Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Something Deep Within
a merciful death, crash the party, face the facts

Junkyard Hilton

The scream in the night is enough to wake up the whole posse. Nigel and Ben head out into the hall to look for the origin. Hammond makes his way toward Simon’s room to check on Mr. Mercer and Biletnikoff.

Biletnikoff answers the door, a bit startled awake by the knock. He indicates that Simon is fast asleep and seems to be in a better condition that the past few days. Hammy informs him there has been another scream, and that they should be aware. He also suggests that Biletnikoff come with them, perhaps he can aid in identifying something.

Nigel spots a bit of blood seeping out from the bottom of the janitor’s closet door. Ben is able to pick the lock and gain entry.

Within the closet is the body of one of the Hilton janitors. He is bleeding from his abdomen, just as the previous victims, but does not appear to be ripped apart like the other bodies. Soria and Ben check the body and determine the old man appears to have had a heart attack, from fear most likely.

Nigel inspects the place to look for a possible entry/exit. The air vent is secured, and even when opened, the layer of dust within proves that nothing came in through that method.

Once again, there is a Templar cross painted in blood on the wall. Hammond helps pick through to find more evidence, but it all seems to add up to another attack from the Boise Horror – though in this case, it appears to have been interrupted.

The posse speculates that this does fall in line with the idea of a possession type killing. Perhaps the reason it is unfinished is that the man had a heart attack, and could not complete it. This still does not rule out the possibility of it being the Incubus, but they have doubts.

The Junkyard Militia arrives, along with the detective. She is none too pleased that the posse has yet again shown up at a murder scene. She scolds them, but does note that she does not feel they are guilty of the murders (if so they’d have already been arrested). She does threaten that the crew would be unwise to interfere further, lest they end up in front of Judge Tolliver again.

With no additional help they can provide, the posse members return to bed.

Inner Junkyard

The next morning everyone sets out for the 2nd day of Taylor’s conference. As before, Nigel is forced to wait in the lobby area for security reasons. Ben uses a psychic link to maintain contact with him during the conference.

Inside the conference room, the various members pledge their groups’ allegiances towards the collective effort against the Combine. Finally it is Simon’s turn to speak. He elaborates the reasons for his earlier position.

Nigel hears some commotion outside, as if some kind of group has gathered. He hears shouting and chanting, but cannot make it out. Simon has just begun to explain that the Templars will agree to join in the collective, when suddenly there is a blast from outside in the hall.

Nigel sees the doors of the hallway blow open. He pokes his head out into the hall and sees two automatons advancing, followed by a whole squad of black hats. He uses his mental link with Ben to send a quick warning into the other room.

Ben barely has enough time to shout out a warning before a loud bang echoes into the conference room. A large circular section of the ceiling caves in, revealing an automaton up above.

Ben circles around to the other side of the room and shoots some flames up into the floor above. As he does this, he spots a heavily armored drone and some black hats.

Nigel sees the black hats fire RPGs into the doors of the conference. Fortunately they only bulge inward, but do not break. He then charges his plasma and blasts at the squad. He struggles to fight off the automatons and black hats, trying to buy the rest of the posse time.

Back in the conference room, Hammond and Soria join in the fight with the black hats upstairs, though at this angle it is hard to hit them. The automaton and the drone walk/fall down to their level. The automaton gets a few sweeps in with it’s gun as the black hats dump tear gas into the room.

Soria is put out of commission from the tear gas. Ben continues firing in, killing off some of the black hats and damaging the automaton. Unfortunately many of the conference members are heavily wounded or killed.

Nigel kills off a few of the black hats and makes a run to try and find an alternate exit route for the posse. One of the automatons from the hall ways rips its way into the conference room. Simon musters up his strength and slays the metal creature in one swift blow. However, he staggers from the power of it’s explosion. Nigel rounds the corner and comes to the stairs, where he is greeted by a much larger squad of black hats.

In a desperate move to save Simon, Hammond tackles the drone, causing it to fall on top of the automaton. The impact crushes the body of the robot and sets off it’s explosion. Fortunately the body of the drone absorbs much of the blast. However, seeing an opportunity, the drone leaps to it’s feet, grabs the weakened Simon and charges down the hall. Nigel is nearly run over by the large mechanoid on its exit.

The remaining black hats exit, following after the drone, down into the sewers. The posse collects themselves, helps patch up the survivors, and reviews the situation with Isaac Taylor. Biletnikoff, who was knocked unconscious when the ceiling collapsed, wakes up, and locates Simon’s sword among the wreckage. He bestows the blade to Hammond in the hopes that this weapon may aid in retrieving Simon.

Time being of the essence, the posse quickly gathers ammo and supplies and heads into sewers.

JunkYard Sewers

The posse quickly finds the trail of the drone and the black hats. It takes them roughly 3 hours to catch up. Along the way they have a few run-ins with Morlocks, but make quick work of them.

Junkyard – Combine hideout

Deep within the sewers lies a large cleared area where the Combine have made a hideout. When the posse arrives, they find Combine guard towers, but the guards stationed there have been brutally executed.

All along the entrance and paths, they find bodies savagely ripped apart. They enter a large chamber, most likely the center of the hideout. What they see is most disturbing. Nearly all of the Combine forces are dead. Those that remain are literally tearing themselves apart (including the drone). Their eyes glow with a dark energy.

Standing in the middle of the chamber, Simon turns around to greet the posse. His face is twisted into a demonic grin. An unfamiliar voice bellows out from his mouth. It is the voice of Baphomet. He explains he has been lying in wait all these years- but now that he is out, there is so much more killing to do.

For a brief moment, Simon’s face reverts back to his own, though with a grimace. Simon understands he was blind to the presence of the demon within. He realizes it is now tied to his body, and he will do what he can to restrain it so that the heroes may slay it- even if it will kill him in the process.

As the posse advances, Simon’s body twists and contorts, stretching and growing into the horrific shape of Baphomet itself.

Accusations Abound
Can't kill an S.O.B., bloody alley, careful reasoning

Sky Pirate Airship (4 days ago)

Ben and Dennis Carlton send the others out the escape hatch. The automatons break through the hangar doors and begin firing on the two men.

Dennis tries to hold his own. Ben lands a few powerful blows. Unfortunately the automatons had gotten too close. Just as they dispatch the machines, Ben realizes Dennis is likely doing to die in the blast.

