. They enter the code twice, as was written.

With a slow but mighty effort the doors swing outward. Ben uses his mind scan to assess the threat within. His vision zeros in on a geodesic dome at the center of the complex. At the bottom of the dome is a giant slate rock of pure white. He begins to hear whispers, as eyes peer from the shadows. He senses a mind, its presence fills the room. The mind’s face emerges, painted, almost making it look like a skull. There is a brand upon his head with the symbol of the Apostates. “What are you doing here?!” The rock glows for a second, and Ben is knocked back into his own mind.

Shelter 19

Ben relays what he saw to the others. They cautiously enter. During the initial survey of the first floor they find little. Few lights are on, and most of the items in the place have been ransacked.

They find a set of stairs. On the wall is a layout. Top floor is Command, followed by Recreation, then (on their current floor) is Habitat, below is Maintenance, then Geothermal. Maintenance is marked with a Blue Hazard sign. Geothermal marked with a Red Hazard sign.

They head downstairs to maintenance, but find that the entry door requires a passkey. Realizing they’ll need to find a passkey to get anywhere else, they head back to the Habitat floor.

The posse surveys the rooms carefully, but quickly. A few minor items are found, but no luck with the passkey. One of the rooms they cannot enter- it has been welded shut and a dried bloody hand print marks the window.

They move up to the floor above, Recreation. They find a min-recreation court, with markers for basketball, and racquetball. There are a few items in there (including a saiga mk3 shotgun), but no passkey.

On the recreation level they also find a small theater/media/conference room. There are chairs set up and the remains of an old meal at a table. In the front of the room there is a screen, and in the back they find a small A/V equipment area.

They inspect the area and Ben finds a blue passkey card with the name “Rob” printed on it. As he pulls the key out of its position, the motion allows for a plug to slip back in place. Suddenly the nearby projector kicks on and begins playing. There’s some par-military march music, backing a promo-video for Hellstromme Industries’ shelter. It notes the safety and protection from radiation that the shelter offers. The posse kicks around some ideas about the origins/purposes of the shelters.

Hammond quips “Hell of a lotta good it did them to protect them from the radiation…”

_“Oh It did plenty good” shouts out a stout person with green-brown skin and scales, eyes of solid red. He’s holding a rifle and is backed by several others. “It did plenty well, its just that people like you don’t appreciate people like us.”

”Anyone poking around here” he clicks the safety off his rifle “…Ain’t exactly invited. You can lay down your arms and put your hands on your head- but if you raise your guns to us, we’ll send you to the boss man in a body bag.”

Hammond tries to reason with them. “We’ll put our guns down. Isn’t there someone we can talk to to straighten this whole mess out. We aren’t looking for a fight, there must be someone who’d want to talk to us”

”I’m sure he would. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get sent to the town to do some work. Either that or you’ll end up as chow. Not like you have a choice.”

More of the mutants come out and begin to shuffle around to surround the posse.

An Unexpected Bargain
Flame on, waking up rocks, try not to be so tasty

“Hill People” caves outside of Kingman, AZ

The swarm of cave-gremlins surrounds the posse inside of the large chamber. Nigel and Haldeman focus their fire on the tunnel leading backwards, as more of the creatures attempt to attack from behind.

The cave-gremlins shift their skin color to blend in with the cave walls. Their motions make it difficult to discern what is flesh and what is shadow- even Hammond’s vampire vision is somewhat useless.

Ben attempts to overawe the group by creating a large burst of flame. The heat and blinding light of the fire surge unsettles the cave-gremlins. Hammond lets loose a barrage of bullets and takes out three of them.

The large mob of cave-gremlins encircles Ben and Hammond, separately. The creatures slash and bite at them. With so many attackers, the men find it difficult to avoid being hit.

Ben uses a new flame nova skill to ignite all of the creatures around him, killing them instantly. He runs from the spot and puts his back up against a large rock formation to prevent from being surrounded. As he butts up against the rock, he feels it give a little; then it starts moving. With a groan the massive cave troll pulls itself up off the ground.

