Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Chase and fight on the flats
We should have let them pass us.

Flat-bed area outside JunkYard

The chase continues. Nigel maneuvers around to try and bump off one of the bikers. Hammy drifts and blocks the bike from moving. One of the bandits grabs onto the station wagon and kicks his way in. The van behind the group fires it’s chaingun at the cab.

The bike rider pulls out a pistol and fires into the wagon. Nigel slows and rams the biker, killing him instantly. Hammy smacks the bandit in the wagon. Ben fires on the van and Brain blasts the chaingun, breaking it.

Hammy gets shot by the bandit in the back seat. A bandit SUV pulls around and fires on the cab with a large cannon. Nigel kills the bandit in the wagon with a steady shot. Marilynne snaps out of her shock and fires on the 2nd biker, killing him and crashing the bike, killing the passenger as well.

The van pulls up behind cab and a passenger fires with assault rifle/ grenade launcher. Ben leans out window and blasts, killing him with one shot. Nigel tries to ram the 3rd biker, but misses and skids out. Marilynne pulls Ben back in, he stops the truck from spinning then fires on biker. The bandits speed off, giving up the chase right before the posse crosses into “no man’s land”.

Onward to JunkYard
Finishing off the Hoarder and moving on to JunkYard

The Hoarder snaps forward, freeing itself from the post and catching up to the car. He grabs Marilynne tris to pull her out. Ben sees them coming and brain-blasts the Hoarder right through the chest.

The posse reunites and heads back for the truck door. They also take a moment to heal everyone. Back at camp Hammy & J. Douglas tend to Soria. Ben and Nigel try and scrounge what they can from the hoarder house. The place is filthy and little is to be found. They torch it after leaving.

Nigel apologizes about abandoning Marilynne. Charlie attempts to fix up the car and puts door on truck. Ben meditates. J. Dougles works his magic, but they have to wait to see if the poison runs it’s course or kills her.

Ben+ Nigel go out for first watch, Soria joins them, apologizes for being sloppy. Marilynne heard the conversations and is worried about Soria. Hammy offers words of wisdom and comfort, he also gives her the Bible to keep her mind off things.

The group deliberates where to go from here, but ultimately settles on just heading to Junkyard. They hit the edge of the flat bed area and rull up upon what appears to be a firefight/chase between a bus and some bandits.

The bandits spot the posse’s vehicles and some of them break off and confront us. They fire on the truck. Nigel and Ben fire back at the bikers. One of the bandit trucks pulls off and comes over to join in the fight with us.

Home is where the Hoarder is
The wrong place and the wrong time.


Ben encounters an old coot, hidden in the dirt under a tarp. He warns they need to get out “It’s their day of celebration” Suddenly large spider-like creatures pop out from around the cars.

On the other side of town, Nigel with Marilynne and J.Douglas hear some noises around the brick camp building, some on the roof. Nigel goes outside with rifle-face to face with man-spider.

Hammy and Soria tread into a nice house. Hammy busts his gun trying to open the door. The place is full to the brim with stuff, everything from papers to boxes and furniture. There are bottles of urine and all kinds of nastiness. The door slams shut and a flat-thin man/flatworm thing bites Soria. The fight begins, but little damages the Hoarder. Soria is poisoned and Hammy must carry her back to the camp, while escaping the monster.

At the car yard, Ben and Charlie face off against the spider-men. After using arson and firing a lot, they escape and start on the way back to the camp site.

Nigel, Douglas, Marilynne take turns picking them off. In the midst of the battle Nigel spies the Hoarder chasing down Hammy/Soria. Nigel grabs Marilynne and runs her around building. Hammy carries Soria to the car. Douglas hold hoarder to lamp post while Nigel ties his arms around pole. Hammy readies car and drives off to get Ben/Charlie.

Nigel grabs Hoarder’s arms and runs to catch up with car- grabs on, starling Hammy who slams on brakes—Has to go get Marilynne. Turn car around and go pick up Mari and Douglas. The Hoarder grabs on to the car as they speed away toward Ben/Charlie.