In a last second effort, Ben conjures up his force field and leaps in front of Dennis. This maneuver saves the young templar, but launches Ben into a wall knocking him unconscious.

JunkYard Hospital

Ben wakes up in the company of a JunkYard Militia member. The JM member informs him that the airship did complete the trip to JunkYard. The JM member also mentions that Simon and the others arrived earlier that day. The JM member will act as guard for Ben until they meet up with the rest of the posse, at which point he will resume his duty as attache for Mr. Mercer.

Dennis is in the bed across the room. He will survive, but his wounds are rather severe. Ben checks in with him, and to inform him of Simon’s survival. Then Ben and the attache head out towards the JunkYard Hilton.

JunkYard Hilton

Simon and the group arrive at the JY Hilton and get themselves settled. Simon retires to his room to rest. Nigel, Hammond, and Soria take the opportunity to eat a real meal and order some room service.

Ben arrives shortly thereafter. The posse is elated to see that he has survived, though as usual, Ben diffuses this with some smart ass remarks.

Nigel and Soria agree to fill Ben in on their journey from the drop off point. Hammond heads to the hospital to see if he can heal Dennis.

That evening the crew splits up to rest themselves. Hammond and Soria retire together, reconnecting privately so to speak. Ben settles in for the evening. Nigel takes some time to check out his systems and run his diagnostic and rest cycles.

In the middle of the night, Hammond hears a loud scream out on the street. He opens the window to find a bum, stumbling out from an alley way. The bum appears to be horrified and in shock.


Hammond wakes up the others and heads down to the street to find out what has happened. Nigel runs ahead using his advanced speed and discovers the site of another grisly murder. Ben and Hammond arrive a moment later. They stop the bum on the way to question him, but his state of horror is such that he seems uncertain of what is happening.

The men search for clues or evidence. All of them point out the similarities to the attack by the Boise Horror that occurred just before they left. The victim was kill viciously, with apparent claw marks on the main body (though the killing wound looks to be to the neck by way of a saw).

Just as before there are no signs of struggle on the victims body. Ben uses his Land Warrior suit to amplify the surrounding heat signatures, but does not see evidence of another person. They also find the Templar Cross painted on the nearby wall in blood.

The JunkYard Militia arrives, as does a rather stressed out and pushy detective. They do not take much of a statement from the posse and quickly usher them on their way.

JunkYard Hilton

The posse meets back up at one of their rooms. Running through some of the logic, they conclude that the Boise Horror has come along with them to Junkyard. Based on this, they believe it could be Simon himself.

They decide to put this to the test right way and head to Simon’s room. Naturally Biletnikoff is there watching over Simon. The group pulls Biletnikoff aside and discusses their theory with him.

He assures them that Simon is not harboring any kind of monster or demon, based on all of the evidence from various healers and spiritualists that have checked on him. This gives rise to the idea that perhaps Biletnikoff is the Horror.

Biletnikoff provides some evidence to admonish himself, but also offers a counter possibility. The gang seems to be centered on the idea that the Boise Horror may be some latent energy from Baphomet, or possibly the bloodwolf. However, this attack did not take place on a full moon, and the have been attacked in this city by the Incubus before- Biletnikoff posits that it may be the Incubus mimicking the actions of the Boise Horror.

They agree that this could be the case. Regardless, it is essential that they rest for the summit the next day.

In the morning they meet and head to Isaac’s conference. Nigel is not permitted in, after the attack on Simon by a cyborg infiltrator. Ben, Soria, and Hammond enter along with Simon and Biletnikoff.

Inner JunkYard (Taylor’s Conference)

The group is introduced to the representatives of the different parties involved. Soria, Ben and Hammond recognize a young person who is in the company of the Chamber’s representative, as they had briefly seen her around Globe, AZ.

The meeting begins and each of the members stands to give their words regarding an alliance among them. The sentiment is basically the same for all, they wish to cooperate in order to eliminate the great threat of the Combine.

When the time comes for Simon to speak, the conference takes a different turn. He agrees that the Combine is a problem, but vehemently opposes working together with anyone that would openly allow the looting and raiding by road gangs (Taylor). He also makes note of the ambush that was laying in wait for him on the way in to JunkYard. “Those gangs are nearly identical to the Combine itself- they simply lack opportunity”. Simon finishes his rant and exits the conference.

Taylor implores the posse to convince Simon to come back. They frantically head back to meet him at the Hilton.

JunkYard Hilton

Simon is highly resistant at first, but with a bit of time and a few clever choices in phrase the posse is able to get him to at least agree to hear Taylor out. They will resume the conference the next morning.

That night the posse is once again awoken by an ominous scream.

The Four Day March
down in a hole, hidden up a sleeve?, combine slummin it

Somewhere between Boise and Junkyard

Nigel, Hammond, Soria, Winnie, Biletnikoff, and Simon successfully make to to the ground. Simon is noticeably drained and weak, so Hammond carries him while they look for appropriate cover.

They keep a watchful eye to the skies. Raptors are circling around, so they will need to hide. There is a nearby drainage tube on the side of the highway. As Hammond assists Simon, he takes a glance back up at the airship. The vessel is still in motion, a large billow of smoke showing it’s trail. Suddenly, two large explosions burst forth from the hatch from which they had just escaped. He looks around frantically to see if anything/one decends from the ship, but does not see anything. Another raptor search group swings by and he is forced to climb inside the drain.

While they wait in the hole, Nigel inquires about Simon’s condition. Biletnikoff explains that their healing efforts, including those of many supernatural types, has been unable to have an effect. Since they are stuck in place, they take this opportunity to heal each other and patch up those that need it.

The after a few hours, they emerge the early the next morning. The distinctive whine of raptor engines can still be heard, with a few of them sweeping- most definitely a search party. They will need to keep on the move towards Junkyard, but will need to do so stealthily.

Simon recognizes the road they are on as I-84. Based on the old farm buildings nearby, he places them about 80 miles outside of JunkYard.

I-84 in North Deseret

Nigel checks the nearby vehicles. Though they have not been disturbed, they are quite rusted and do not provide enough workable parts to craft a working vehicle. They decide to take refuge in one of the slightly dilapidated farm buildings, being careful not to choose one that looks “too cozy”. Instead, they find one with a partially collapsed roof and hunker down in there. Simon is still rather weak, so they construct an improvised gurney to carry him.