The troll growls at Ben, but he snarls back at the beast, which confuses it. Hammond does a double-take at what looks to him like a living rock, but is not shaken. The cave-gremlins take the opportunity to attack Hammond.

Hammon sees an opening and runs to a wall. Using his momentum he kick-jumps off of it, doing a back flip over the cave-gremlins and unloading his assault rifle at them. The attack is successful. The other creatures attack him and the struggle nearly winds Hammy.

Ben shoots the cave troll. The troll responds by charging at Ben. The two collide and Ben is knocked back slightly. Hammond is yet again attacked by the cave-gremlins.

Ben uses his telekinesis to fire his shotgun at the gremlins and fires his assault rifle at the troll. Hammond drops his rifle, pulls his hammer, and with a mighty roar performs a heavy swing across the group of gremlins. He takes out three of them. The troll takes notice and focuses on Hammond. The few remaining gremlins head toward Ben.

The troll takes a swipe at Hammond’s head. Fortunately Hammond’s violent swing causes him to slip and fall to the ground, avoiding the troll’s strike. Ben is attacked by the remaining gremlins. The big troll, thinking it’s killed Hammond, goes back after Ben. The gremlins, acting much like the scavengers they are, run over to feast on Hammond.

Ben blasts the troll with his shotgun, downing the large creature. The two remaining cave-gremlins attempt to run off. Ben and Hammond fire at them in an attempt to disable one. Ben shoots one in the leg. It falls to the floor. They come up and start speaking to the creature to see if perhaps it is semi-intelligent.

Hammond holds the creature’s limbs down, to keep it from attacking. To their surprise, it speaks back to them.

The creature responds, “Why does the meat talk?”

Ben uses his mind-reading powers while they question the gremlin. It knows what Ben is trying to do, and puts up a bit of resistance.

The creature mentions the other “Meat Men”. The Meat Men have control of the Mother. That fact makes the gremlins follow orders, otherwise the Meat Men will kill the Mother. There is also a Shaman, a “brain man” much like Ben. This shaman has some kind of control or domain over the “Rock god” (some kind of glowing white rock- they suspect it is Tannis).

Ben Hammond and Nigel work together to patch up the gremlin’s leg. They also give it some food. The posse mentions they want to remove the other Meat Men, but they will need to work together. The creature is skeptical, and wants more. They offer food and more healing, and they promise to help save the Mother from the Meat Men.

There are two ways quick or long. One is long, the other is not. One is easy, the other Meat Men get lost.

Hammond asks the gremlin to guide them. The creature’s leg is still fairly mangled, so they agree to take turns carrying him.

Caves and Critters
No good deed unpunished, where the hose goes, down the hatch?

The dark back alley of a city residential district. (Twenty years in the past)

Two men meet in the shadows. “How many are left? … How many do I have to kill.” says the first.

The second man states “Not many, your days are over.”

The first man steps into the light. His dark complexion covered in scars. He reveals a large knife. “So are we gonna start this? I can’t wait to taste your blood boy.”

The second man emerges from the dark and reveals himself. It is the man-in-black from the earlier cut-scene (The Incubus in the form of Sylvia Chambers recruited him)

The man-in-black replies: “In the end it will come down to two. And it won’t include you.”

The two men struggle, but the man-in-black quickly bests the first. He decapitates the scarred man. An energy surge pulses out of the dead man’s eyes. The eyes of the man-in-black light up, nearly pure white as he puts on his sunglasses and walks away.

Near Tuscon

The people of Near Tuscon, both the original residents and the new refugees from Kingman are living a squalid life. Resources are stretched thin and the people have become anxious. Tensions are high as squabbles amongst the different groups break out over food and water.