Hammy's homecoming
detour over to Helper, boy things have changed

On the Road Rt. 89:

The group rolls up towards the wall. There is an unmanned toll/checkpoint. Ben decides to get out and search for cash- actually finds some. They leave. Pass by several battered towns leveled during the war. Continue through southern UT (Deseret) to Selena, then they decide to divert over to Helper (Hammy’s home town). The roads on the way are very bad, rough drive.


Not much is left in the town, except for the brick and stone buildings. Some of Main street still stands. The Northern part of town and the West are burned and or demolished.

The Posse notices a train left at the station. Ben notices that the lights around the station are on. Charlie is concerned if Hammy will be ok, like if he sees anyone he knows. Jon Douglas relates a story about a guy he traveled with who shot himself after seeing his own photo, they had stumbled upon his pre-war home.

Ben senses 12 people at the train station. Ben and Hammy end up heading over to meet the townies.- they are told to keep their guns down. Word is they can make trade at the train museum down the road, and maybe some at the pub.

Ben/Hammy grab some supplies and go up to store for trade. Ben realizes the trains run on diesel, which could be traded for to fuel the Cab-over tractor. Trade for some diesel and make plans to head to some empty houses on the other side of town to hole up for the night. Ben also fins out about an area where there are vehicles, a possible location to pick up a replacement door for the truck.

The shop keeper also tells us not to stay at the “creepy house with the attic” possibly haunted- she doesn’t believe it, but everyone who’s stayed there has disappeared. Charlie gets in an argument with her about zombies—shopkeep says they dispose of the dead in a coal car out in the bone yard.

They find an old brick building that’s completely empty and make camp. Ben and Charlie head out to check the cars. Most are picked apart but they do find a suitable door and some other bric-a-brac then they start heading back.

Meanwhile, Hammy and Soria head into the old homes to look for some bedding.

Spring forward, for savings
Figure out the mystery of bitter springs, only to find a messed up SEARS

Bitter Springs:

The group finishes scrounging the town. Marilynne has found some chicken wire. Ben attaches the chicken wire to the car. Charlie begins planes for Carrel, and begins working on his AI.

Over dinner (chicken soup + peaches) Hammy asks Ben and Nigel to check out the cursed military ration he found. It’s from a Southwest Confederate Army base, but they can’t tell which one.

Hammy and Soria have a discussion about the nature of good/evil and how they each feel about the rest of the group. They also chew over Charlie’s role in the group, her traumatic experiences and Hammy’s concerns about her dangerous behavior. Soria calms those concerns, explaining Charlie wasn’t accepting of the world the way it is. She hope Charlie will open up her eyes.

Charlie discussed her plans for Carrel with Marilynne. Mari thinks the plans look like a dog.

They pack up to head out on the road. Nigel miraculously recovers- the group suspects lay-on-hands may have been delayed due to Nigel’s mutations.

On the road rt 89 towards Junkyard:

Drive on a while. Just outside of Page, AZ the posse stumbles upon a man hanging from a SEARS sign. They pull in to the parking lot. Ben mind-scans the place and finds 35 or more people.

Spoke to the greeter via camera/paging system. Argued back and forth about the store being closed. Charlie tries to charm him, Hammy tries to reason with him, Ben tries to convince him we are from corporate. All fail, so Ben threatens to blow the place up. This gets their attention and they allow him, and only him to enter.

He enters and meets a sales associate. Eerily, there is still Muzak playing over the loudspeakers. The associate attempts to provide him with directions to the other departments. Ben sees some other workers, sorting clothes mopping floors, putting cash (yes, pre-war cash) in the drawers.

While waiting, Charlie attempts to get in as well. She enters the foyer, immediately the doors slam shut and she is locked in. Gas begins to flow into the room and Charlie starts to get light headed. She freaks out and contacts Soria via walkie-talkie. Hammy tells ben about what is happening to Charlie. Ben asks to leave the store, tells them we’ll come back tomorrow. On this they allow us to leave.