Simon finally comes out of his slumber. They fill him in as to their current situation. He proposes they must return to the road that evening, and travel only by the cover of darkness. He insists on pushing for at least 20 miles each day. Nigel and Hammond express concerns, but Simon is adamant that he can make it. They rest until dusk and head out on the road.

a little over 20 miles outside JunkYard

After the third night of travel they take shelter in an old barn. Simon appears to be in a lighter mood. He notes that it has been some time since he was outside of Boise for such a long time. The last time that happened, he was on an equally problematic quest. Simon proceeds to tell them the story of his struggle with Baphomet, the demon of Templar lore. This demon could take over people’s minds, and make them do it’s bidding, leaving them with no memory of the events.

Simon and his posse tracked the demon down. With the food, shelter and information from an old woman in the woods, Granny Butterworth, they were able to locate the demon’s lair. With determination and some luck, they managed to destroy Baphomet. After the tale, everyone sets down to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Hammond and Nigel are startled awake by the sounds for a scuffle. They jolt up to find Winnie and Simon engaged in a struggle. Simon’s shoulder has been pierced. Winnie appears to have a large spike sticking out from her right forearm. Hammond yells out to wake the others while rushing forward to defend Simon.

Nigel recognizes the arm spike as a on of the infiltrator unit’s possible tools. He also notices she is making some kind of arcane gesture and speaking some kind of chant or spell.

Hammond rushes in and swings at Winnie. As she turns to defend herself, her face and body morph grotesquely. In just a few seconds she takes the form of an unfamiliar man. The group struggles to subdue her while simultaneously protecting Simon.

They manage to pin Winnie down, but before they can question her (it?) she wriggles free and blows her brains out with a sidearm.

The group is noticeably shaken, knowing that one of their own has just attacked them. They heal what they can and hit the road, in the event that there may be other attackers nearby.

The desert outside Junkyard.

Traveling through the dark, the crew is very cautious. Nigel leads just ahead of the pack. While Nigel goes unnoticed, Hammond spots a road gang ambush ahead. The road gang’s lookout spot’s Hammond at the same time. Hammond shouts out to prevent the group from walking into the ambush.

Simon and Biletnikoff hand back and take cover. Nigel, Soria, and Hammond rush forward to deal with road gang.

The road gangers have superior equipment, but were thrown off by being discovered. Nigel and Hammond get in a few decent shots to take out their mounted gunners. Soria ends up using Viridian Goliath. The mere sight of her stuns several of the road gang.

Amidst the struggle, the posse notices that a few of the gangers gun’s malfunction- curiously exploding. Once the firefight ends, they move in a bit closer. Despite the lack of their telltale wardrobe accessory, they determine the gangers were actually BlackHats. This fact is disturbing to all, and infuriating to Simon- especially considering they are well within range of the JunkYard Militia.

They finally reach one of the JM checkpoints. Immediately they are rushed into the center of town to meet with Isaac Taylor. On they way the receive first aid.

Inner Junkyard

Isaac Taylor, surrounded by an elite force of JM soldiers, greets the posse and Simon in particular. Taylor provides them with lodging at the JunkYard Hilton along with a credit for food, drink, and incidentals. In and around the hotel, a deployment of JunkYard Militia will stand guard, and the VIPs will be accompanied by an attache.

In the Raptors' Talons
an elegant craft, sound the alarm, a hero's choice

Sky Pirate Air Ship

The captain gives them a quick tour around the facilities of the
airship. Ben is very excited to finally be back in a flying machine
again. They peruse the lower floor first- including the ultralight
launch hanger and basic crew cabins. They are informed that the
bridge is on this level, but are not allowed to view it.

The top floor contains the mess hall, repair room, armory, crew
cabins, and observation area.

It takes a bit of time for the airship to get up to speed. The
captain mentions it will take about 7 hours to arrive in Junkyard,
provided the weather holds up.

After the tour is complete the members of the posse break out into
separate areas. Ben heads down to the hanger to talk shop with the
pilots and mechanics. Nigel heads to the mess hall with Soria. Ben
decides to stick around and speak with Simon.

Ngiel talks with Soria about the perils of being undead, and freakish
look of the cyborgs that can change their faces. She is not phased-
claiming she has to deal with being a horror show all the time, they
are just getting a bit of self plastic surgery.

Crew Cabin

Hammond’s conversation is short. Simon commends him for his
dedication to duty, but requests to have at least a bit of time to
rest before the big meeting. After all, he will have Biletnikoff
constantly watching over him considering his condition.

Cleibold does ask if he can have any more information regarding the
conference. Mr. Mercer does offer up some of the members attending.
There will be representatives from a group known as the Chamber
(junkers not affiliated with junkyard), Biletnikoff will be in
attendance as a member of the Librarians. The Schismatics, a purple
robed variant of the Cult of Doom will be there as well. Simon
expresses his distrust of the Schismatics, citing their beliefs as not
being all that different from those of the Cult. However, if Taylor
feels that they can contribute, he will go along. There will be some
other smaller organizations, but none of more notable mention.

Hammy expresses his instinct that this whole situation could be a set
up. Simon understands the concern, but points out that as Templars,
they are not above using their enemies as allies- as long as it puts
them in the front line. Sometimes, justice is served when evil
destroys evil.

Mess Hall

Ben returns from the hangar and grabs a quick bite. Hammond arrives
and grabs a bit of dinner as well. The posse returns to the crew
cabin to try and sleep.

Crew Cabin

Nigel takes a few moments to run through his rest cycle, then takes up
guard duty. An hour or so passes. Winnie emerges from the cabin
complaining of being unable to sleep. She starts talking with Nigel,
asking what it is like to be a cyborg. Then she heads off to take a

The Bridge

One of the 3rd shift crewman is surveying the skies. He is wearing
night vision goggles. Off in the distance he notices a little flicker
of motion. Suddenly there is a squad of Combine Raptors hovering out
from behind a rocky cliff. The sharp eyed crew member spots it,
shouting out a warning to all on deck. They fire off the alarms and
startle the whole ship awake.

The airship manages to start making some evasive maneuvers. The Sky
Pirates launch their own barrage of missile back, hoping to land a hit.
One of the Raptors is hit and crashes to the ground. This alerts the
raptors that their presence is know, and they begin a full on assault.
Unbeknownst to the passengers and crew, a large cargo raptor flies up
above the airship and offloads a squadron of automatons onto the
airship’s “balloon”.