The clouds flicker and a few crashes echo out from the sky. The rain starts pouring down. A strange turn of luck, the rain is clean. Ben heads over to talk with Tulip. Hammond tries to rally the townsfolk into collecting some of the water, since it may not rain again for quite some time.

Ben, Tulip, and the Blue Belle soldiers are discussing plans for distributing the supplies they brought back. Ben mentions they should try to collect some water. Tulip asks for some assistance in quelling the anxieties of the refugees. She feels maybe the posse’s work during the battle of Kingman may help bolster their trust. Ben reveals that the posse has plans to take back Kingman. She points out that they will need to motivate a militia.

Meanwhile, Hammond reveals his tabard and calls out for action to everyone. He presses them to try and work together. A few of the refugees start heckling ”We remember you, you left us all to rot! Have you seen what happened to the people they got when those cultists came? The other guy like you, yeah I remember him, why don’t you go back there and see what they did to him!”

Hammond is upset, but maintains his composure. “Maybe you ought to quit blaming me and start thinking about how the Cult of Doom is responsible.” ”How are we supposed to handle that? They got magic and stuff, blowing things up with green rays and crap” “Well, we got a whole mess of guns, ammo, armor, and supplies that says we can do something about it!”

Ben overhears the rabble and sees there’s an unhappy crowd gathered in front of Hammond. The groups of town people are bickering with themselves. Ben shouts “Why isn’t anyone collecting this god damned water?!” He barks some orders and folks and they are, for the most part, listening.

Hammy and Ben talk about the discontent in the town people, as well as the increased dangers at Kingman. They decide it would be best if they put a small infiltration team together. They’ll take one of the Blue Belle soldiers with them, and leave the other here in Near Tuscon to direct the fortification efforts.

To provide the BB soldier (Haldeman) with a better idea of the kinds of horrors they may find, Ben removes his wraps to show his face. The soldier is unfazed, but notes Ben could be taken for a zombie to the untrained eye. They develop a plan and head out on the road.

Desert near Mount Pass on the road to Kingman

The van makes the trip fairly quickly. As dusk settles in they arrive just outside of the mountain pass. They park and conceal the van. The men make their way towards the pass. They scope it out and notice there is a makeshift vehicle barrier of logs and impaled bodies.

The 4 men sneak forth. Ben notices a mine. They carefully make their way through the field, following in Ben’s footsteps. Luckily they avoid being blown up, but they make a note that the mines will have to be neutralized before they bring the militia through.

The distance closed, they can now see that the bodies on the logs are impaled zombies. This strikes all of the men as odd, considering the manitous inside would just be wasting energy. Hammond mentions there is a remote possibility that they are being used as undead security cameras- getting an early view of what’s coming. They see that as possible, but move forward, as they would have already been spotted.

In the pass, they find a vehicle trap but are able to successfully disarm it. They realize that if there is a trap here, there must be a hatch or entryway nearby. The crew tries to climb up the side-walls. All are successful except for Hammond, who falls flat on his back.

The others dig through their gear and find a short length or rope. They tie it around Ben and lower him down as far as possible. Hammy runs and leaps, just barely grasping Ben’s hand. Nigel and Haldeman pull the two men up.
They search around the upper level and find a worn footpath leading to a carved ladder. The men climb it and discover a scouting station next to a tarp on the rock wall. Dust covering the binoculars at the scout station indicates that they haven’t been used in some time. The tarp is removed and they find a dark entry into the caverns.

They enter the caves and light up their flashlights. The walk is on a definite decline as they move forward. The path winds a bit and comes to a point where it constricts providing a very claustrophobic feel. Nigel heads in first for safety. He finds a root or outcropping. He cuts it with his knife. A piece falls off; it’s a type of moss. As the moss peels away, a new whole is revealed. Beyond the whole is a large circular room with what appears to be a pool of water. They use the Geiger counter and the radiation in the pool is very high.

The crew works their way around the outer edge, avoiding contact with the liquid. They find a hose coming out of the pool. They pull the end out of the water to see which way the water is flowing. It appears the hose is pumping out of the pool.