Back outside, Ben floats up to check on the man being strung from the road-sign. There board attached to him painted with the word “shoplifter”. He has been left for dead, but he’s actually still alive. Turns out, the SEARS strung him up there because he had tried to trade with scrap goods, instead of money. Worse than that, they captured and ate his traveling companion. Ben lets him down. He thanks us and introduces himself: Jonathan Douglas, a 3rd year Templar. The group offers him a ride back to Junkyard.

Bitter Springs
settling in after the Rattler run

The Posse explored the interior of the “death” house—called this because of the dead gentleman found in the foyer and the horrific scenes of what appear to be several murders. There is substantial evidence of struggle, and most of the building has been looted. Hammy finds a Bible on the dead man.

They gather a carpet from upstairs in a bedroom. In that same room they also find the suicide note of a young girl, she killed herself to escape the chaos and barbarity of what was happening in the town.

They make their way to 2 other houses to gather any supplies. Then made camp in a mid-construction house that was gutted down to the studs. The attic is still intact. There they find some soup, and a Native-American shaman costume. Once situated they tend to the healing needs of Nigel (his legs are still in pretty bad shape after being dropped by the Mohave rattler)

That night Hammy has a talk with a mental projection of Harry, the templar with whom he squired. Ben attempts to delicately answer Marilyn’s questions about the war on Banshee.

They wake in the morning and scrounge around town more. They stumble upon a dig site that is now a mass grave. One man shot himself but left a journal which contains clues of his decent into madness. He believed he was saving the townsfolk by killing them, preventing them from killing each other and committing sin.

Near Dallas or Bust
A Den of Decadence

In transit, roughly parallel to Route 20 heading towards Near Dallas

Hammond, Ben, and their newly acquainted guest Marilyn drive on from afternoon and into night. The headlights of the small economy sedan stand out in contrast to the seemingly infinite black.

The outskirts of Abeline are dotted with homes. The car navigates through what may have once been fields, but are now little more than sandy wastelands. As they near one of the modest ranchers they notice movement.

In a flash the quaint home explodes out in a whirlwind. A nightmarish cyclone of barbs and razor wire swirls it’s way towards the three travelers. The very sight of it frightens them to the bone. Hammond even develops a phobia of the wires.


Below are the original short notes. Do not erase until satisfied with the above story

On the Road, Out of Gas, Urban Wasteland, Of Undead and Salamanders, Unfriendly Skies, Decadent Dallas, Silverfox, The Road Back, Toxic Bridge, Perro del Muertes.

Deadtown, USA
A dead town in a dead world...

A Dead Town somewhere around North West Texas, not too far from Abeline.

Two men, Ben Collins and Cleibold Hammond, make their way across Texas towards Near Dallas. There are reports that the residents are having some less-than-kosher dealings with travelers. The two companions were making great time when an engine fire in their dune buggy slowed their progress.

Ben and Hammond walk through the dusty plains towards a small town. Few buildings remain intact, though they can make out the remains of some duplexes, an old office building and a gas station with a service bay. The two move in towards one of the houses hoping to find salvage. Things are eerily quiet, and they notice the town seems to have been abandoned suddenly.

They venture into a house and begin rummaging around for supplies. Ben enters the living room and finds several bodies strewn about the floor. Strangely, they are stiff and dried out with small puncture marks from head to toe. They check the remainder of the house; more bodies piled up on the bed.

Unable to determine what occurred, they attempt to make best of the situation and try to salvage what they can. A few minor supplies here and there, but mostly just tools and useless nick-knacks.

As they search the town for clues they find more bodies along the way. It appears the same fate befell all of the residents of the town. Disturbingly, some of the bodies are arranged in odd or grotesque manners/positions, as though someone had been “playing”. Then they find a house with several bodies in it, but this house shows signs of a struggle. Bullet holes and blood stains litter the walls and floors.