Various areas of the Airship

One of the raptors swing up the site of the ship firing it’s machine
guns. Throughout the observation deck (2nd floor near the cabins)
glass shatters in a steady stream. Nigel sees this and takes a look
into the observation room. He finds that the gunner at the front of
the ship has been killed and hops into the pod to take his place.

Ben scrambles down to the hanger to see if he can assist there. Some
of the pilots have been shot up, so Ben hops in an ultralight and
launches out after the raptors.

Hammond is a bit shaken, so it takes him a moment to determine a plan
of action. He grabs Simon and carries him to the bath/shower area,
assuming the thicker walls may provide some protection. He gets on
the radio trying to coordinate and determine what the hell is

Nigel manages to place a few bursts from the gun pod into an incoming
raptor. This deals some damage, but does not down the aircraft.

Ben coordinates with the ultralight pilots. Some serve to distract
the raptors while others attempt to get shots off with their high
powered bombs. During this time Ben spies the automatons on the top
of the airship and radios down to the others.

Hammond sees some of the Sky Pirates heading down towards the Mess
Hall. He asks Dennis to keep watch over Simon. Soria and Hammond
gear up and head towards the Mess Hall to join in the fight with the
Sky Pirates. As they come upon the entrance they spy an automaton
tearing through the ceiling of the hall.

In the observation deck, an automaton shoots a hole in the ceiling and
climbs down. Nigel exits the gun pod and spots the automaton. He is
joined by a small squad of Sky Pirates. They manage to take down the
automaton, but suffer some casualties in the process.

Ben shoot down several of the automatons on the hull of the balloon.
He then joins in with the others to try and take out the Raptors.

Hanger Area

One of the Raptors circles around and rams it’s back end into the
hanger. A loading door opens on the back and a squad of automatons
dumps out. They begin mowing down the Sky Pirates. The Raptor frees
itself from the hangar and flies off.

Various areas of the Air Ship

Hammond scores a head shot to the automaton. Unfortunately this kills
it instantly and the explosion injures or kills most of the Sky
Pirates in the hall.

Ben, having exhausted his only bomb, bail from the ultralight and
floats himself into the airship through one of the automaton’s holes.
He rushes to meet back up with the rest of the posse. Nigel also
makes his way to meet with the rest of the crew.

Realizing that the ship is likely lost, the posse plans to abandon it.
They grab Simon and head down to the lower level. Unfortunately the
automatons in the hanger prevent using the ultralights to escape.

Winnie at the hangar door trying to hold off the automatons. The
posse remembers that there are repel ropes on this level. They locate
the ropes and harnesses. Unfortunately there are not enough harnesses
for everyone, and the automatons will need to be slowed to allow time
for Simon to escape.

Dennis and Ben decide to stay aboard, fighting the automatons so that
the others may have a chance to escape.

What Moves in the Dark
short reunions, horror in the night, red eye flight


Ben expands the auto-shelter and the crew sleeps for the evening. In
the morning they hit the road, towards Boise.  They choose to make
minimal stops.  The arrive the next day, around 2 pm.

Simon’s Rock

The posse pulls up to the town of Simon’s Rock.  Despite the urgency
of Simon’s message, the people here seem to be no worse for the wear.
The gang suspects it may be that the locals have not been notified.


All of the group makes it through the Boise maelstrom unphased.
Firstly, they head to the town square and park the van.  Nigel and Ben
head to the Hospice, figuring that Soria will be there.  Hammond heads
toward the Temple to report.

Boise – Hospice

Ben uses his mental powers to locate Soria.  He and Nigel enter the
Hospice.  A squire informs them that the Hospice is full, they have no
more space for anyone- but allows them in once they notify him they
only whish to speak with Ms. Gaithers.  They come upon Soria and have
a nice bit of catch up on their dealings over the past few weeks.  She
has been keeping an eye on marilyn, but also providing medical
assistance wherever possible.

Boise – Temple area

Hammond approaches the Temple and hears a scuffle from around the
corner.  Then he recognizes the quick remarks andthe clang of metal on
metal.  There is a sparring lesson going on.  He peeks around to find
marilyn and Jonathan Douglas circling each other.

marilyn makes a few quick moves, but Douglas sweeps her leg out from
under her.  She comes up to a crouched stance.

Douglas approaches her – “Are you ready to yeild?”  "You already know
the answer to that"- marilyn quips.

At this point Douglas sees Hammond. “But I think we are done.. Unless
you wanted us to continue Mr. Hammond?” – Douglas.

marilyn runs up to Hammond and gives him a large hug.  They exchange
a few friendly hellos.  He comments on her new found fighting skills.
Before they get too involved in conversation, Hammond asks Douglas for
some information.

Douglas sends marilyn off to fetch some items to give to the
townsfolk so that He and Hammond can speak freely.  Douglas relays
what he knows, which is little.  Though he has been given orders to
stay here in Boise for the time being.  Hammond heads to the Temple.

Boise – Temple

The Temple is clear of parishoners, a sure sign that this is a matter
of great importance.  Biletnikoff the libraryian, Simon and two young
Templars are the only ones in the building.

The one younger Templar has the image of a knight of old- making a
strong effort to look the part of Lancelot.  The other is a young
woman, with short cropped hair, weilding a katana.

Hammond makes his presence know.

Simon – “It is… in some ways, good that you are here.  This
situation must happen soon, so it is most fortuitous that you are
here.  I’m sure you have noticed that there are precious few baring
the red and white.  There are other factors keeping our members busy.
Circumstances have conspired to weaken our presence here at the very
heart of our own order.”

S- “Brad Modeen struck down 3 of our higher members, incuding McConnel
who has shouldered the burden of righteousness almost as long as I
have.  Fortunately the destroyer has been dealt with, to that honor, I
bestow upon you Mr. Hammond”

The young Templars look on in awe, amazed to see that his is the one
responsible for Modeen’s death.

S- “Of late my health has been less than I would wish, and my physical
shortcomings are beginning to tell. Two of our elder members (Stillson and Kaiser) are here
on permanent duty to assist me in this matter.  Luckily i’ve been able
to bring in as many as I can.  The others on their way however, will
arrive too late for this particular mission.”

Simon introduces the two young Templars – Dennis Carlton and Winnie
Franklin.  They will assist Hammond in this most important mission.
He cannot reveal the details, but it is of utmost importance.  You
must remain here in Boise and await the call to action.  If they have
companions, they should be officially brought forth, and must be
available for this duty.  Simon dismisses them all.