They decide to follow the hose considering it must lead to someone/something important. The hose leads them down another winding path. They hear movement on one of the walls. They shine their flashlights and see a freakish gremlin-like humanoid climbing on the wall. The creature’s eyes are large and black, but it does not appear to see them. Its skin shifts color and blends into rock as it slinks away.

They follow the hose until it comes to a four way intersection. They decide to continue with the hose. This leads them to another tarp covering a whole. They enter carefully and find a much larger chamber. Off in the distance they see a figure hunched over a section of hose. Light reveals yet another one of the gremlin-men. It’s on its hands and knees drinking the spraying water. The men’s footsteps and whispers startle the beast; it whips its head toward them and snarls. Then it changes its skin to a dark color and runs off.

In the interested of getting a better feel for their surrounding they try and light up a torch. As it lights up, they can see the edges of the large cavern. Lining the walls of the cave are tons of these gremlin-men, all of which have become aware of the intruding posse. They also hear from behind them as one of the gremlin-men leaps down from the opening they just came from.


Charlie Silverfox mills over her decision to head to MovieTown. The other members of the posse didn’t want to go, so she figured she’d head there on her own. Knowing how things had gone last time she was in Kingman, she figures they would be happy to have her fuel up there. Little did she know that Kingman had been taken over by the Cult and it’s band of muties.

Charlie is being processed by the Cult’s security detail. She is removed from Car-el while giving it instructions. One of guards makes a snide remark about how stupid she is for talking to her car. Suddenly his head explodes. A gunshot echoes out from some nearby housing. Car-el drives off to avoid the incoming fire.

Charlie runs but is nabbed from behind. A hand covers her mouth and she is pulled off into a small abandoned building. “Don’t worry, just be quite- I won’t hurt you, I am one of the rebels”. She turns and sees a reptilian fellow. He offers to help, but she needs to keep quiet. Charlie keeps pressing him to try and get back to Car-el.

Charlie tries to use her homing device for Car-el. She gets it working, but Car-el is unable to drive to her location without significant chance of total destruction. The reptile man leads her to an underground safe house located in the sewers. The rebels cautiously welcome her in, some of them actually recognizing her. They ask her many questions of the outside world; is there anyone coming for them? They fill her in on the goings on at Kingman after she had left. Charlie also spots a short wave radio, though it apparently needs repairs.

McGovern AFB Unfinished Business
Bountiful Stock, Turning up the heat, Arming the people

McGovern Air Force Base

Ben and Hammond finish filling in the 2 project “Blue Belle” soldiers on the way of the world since the war.

The soldiers inquire about the situation that the posse mentioned in Kingman and Near Tuscon. They see the need to set up a base of operations in Near Tuscon and agree to take as much of the supplies as they can.

They crew spends a while sorting through the supplies.  The soldiers mention that they have less than they were supposed to have received. Never the less the weapons, ammo, gear and consumables are much more than the posse has seen in a long time.

With the three jeeps nearly full, the three posse members mention that they have a bit of unfinished business here.  Hammond pulls out the cursed military ration and  gives it to one of the soldiers.  They use the base’s computer system to pull info based on the serial number.

As it turns out there was a bad batch of rations that was responsible for many illnesses and a few deaths.  The rest of the batch was disposed of and the containers were melted down in the smelting shop on McGovern.  This was the only container left.

The three posse members head towards the smelting shop while the soldiers finish loading the vehicles and setting the explosives to blow up the bunker (wouldn’t want the excess supplies or data to fall in the wrong hands).

Nigel, Ben, and Hammond enter the smelt shop.  The machinery is worn from disuse, but appears to be in good order.  Ben guides Hammond and Nigel through the steps of starting the furnace.

With a loud clank and a rumble the gate at the back of the furnace opens.  The iron inside quickly melts from the heat of the exposed ground heat vent.  Hammond lets out a sigh of relief as he chucks the MRE into the pool.  The container melts instantly- a small slick of
steel riding on top of the molten lead.