Finally a break-though. One of the bodies is a “normal” looking corpse (not dried out) and is pinned to the wall, impaled by a large piece of re-bar. Ben searches around for more supplies. Hammond looks closely at the pinned corpse when suddenly it lunges forwards lashing out at him. The zombie catches him, scraping with it’s jagged finger nails. Ben blasts it with his double-barreled shotgun and Hammond smashes it with his mighty hammer. They quickly dispatch the fiend and proceed with extreme caution.

They eventually come to a small family home. Curiously they find no bodies nor blood stains. This house seems almost normal. There is evidence in the kitchen of someone’s crude attempt at cooking a meal. Hammond spots a figure dart by the door towards the bedrooms. The men take off in pursuit of this figure.

Hammond follows the figure to a small hole in the wall. Ben attempts to flank by cutting through a door, which turns out to be a guest bedroom. Inside the room he finds that all of the furniture, as well as some from other rooms/homes, has been used to build a small partition in the room- a fortified den if you will. They poke around, trying to inspect inside when BLAM, a loud gunshot rings out from within. Ben uses his power to blast some of the debris, knocking the figure back. Hammond bursts through the wall with his hammer and comes face to face with a young girl pointing a Sharps big .50 right at his face.

A tense stand-off ensues. Ben and Hammond try and calm the girl down, but don’t make much progress. Eventually Hammy reveals his Templar tabard and makes it clear they they mean her no harm. Seeing this sign from him, she emerges and hesitantly approaches. Her name is Marilyn Chambers, she’s around 12/13 years old.

She fills them in a little about what happened in town. A caravan of buses pulled up one night and “they” came out and attacked everyone. Dozens of “them” came out and quickly slaughtering the townsfolk. The girl hid in her room, terrified to even look or move for fear of being found. When she emerged everyone was dead. She’s been there for a few weeks on her own. She’d holed up in the small fort in her room and snuck around scrounging up little bits of food and water where she could find it.

In the interest of survival, Ben and Hammy ask her where there may be food/water. She directs them to an old office building, there were some vending machines etc. that still had some items in them. Marilyn warns them that there were many people left in there, and she herself doesn’t go there (there is a hint in her voice that suggests perhaps some of her family’s bodies are there).

Marilyn stays pretty much attached to Hammond’s hip while they search. Ben scrounges around within the building finding a mass of bodies on the second floor. They also venture into the basement and find a water source from deep underground. The flow is just a trickle, but it’s clean and drinkable. They gather some jugs and take what they can carry.

Inside the office Ben finds a body holding an object- it’s a grenade! He attempts to grab it, but as he removes the grenade, he notices the booby trap and tries to leap away; the pin pulls out and the grenade blows up. Fortunately, he escapes will little more than a few minor wounds- and a good lesson learned.

Ben continues searching and manages to find a box of grenades, this time, they aren’t booby trapped. Marilyn leads Hammond down into the basement, as there is a source of fresh water there. They find it and fill up some nearby containers for the road. Ben gets Hammond to carry out the box of grenades- they may be useful at some point.

Reality sets in very quickly. The town has limited resources, and while they are equally ill-equipped, they cannot leave the girl in this place alone. Additionally, it’s several hundred miles to the closest major trading town (Near Dallas). They’ll need to find some way to transport themselves and their supplies.

The three look around for a wagon or something to carry their supplies. Ben spots an econo-box car that could be workable with some minor engine repairs. While searching Marilyn happens to check the gas station’s repair garage. There’s a decent looking truck there pinned beneath the collapsed roof, but they can still get to the engine.

Ben checks out the engine and finds the parts needed to repair the econo-box. He patches up the car. Marilyn finds some canned goods and other provisions. The gang gathers up enough gas to fill most of the tank.

After a quick look back at the place she once called home, Marilyn joins Ben and Hammond on their journey. Nervous and frightened, she clings on to these two strangers as her only light in the dark of the unknown.


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