Boise – Town Square

Hammond brings Dennis and Winnie back to the Van to meet the rest of
the posse.  On the way the three Templars speculate what the matter
may be.  Anti-Templars? an assault on the Cult of Doom or the Black
Hats?  Dennis asks him the secret to taking down Modeen.  Hammond is
careful not to brag-  and insists the answer was in fact his valued

Ben and Nigel arrive and get aquainted with the 2 young Templars.
Hammond catches them up to speed on Simon’s orders.  The whole posse
informs the Templars about the Incubus that is after marilyn.

Ben and Nigel meet up with marilyn and talk about their adventures
over past few weeks.  Hammond catches up with Soria.  She decides to
accompany them.  They all settle down for the evening Hammond in the
Barracks/ Ben and Nigel and others in the Auto-shelter.

Boise – Night

In the middle of the night Hammond and Ben are awoken by a loud scream
coming from the Hospice.  Ben attempts to wake up Nigel while on his
way out of the shelter.

They arrive at the Hospice and find there has been a murder.  A man
was killed.  His organs have been removed and arranged on the floor,
almost in a surgical type manner.

There is a large pool of blood on the floor.  Ben notices footprints
running down the hall.  They follow the prints which lead to a fire
escape.  They find some strands of brown cloth caught in part of the

Back in the murder scene room, they find other evidence.  There is a
very elongated, almost claw like bloody print on the wall.  They also
find a bloody wedding ring with the initials WTM – which matches the
name Warren Moran, that of the man in the room.

Curiously, the man shows no bruising or signs of struggle- it appears
he did not attempt to defend himself, nor was he bound.  One of the
people in a nearby room mentions that they heard someone open that
room and leave AFTER the scream.  Whispers abound that the Boise
Horror has struck again.  They do note that the moon is full.

They all head to Biletnikoff to get any information that they can. Biletnikoff gives them some of the history of the Boise Horror, it’s previous explanation of being a Blood-Wolf, etc. He explains that such a creature was despatched, but that the killings did not stop. They notice the Librarian has very many books on his desk pertaining to the occult, specifically demonology. In line with something that Ben had noticed, Biletnikoff points out that it could be that the man was mentally controlled, possibly by a syker or other type power. It is also noted that no Templar has fallen victim to it as of yet.

Upon further questioning, they realize that Biletnikoff may not be a threat, but that he seems to have a peculiar interest in the subject of demons. With no other actions within their power, and the seeming danger over, they go back to bed.

Boise – Day

A young squire approaches the posse, summoning them to meet with Simon. Douglas assures them that he will keep Marilyn safe, so they head to the Temple.

Boise – Temple

Simon reveals the nature of the secret plan. This group will escort him to and from a special conference in JunkYard. They will provide security for Simon, JunkYard will provide the transportation.

Isaac Taylor (head of JunkYard) has summoned Simon himself, as well as the leaders of other positive organizations. Simon does not know the full details, but all members involved are oppositional to the Combine, as well as other problem groups.

Boise – Town Square

The posse, along with Dennis and Winnie, discuss potential issues with the escort.

All of the members meet at the Temple and begin their trek to the rendezvous point. Biletnikoff attends as well to catalog this historic event. Everyone travels in disguise, attempting to look like a small group of traveling regular folks.

Rendezvous point outside of the Boise maelstrom.

The group arrives at a large clearing in the woods. They sit at the edge and wait until darkness. Simon orders 4 members into each corner of the clearing and gives them flares to light.

A short time later, a distinctive droning sound is heard. The sound grows nearer, and nearer; becoming louder with each second. The sky is enveloped by an unnatural blackness.

Finally, a bank of bright lights shines down on them- lights from a large zeppelin (almost 170 yards in length).

Ropes drop from the vehicle with crewmen sliding down to the earth. They guide the vessel down. A compartment door opens and a charismatic captain greets the would-be travelers. Captain Howard Phelps beacons them on board.

Simon is understandably wary. His hand grasps at the hilt of his sword. Simon calls out a security word – “Vertrag”

The captain admits he is not good at this “spy stuff”. He gives the counter word “Eisen”. He guesses that since they didn’t run, they were probably the folks he had planned on picking up. He does point out that unless they see these kinds of transports everyday, this is probably the only ride that is coming for them.

Simon stares him down, then begins to move forward onto the ship. The captain invites the rest in. He states he will be back, after they get the ship up in the air. It takes a few minutes for the massive dirigible to take off. The feeling in the air is electric as they coast off into the dark night sky.

JunkYard: Takin Care of Business
Hot stones, wheelin and dealin, radio adventures

Rocky desert outside JunkYard

The posse tries to find a way to preserve the multiple pounds of gator meat. Nigel suggests trying to salt cure it- but frankly they don’t have the time. Ben uses his pyrokinetics to heat up a nearby rock and cook the meat. They eat what they can and take the rest for the trip.

JunkYard Gate area

This trip was a blessing. No bandit road chases, no magical transports to creepy abandoned towns. The crew is thankful for that much.

The do not meet resistance at the gate. Since Nigel no longer has to worry about revealing his status as a cyborg, they avoid having another mess on their hands. Using trade from the extra items they have, they are able to pay for their weekly passes.

Junkyard interior.

Ben and Nigel mention their desire to acquire some additional equipment. Ben is looking for the last part of the Land Warrior package. Nigel is looking for some armor. Hammond is focused on getting the fuel and essentials so they can get back on the road. They all agree they need to visit Winister to have the black widow repaired.

Ben is able to track down the final piece of the Land Warrior system. The shop owner senses his desire, and drives a very hard bargain. With a bit of clever negotiating, they work out a deal.

They also head over to see the reporter they had met during their last stay in junkyard. They agree to a radio interview to relay their victory in Kingman, on the condition that their real identities not be revealed. Ben poses as the Burninator, Hammond as “the Templar” Nigel.. well, he is just Nigel. The story is a major hit- bringing in very high ratings.

Nigel is able to locate some additional pistols (tokorovs) and the appropriate ammo. They also purchase him some SWAT armor.

Ben is able to sell of the Blood Stone to a collectables dealer.

Northbound and down
Come see the softer side of Sears, Gator wrasslin'


The posse takes a day or so to make all of their appropriate trading
to stock themselves up for the journey. Final arrangements are made
for who will become the town leaders.