The molten metal flares up wildly.  The men hear a slam behind them, turning to see that the doors have been barred.  A growl emanates from the smelting furnace, followed by a word “Hammond.”  The crew turns back around to see the top of the furnace blow out.  The liquid metal starts rising up into a twisted figure.

The molten being slings a glob of flaming goo at Hammond grazing his stomach.  Hammond quickly tries to shut off the furnace, but nothing seems to work.

Ben spots an emergency button and points it out to the others.  Nigel runs over to hit the button.  The pool of metal begins to be sucked out into a cooling chamber.
Hammond tries to throw some scrap metal at it, hoping the added mass would cool the beast- but it just absorbs the scrap.  Ben tries to open the bared door with his telekinesis but it is unmovable- he can sense there is an unknown force holding it back.

The monster emerges and rushes after Hammond.  The searing heat from the molten beast causes him to be weary.  “If you do not submit, they will suffer in your stay!” growls the demon.

Ben and Nigel spot the old emergency fire sprinkler pipes above them and begin shooting to burst the pipes.  They burst one of the pipes and send water splashing down on the demon.  It seems to yell out in pain.

The burning metal monster does an about face and throws more molten goo at Ben and Nigel, but misses setting fire to a pile of rubble. They fire again and burst the other pipe in that section of the building- spraying the monster again.  It angers and runs after Ben.

Hammond leaps forth and rips down another pipe above the monster with his hammer, pouring the rusty water all over the beast.  “You want me, you’re gonna have to fight to get me!”

Ben uses telekinesis to burst another pipe.  The water is enough to cool the monster, freezing it as a demented sculpture.   Steam rises off of the metal structure.  Ben smashes it with the pipe and it topples.

The head rolls off,  but the molten core (the actual steel from the MRE) oozes out and forms a small metallic spider and begins scurrying towards Hammond.  The face of his hammer smashes it into a flat plate.

I reckon that’ll be enough partner  Hammond hears this.  “I reckon it will.”

Ben notices this, “I reckon what?… Hammond?”

From inside the burning rubble pile Hammond sees Ronin Lynch emerge. He gives a nod and bids Hammond farewell, their journey together is done.  He then walks back into the fire.

Ben sees Hammond talking to nothing, – “Uh, Nigel, I think the heat is getting to Hammond, we better get him out of here”.

The bars on the doors have disappeared.  The three men escape the burning building and head back to meet the soldiers.  Everything is complete.  They head off to pick up the van.  Travel through the maelstrom is surprisingly uneventful.

Near Tuscon

The entourage of vehicles arrives.  A crowd of refugees surrounds them, cheering praises- a post-apocalyptic fan-fare of sorts.  The posse notes that the number of refugees has increased since they left.

Tulip comes out to greet them.  They give her word of the Cult of Doom’s presence in the maelstrom.  That is far too close, they’ll have to set up defenses and begin working on a plan for the offensive.

 An old burned out corn field

A cloaked figure shuffles forth.  The figure is moving towards a cross.  A man is crucified there, clothed in burlap with a sack covering it’s head.  Eye holes are cut out and his eye’s peer out towards the cloaked figure.

“Well, Look at you, all hung up there with nothing to do.  I’ve got something for you.  Do you want to come and play again?”

“*yes, I want to play*”

The cloaked figure removes it’s hood.  It’s a new body, but the signs of corruption and decay reveal it as the incubus.  It’s dark tendrils (nearly invisible in the low light) remove the nails from the crucified man.

His body drops down and lands in a flesh puddle.  The form rises back to it’s feet.

“Come, I have some new friends for us to play with”.

Table Rock Needs a New Name - GroupB
Gonna kill me a dinosaur, ancient power, joining forces

Table Rock

The posse finds some dynamite. Twitch plants the explosives on one of the Table rock supports. Norman lures the TRex into the area underneath of Table Rock itself. Somehow, Twitch did good and the massive rock comes crashing down. The Trex isn’t crushed, but takes some hits from debris.