(The actions in Kingman have a widespread effect on nearby settlements
such as Globe and Near-Tuscon. Quality of life is drastically
improved and society begins building itself back up.)

The crew spends some time plotting out their route.

Based on their options, they actually decide to take a very similar
route as their last trip. This time they will avoid the anti-mutant
town. If need be they can stop by Bitter Springs as just a place to
camp out.

Ben and Nigel note that they still have the Confederate money they
found at the toll-gates. They may actually be able to use it at the
Sears outside of Page. Hammond expresses his concerns, but ultimately
they decide to stop there on the way.

Sears department store – outside Page, AZ

Nigel checks his internal clock – Nov. 12, 2094, a Friday. The store
is actually open.

Nigel waits back in the van while Hammond and Ben head in to the
store. They are greeted by strangely courteous man wearing a name
badge, indicting his name is Todd.
Todd provides them with directions to a variety of departments
(automotive, etc).

The stock in the store is very thin, but there is at least 1 of every
item. Attendants fold the same materials over and over.

They radio Nigel and mention that there may be some things (such as
clothing or parts) that he may desire. Nigel puts the black widow
into auto-mode and enters the store.

Inside the store they do find a decent wrench, some transmission
fluid, a few items of clothes.

Also, they find that this Sears has a small grocery section. They do
pick up a loaf of bread (fresh… curiously). Ben convinces them he can
try it first, and purge his system if it is poisoned. They note that
the store carries fresh jerky – but are concerned as to its origins.

When they have completed, they go to the checkout area and pay for
their items. As they exit the building Todd asks if they had found
everything. “We thank you for returning Mr. Collins. I’m sorry
about the customer-relations issue that you had last time. I assure
you we have rectified that. Would you like to sign up for our rewards
Ben declines.

Rocky Desert outside of Junkyard

A roaming pack of walking dead is seen out in the distance. The sound
of the van’s engine seems to alert them. The zombies start moving
toward the van. Nigel makes the point that a pack that size could
prove to be dangerous- so it may be best to take them out.

They stop the truck to get a shot from afar. Nigel, Ben and Hammond
open fire on the incoming group. Hammond fires the black widow, Nigel
uses the laser sight rifle, Ben uses his rifle.

A few of the walking dead drop. Those left over charge the van and
quickly close the gap. As they near the vehicle, one of them strips
over a rock. Then the posse sees the rock moving.

As it turns, they see that the rock is actually a desert gator. It
quickly chomps down on the fallen zombie and goes into a death roll.

Nigel dispatches some of the zombies. Ben and Hammond focus fire on the gator.

The desert gator charges the vehicle and leaps onto the front of it.
Ben shoots it with his brain blast. Hammond exits the vehicle and
attacks the gator with his hammer. Nigel continues to fire at it with
the rifle.

Finally the large beast falls. They salvage several pounds of meat
from it. They also find an animal tracking device attached to its

Kingman: Choose Wisely
Appease the masses, what may come, beckoned home


The gang wakes after the long evening. Some of the groups sort through the salvage and spoils. They honor their agreements with the Grave Hunters, Roland and any others. Nigel takes most of the day to rest and allow his body to mend itself.

The messengers sent out the night before have returned from Near-Tuscon and the mutant camps, bringing with them a slew of refugees.

There is a bit of a rabble in the middle of town. A group of about 35 people stands in a rough circle, surrounded by several groups of the militia, resistance and mutant refugees . These groups have corralled all of the people who were present in town but did not fight, and are arguing over their fates.

Many want the non-combatants to be executed- equating the lack of fighting as compliance with the Cult. Others wish to strip them of all of their possessions and exile them. A smaller group wishes to let them go freely.

Seeing the crowd’s anger escalate, Ben and Hammond approach and call out for leaders from each group. The posse feels it would be best to discuss this matter with civility to prevent a riot or massacre.

It takes some time to quell the cries for vengeance. Through some careful negotiation Ben and Hammond are able to talk the groups into an agreement.

Using Ben’s mind reading powers, they will probe each of the individual’s minds. Anyone who is determined to be guilty will have an opportunity to defend themselves. Their defense will be judged by the leaders of the individual groups.

Those found to be innocent will be stripped of all but the bare necessities and sent out into the desert. Those found guilty will be dispatched. Nigel agrees to perform ay executions to ensure they are quick and as humane as possible.

Several of the non-combatants were indeed found guilty. This included one man who was definitely a psychopath.

Next the posse moves on to scrounging for info and provisions. Hammond and Ben discuss Nigel’s conversation with the mysterious man. Lo and Behold, he walks up to them out of nowhere and asks what they wish to know. In a short time, they realize he is none other than John Prophet (the fortune-telling man they met in NewTello).

Mr. Prophet discusses his reasons for being here. Nigel’s message was intended only for him. Nigel hold the boon and bane to himself.

John Prohpet talks about the nature of fate. He proposes that there are many paths. No one is locked into a fate unless they choose to be.

Prophet reveals that the Horsemen used much of their power to alter history, and as such they have been left vulnerable. Only the Eldest Stone knows what truly happened. But, he believes, the Reckoning is both their defeat and their success.

Prophet has been in “our” time line for 13 years, though he does not know precisely how long he was in the Hunting Grounds. Hammond asks how Prophet ended up in the Hunting Grounds in the first place. Prophet describes a device- the configuration, almost like a puzzle- but it was in fact the key to “hell”. He solved the puzzle, and was pulled into the gates that opened before him. The configuration still exists, though its form changes, so it is unknown what it may look like.

Prophet was trapped, but somehow escaped and killed one of his captors. In that spirit world, destroying another causes their power to be infused within you. He was hunted, but continued to fight them off and grow in power. That is the nature of the other world, now it has started to spill over into this one (Hammonds Vampire Vision as an example).

John Prophet lays out the final prophecy for each of them – asking first for their birth dates.

For Hammond – You are clever and conscientious. Ever apt to completing what you have begun. As you go on you can expect your wealth to gain. There shall be abundance. And as you complete important projects, you will move on to even larger ones. Your circumstance shall become better, yet it shall become worse. Which will become first? That I cannot say. It is only up to you.

For Ben – You have an interesting way of things. Often something simple can become big, something big is something small. What you think may be a major disaster, may only require a small effort. However, some small issues may require large effort. If you have no goal, now is the time to set it, to etch it into stone in your heart. For without this goal you will fail in whatever you do. Things will be different. The bad, the dark, shall change. Keep in mind that there is dark to come. I cannot see the light through this, perhaps not there, perhaps hidden.

The message that Prophet brings is clear. Simon has declared that any Templars shall assemble at the grand Temple in Boise. You are being called in, and must report. This is a general call to any who can be found, but time is of the essence. John Prophet’s job is complete, and he exits off to whatever his business may be.

The posse spends the rest of the evening and another day to scrounge up supplies and take care of arrangements in the town. Leaders are chosen to ensure safety and civility within Kingman. They also take the time to erect a memorial to the victory at Kingman.

Kingman: In the Glow of Great Fires
rekindling hope, a chance meeting, crash course in demonology

Kingman – Mortar Area, Barracks, Oil Derrick/Factory

The battles at each of the sites continue with full fury. The tide turns as the ogres (ridden by gremlins) join in the fights on each of the rebel forces. Both cult and rebel forces are slowly whittled down in numbers.

Kingman – Oil Derrick / Factory

Ben’s forces manage to overtake the oil derrick. He sends a good portion of them to the barracks to assist Nigel. He also escorts a small group to the mortar area to help stop the barrage of death from above.

Kingman – Mortar Area

Hammonds squad has been trading blows with the cultists. Things have been moving, but their numbers keep getting lower. Ben and his troops arrive and put the advantage in the rebels favor. With a bit more work they are successful. Ben hops into one of catapults and Hammond launches him over to the barracks to assist Nigel.

Kingman – Barracks

Amidst the battle, a strange dark energy begins to flux and collect in one particular area within the barracks. There is a strange distortion surrounding this point, outlined in light. They hear the screams of millions of dead. Nigel feels a tug in his chest, like a fish flapping around. For the first time he hears the Manitou scream. Emerging from the distorted darkness is a strange man. His appearance is blurred, and he seems only partially within this realm.

The cultists see him and immediately fire. As the bullets enter his body, he seems to phase out/in slightly- like a hologram. The bullets stop in his body and fall to the floor. Nigel isn’t sure who this fellow is, but he seems to be fighting on their side.

Ben’s first squad arrives at this time. They provide some good leverage. At just this time, Ben comes flying in from across the sky. He softens his landing and joins in with the fight. In short order they lay waste to the remaining cultists.


The remainder of the day is spent taking care of the cult stragglers left in the town. They set up a triage and start tending to the wounded soldiers and civilians. The Oil derrick and factory are saved. They discover the warehouse in the mortar area, was actually full of food and drink. They use the barracks as a place to burn the bodies of the dead before they collapse it.

The solemn feelings surrounding those lost, quickly give way to a focus on what was gained. In the evening the survivors hold a mighty celebration. Multiple bonfires dot the city. The town folk drink, feast, and party the night through.

Nigel pours out an honorary drink, and quietly asks for the Baron to give these folks the party of their lives. He hears the flip of a coin into the fire. A cloaked man behind Nigel grins a familiar grin, blowing a puff of smoke. “No problem. Why don’t you talk to your friend, the one I sent to you. He has something to say, not from me, but something none the less- so I brought him here- seems like just the right time.” The baron walks into the fire.

Nigel makes his way to the mysterious man.

Nearby, Ben and Hammond sit with a number of the other major players of the battle. A make-shift mariachi band plays as part of the celebration. They discuss their adventures. Ben heartily boasts his feats of greatness to the troops and civilians.

Nigel finds the stranger and sparks up a conversation.

Fate intertwines this world. And you are a part of it, in death or in life. There is something that I have seen on the other side that you need to know. Something the cards cannot tell. It is a message through time. Know this, that is not dead which can eternal lie- yet with strange aeons even death may die.

Fate is not something that is always set. If fate was real, the horsemen would have lost already. Choice is the ultimate one. In all the aeons, all the years, it will come to one moment. You will know it when it comes. A moment of great loss, the greatest loss- for it comes at the hour of your great triumph. This is the last prophecy I have for you.

Nigel inquires- “the last?”.

You asked before if it was all worth it. I told you, in some ways it is, in many it will not be. This prophecy deals with a greater concern than the incubus.

Nigel – “I always knew the price would be great.”

You cannot buy freedom, but you will pay for it. Ultimately it is your choice what to embrace. Such a few moments in the existence of all thing, of life, or the possible eternity of death. Any more curiosities Nigel?

Nigel – “Perhaps some should be left as questions to be answered on my own. One can always hope.”

Hope is not something I can afford. I have seen the face of the beyond, and it has stared back at me. Your sleep was a pleasant one, the slip of a needle- then death touched you. Fate assumes only one outcome- but there are many. The existence of two Stones at one point in time attests to this. What you live now is but a figment, a future that should have never been. But now forever will be. To travel in time, to change history is not a feat a mere inventor can make. It took them so much, so much of their last power to cheat, and stop that which had already been done. I have walked the path of Stone and arrived here from where he left. And I am cursed of knowing of a future without him, and without them. You must remember, “that is not dead which can eternal lie- yet with strange aeons even death may die”. You have no more questions which I will answer. Good night Nigel.

On the other side of the celebration, Hammond approaches Michael.

Hammond – “I suppose we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Certainly appreciated your help.”

M – Your thoughts Hammond…?

Hammond – “Like we talked about before, this is a beacon of hope now. To see that people can rise up against the evils of the world.”

M – And to find victory in that. That was the important part Hammond. Not that you fight, but that you fight not in vain. That is the issue I have with the Templars. They often seem to think that their cause is the only one out there worth it. I do not begrudge your opinions, I just disagree. And if Simon really had a problem with it, we wouldn’t be talking- we’d be killing each other.

Hammond – “You know before all this kicked off, you said you know about the incubus problem we have.”

M – As much as I can know. I already told you that he is the last. There are different sections of beings on the other side. You can call them pantheons if you want. Every belief that has been held fast and hard by the people that believe them has them. God exists, and most certainly does the devil. And with them, a myriad of other creatures.

The four horsemen have not been the first of the demon gods and destroyers. They are the first to think of such an audacious plan and pull it off. They are the first to find a way to steal that which may in some ways belong to them, but there are many gods of war, are there not? Why would the majority of power go to one? That is how the balance was kept. No one gained it all.

They tipped the balance. With that, the power was spread around unevenly. Three beings gained much. Much more than they had ever anticipated. These three were siblings of sorts. The incubus is the last of these three.