Big John attacks using the drill-dozer. The smaller allosaur emerges and attacks Big John and Twitch. Big John takes a nasty bite, nearly losing his guts. Norman kills the allosaur.

They continue after the wounded TRex. Many bullets are fired, injuring the animal. Finally, Norman leaps forth and kills the mighty lizard.

The death of the allosaur passes on a coup to Twitch, he now has the “spring jump” ability. Norman inherits the fearsom jaws of the TRex as his coup, though he is able to hid them.

They find the amber blood stone within the belly of the TRex and return it to the burial chamber. The whole canyon shimmies. The dirt along the walls falls away to reveal thousands of graves, each with the same types of pictographs as the shaman’s mound.

The men are able to escape the canyon undisturbed. Upon reaching the top they are met by by the group of natives. ‘Running Horse’, a man that helped Twitch and Norman back in MovieTown, speaks to them of the tribe buried here. They were called the Anusazi. The Shaman buried in the mound had hoped to use the amber blood stone to revive his people. little did he know that doing so would have raised an army of undead horrors. This group of natives plans to bury the stone forever, far out of the reaches of any man.

Running Horse offs the men peace, and talks of the rising concerns of attack coming from the Cult of Doom or the Combine. He feels that they all must rally together to resist these imposing foes. He and his tribe offer to break bread with them, and ask for the story of what took place in the canyon.

Table Rock Light in the Dark - GroupB
dino-rodeo, mysteries of the mound, karma comes around

Table Rock

The monstrous T-Rex charges toward Big John. All of the men begin firing on the dino. A few of the men are wounded as the beast thrashes about.

Norman takes a step back then charges off of the plateau; leaping onto the T-Rex’s back. Several slashes with his blades, along with the incoming fire from the rest of them men, help them to scare off the T-Rex.

Norman and Big John meet back up and talk with the foreman about the other missing men. The foreman tells them about how he went up the tall plateau with the 2 other men. The first two supposedly got into an argument and shot each other. Big John doesn’t speak out at the time, but later tells Norman he had doubts about the foreman’s story.

Norman and one of the miners get what’s needed and head back up to the dirt mount on the plateau to check it out. The inside is covered in pictographs and paintings, but neither man can decode them. They also find suspended bed, like a hammock surrounded by ornamental grass and trinkets. Inside the hammock is a mummified body in Native American ceremonial garb.

Nearby they also spot the bodies of the two miners. Norman studies them. The placement of the wounds doesn’t seem to make sense with the foreman’s story. In fact it appears the men were executed. A further took around reveals that something has been removed from the hands of the mummy.

Norman comes back down, grabs Murdock and confirms the foreman was lying. They figure he must have taken the item from the mummified native and killed the others to cover it up. Disturbing the grave must have caused a curse on the place. The foreman is gone from his area of the cave. However they manage to find a hidden passage and speculate the foreman must be using it to escape

Big John takes Twitch and the miners aside to explain what’s happened.

Norman continues pursuit down the secret path. Then he hears some shuffling in the dark and sees a small light up ahead. As he approaches he sees that the light is the burning of a fuse connected to three sticks of TNT. Norman runs away as the blast goes off.

A huge Boom echoes out from the mouth of the cave, followed quickly by a cloud of dust. After a second of suspense, they see a figure emerge from the rubble. Norman was somehow able to narrowly escape.
The group pulls together to formulate a new plan. They settle in on using the drill-dozer, and possibly killing one or both dinos.

Cut scene: The foreman is escaping from a small cave. He begins running through a forest of stone pillars. In his hand is an amber orb filled with red. The blood inside is eerily still liquid and sloshes about as he runs.