Hammond – “Do you know the fates of the others?”

M – I know of the fate of one. It was destroyed long ago in the town of Gomorra. There was a family known as the Whateleys. They were a family of blood sorcerers, inbreeds and dark magicians. Perhaps you are familiar with the “Jersey devil”? The Leeds family is an offshoot of the Whateleys. Within the family they worshiped something dark and powerful. They succeeded and brought Knicknevin into this world.

Knicknevin was brought out into the world and put down by a good number of particularly dedicated heroes like your selves. The second is reported dead by your own history. Long ago an ancient creature of power rose in these lands as well, far to the north. It came to these lands and started to control things. It had a power to manipulate people. This being was a being of manipulation.

Hammond – “I think I know this story. The Templars spoke of it.”

M – Yes but it was here long before the Templars existed. The people of the land sealed it into a cave. It learned it could reach out, and it did. Eventually it gained the attention of one man and his posse of heroes. They fought a great battle and in the end, the second of these demon lords, Baphomet, was laid down by none other than Simon Mercer himself. Perhaps that is what haloed him into the king-leader he has become.

One remains. I do not know it’s name. To know its name is to know it’s power. And in the killing stroke, the others heroes found the names of the first two. It is known only as the Incubus. There are other incubi, but he is the first to rise above being a lowly demon. He is THE incubus, at least to you.

He seeks to undo the prison of spiritual existence. As long as he is in the other realm, they can control him. The horsemen have him held on a leash in the spirit world. However, their presence in this realm means their powers in the spirit realm are weakened. If it can make itself physical it will be like you. Free to act and choose to disobey the horsemen.

The incubus has a place of power. In there he is the most powerful he can be. But in there he is not yet immortal. But entering this world he will have his powers unchained. That is why he seeks the girl. It is through her defilement that he may live once more.

Through her corruption, he could be born. It is through his seed that he will birth himself. At the end she shall be the mother of a twisted god. That is if you fail. You always have a choice. Wouldn’t it be easier to put a bullet in her head.

I know everything the incubus wants to do because it has tried before. Perhaps you can do, or not do, what I could not, and have. Though it may damn you, if you must -shoot her to prevent it. The fate that awaits her if the Incubus succeeds is far worse than merciful death. It will change you forever. It will mark your soul as it has mine – though some evil can be done for the sake of good.

Hammond decides they will start getting prepared the next day. They will also need to firm up relations with the gremlins. Then they shall head out after the Incubus.

Kingman: Storm the Fort
punch through the wall, undead rain, grueling battle

Kingman Wall to the Fort District

Ben, Nigel, and Hammond lead off three groups to attack the main wall to the Fort. The combined effort of all three groups puts a lot of pressure on the Cult’s forces.

They use some of the nearby buildings to get on the same height as the guards on the wall. This tactic proves to be quite effective.

Try as they might, the Cultists fail to hold off the incoming rebel forces. In an effort to protect their forces, several of the Cult doomsayers bunch together and use the “China Syndrome” power to melt the incoming bullets.

Some of the doomsayers within the walls are attempting to heal their wounded. The posse tries to concentrate fire in that area to stop them.

Another doomsayer performs a strange ritual at the main gate. A glowing radiation symbol marks the location. Nigel zooms in and assassinates the green-robe before he can pull off his power.

The posse continues with their assault. What few cultists remain fall back to safer locations. They use the fire truck to ram the gate and start entering the Fort District.

Kingman Inside the Fort District

The posse enters, along with the rest of the rebels. Before them stands the Cult barracks. To the Northwest is the Fuel derrick. They start formulating a plan of attack.

They know that they must secure the derrick, but need to be careful so the Cult does not blow it up. They will be unable to do so, if they do not hold off the cultists in the barracks- so they will need to split up.

A high-pitched whistle is heard by one of ex-military troops. “Mortars!” A rain of explosives comes down just near the posse. Indeed, they see more fire coming from atop a warehouse to the Northeast. They will need to deal with the mortars in addition to the other two areas.

They decide it is best to split into three forces. Hammond’s group moves to take out the mortars. Ben’s crew heads to the derrick. Nigel’s force assaults the barracks.

The following sections all happen simultaneously

Warehouse – Mortar area

Hammond’s crew has a tough time making it over to the warehouse due to all of the incoming fire. It takes several pushes before they can make it to the walls of the building. They use a car hood as makeshift protection. Unfortunately the lower wall sections have been fortified with armor plating.

Suddenly, from the top of the warehouse, a loud “KA-Chungk!” is heard. Three massive metal spheres launch into the air. Two fly off into the distance. The third lands near Hammond’s crew on the ground.

As it comes close, they see that the sphere is actually a mesh cage packed with zombies. They’re using a Zombie-pult! The cage lands and ejects the zombies out. Hammond’s crew has to turn and fight off the zombies before they can deal with the mortars.

They take out the zombies and ascend the walls of the warehouse. Finally they begin to make some headway on the mortar crews.


Concrete road dividers have been positioned and are being used as cover by he cultists. Nigel’s squad fights through the line and takes out the guys at the barricade.

From across the sky a large sphere full of walking dead flies towards the rebels. Nigel spies it and blasts it in mid-air.

Nigel calls on Michael to attack. Michael thrusts his spear to the side of the building, as the surrounding area distorts into a portal. Viking warriors and valkyries step forth and slay a group of cultists, then disappear back into the portal.

The Cultists retaliate. Bursting through one of the walls is a viridian goliath charging right at Nigel. Lt. Winthorpe produces his rifle and takes the monster out in one shot.

A group of small mutants runs out on a suicide bombing mission and blows up a few of Nigel’s men.

A roar comes from outside the walls of the Fort district. A Gremlin riding one of the large ogres charges up from behind and storms the barracks. It breaks a whole in the cult troops by chucking a road, divider at them. The rebels start pushing their way in.

Derrick and oil factory

Ben’s group bursts through the gate, only to find they are being fired upon. The shots are coming from a small fortified building equipped with mounted guns.

Roland spots an incoming ball full of brain-eaters and uses a nearby grenade launcher to destroy it.

Leaping down from one of the towers is a Doomsayer, morphing mid jump. He lands on the ground, a hulking viridian goliath. Ben keeps the beast busy while the rest of his crew continues the fight.

Ben’s squad keeps a steady fight up and makes some slight advancement. After some time, he is finally able to put the hulk down and continue on with the rest of the battle.


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