A shadow looms over him. He turns and sees the toothy maw of the T-Rex. A bit of saliva drops down on to his should as the monster rears back. The man lets out a horrifically loud scream as the mouth closes over him. His empty severed hand is all that remains

Table Rock Meeting - GroupB
left for dead, lighting the dark, big game spotted

*This adventure is taking place with the alternate posse. *

Table Rock (a mine/quarry in southern Arizona)

Within a cave, Norman and Twitch hide with the remaining miners. They have just had a rough tangle with a dinosaur. Fortunately they managed to injure it as well.

On top of the ridge, two Native Americans have a very large man captive under gun-point. “We don’t care for your program. You insulted our people.” Big John Murdock pleads for his life- but the natives kick him over the side of the ridge.

Painful as it was, hitting the side slowed his fall and he manages to survive the ordeal. He recognizes the area now as Table Rock (a revived Ghost Rock mine). No time to recover. A large figure emerges from behind a stone pillar. Before John is a 12 foot allosaurus. The creature seems slightly daze and has slashes and burn marks on it’s face.

The sizable man attempts o roll away slowly as to avoid the dino, but a man his size rarely goes unnoticed. The allosaurus spots him and lets out a roar.

Norman and Twitch recognize the sound- the allosaurus has found prey. However, it does not appear that anyone in their group is missing. Then they hear someone yelling back. Big John uses his mighty voice to retort, causing the dino to be confused and run off.

John is able to free himself from the loose ropes, grabs his glasses and surveys they area. There’s a large tall plateau with a spiraling walkway. If he was to scale it he would be out of reach of the dino. He also spots the remains of the mining area- large drilling machine and a cave.

He decides to scale the pillar. He has a few near falls before making it up half way. At this point, a break in the walkway would require a skillful jump- not exactly his area of expertise. He decides to descend and check out the mining area.

On his way in he hears noise coming from the cave and attempts to hide behind the large machine. Norman and Twitch exit the cave and spot a badly hidden person behind the drill-dozer. Big John reveals himself. Norman recognizes him, Twitch mistakes him for a blob monster. Despite fear of the blob monster, Twitch suggests they move inside to avoid being eaten by the dino.

They make full introductions and explain how they got there. Twitch and Norman were hired to inspect why the Ghost Rock had stopped coming, and to recover what they could. Murdock had a “misunderstanding” with the Native Americans (he had made some offensive statements on his inflammatory radio show). This was their way of expressing that disagreement.

They review the situation. Twitch suggests trying to fix up the drill-dozer. It could be used to punch a way through the collapsed material blocking the entrance to the canyon. They all agree, but know they’ll need a distraction.

Norman suggests they set up some men on each of the two plateaus and keep the dinos busy while the repairs are made. Murdock checks the miner’s supplies and finds some weapons he can use.

Norman begins scaling the taller plateau. On the way up he notices a massive footprint on the ground. The larger dino is MUCH larger. The climb is difficult, but he manages to make it. He reaches the top and finds a large dirt mound. Norman signals down that they can begin. Twitch and Big John move into place. Twitch quickly gets to work on the drill-dozer while Big John moves about to watch for any signs of danger.

Norman takes a quick look at the mound. There is curious writing all around the entrance, petroglyphs of some ancient meaning. He steps inside and feels the swirling wind around him. The walls inside are dry to the touch. However it is far too dark inside to see.

Norman signals down for a torch- a rather humorous game of charades ensues before they figure out his meaning. Twitch tries to help with his pyro power, but the distance is too far. Just then, Norman notices movement beneath the actual Table Rock structure. A massive T-Rex emerges from the shadows.

One of the miner’s arrives from below with a flint and torch. Norman tells him about the mound and the oncoming T-Rex. With know idea of the monster nearby, Twitch furiously hammers away on the drill-dozer. The bangs echo through the canyon and spark the T-Rex’s interest. It begins to move.

Big John and Twitch notice the booming rumble of the footsteps and start moving towards the mine. Norman readies himself to encounter the mighty beast.


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