Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Through the Darkness of Future Past

Memories or visions?, a broken boy, left with the impression

Level 5 of the prison

The posse exits from the elevator area. This level is dimly lit. They know the kind of mind games that the Incubus and his cohorts may try to play. Ben establishes a mind link with Hammond, and they turn on their walkie-talkies to keep contact. They venture forward into the main hallway of the prison.

With the lights so dim, it is difficult to make out shapes and details. Nigel switches on his low light vision. Ben uses the optics of his Land Warrior helmet to assist in seeing the way. Hammond activates his vampire vision.

As Hammond’s eyes shift into he blood red spectrum of the vampire vision, he begins to hear the sound of someone running down the hall. He turns quickly and sees several guards running toward them. The guards seem to be running from something. Hammond tells the others to look out. Ben hears the same sounds through the mental link with Hammond. He turns but sees Hammond staring blankly down the empty.

Hammy flinches as the soldiers run right up to, and through the rest of the posse. Ben sees Hammonds reaction, and hears the soldiers shouting out warnings to each other. Hammond watches the the soldiers turn around to fire on an unknown enemy. He rotates around to view what they may have seen.

Down the hall he sees a swirling cloud of darkness. It looks less like an object, more like billowing shadows overlapping and flowing through one another. Barely visible within the swirling mass is a figure. It’s motion like a walk, but more fluid, and its form similar to a man, but yet not. The black figure moves forward, the only contrasting elements are its eyes, yellow and red , fixed Jon the soldiers ahead.

The guards open fire, but their fight is futile. Extending out from the black mass are several dark tendrils. They move like shadowy fist, and strike the guards pummeling them to death while ripping their bodies apart. The black figure turns and looks at Hammond. It sees him, even though this seems to be an echo of past events. “I will destroy you” the creature states. It this moment that both Hammond and Ben’s suspicions are confirmed, this black creature is the Incubus- albeit in a much more powerful form than they have encountered.

The incubus reaches out its hand, grasping Hammy by the throat. He feels the corrupted touch of the demon grasp around his neck, strangling the life from him. He flails and fights the demon, but to no avail. In the midst of it, he switches out of his vampire vision, and in that instant the vision is gone.

Shaken by the vent, he describes what he saw to Ben and Nigel. They come to an agreement that this must have been a vision of the Incubus from long before. They see that it had once been quite powerful, with a body all it’s own rather than needing a host. Perhaps it was kept as a prisoner here and broke out. They will need to search for more clues while they explore the level.

The posse ventures forth at a slow pace, being careful to note their path. Ben thinks back tot he memory of what had happened to Twitch. He runs his hand across the wall, feeling a groove that sets him into a flashback.

He IS Twitch, or at least within his mind looking out. The young boy is being dragged down the hallway by a disheveled man. Frantically trying to get away, he grasps at the corner of the wall feeling the same groove Ben had touched. The man turns his head, revealing the same yellow / red eyes as the Incubus. He yanks the boy away from the wall and continues down and around the corner. Ben instructs the other which way to go.

The crew continues down the bend and comes to a side room that has had the wall busted through. Inside the room are a at least a dozen bodies of the guards, as well as countless bits and pieces of flesh. The bodies are so twisted and mutilated that they are only recognizable by the scraps of uniform.

Ben checks his memory once again. This time the vision reveals that Twitch was carried down a neighboring hallway to their right.

Solitary confinement area

Nigel, Ben and Hammond move down the hall. Each side is lined with tiny cells, each with barely enough room for a bed and toilet. Most have a sealed door with only a small eye hole to view in, others are open, revealing the confining conditions. As they continue down the hall, Ben feels a rising anxiety within himself, an imprint left behind from his melding with Twitch, perhaps. The group walks further, until Ben feels his heart spike with a jolt of adrenaline. He turns to find the room, in all its horrific awe.

A single pendant bare bulb light hangs from above. It sways slight with some unknown force. Below is a melange of splattered stains, some blood, others waste, others unknown. The cell’s mattress has been folded up agains the wall, fixed with crude shackles. The tortures that took place in this room have left a weight to the air within.

To their dismay, they realize that this is not the location Marilyn is being held. Quickly they turn back and head to the perimeter corridor.

Perimeter section, near the room of bodies

Returning to the main hall they stop as Ben goes into another trance. Twitch is once again being escorted down the hall by a man. It’s time, the man is dressed in a long black duster. His head turns back to speak to the boy. It is someone else. He states his name is Jason Graham, he is hear to help… But they just move quickly.

Jason pulls Twitch around the turn, past the room full of bodies. From the other end of the hall a voice yells out. The man possessed by the incubus shouts at them to stop. He runs forward to attack them.

Jason pulls a strip of paper from sprocket and reads from it aloud. " Oppete lumen et dispergimini" he states with focus and conviction. A brilliant light shines from his hand at the Incubus. The demon cringes and shields it’s face from the light. A few of its tendrils emerge from its back and smack Jason, knocking the paper awaya no disrupting the spell- however the beast is still blinded from the initial blast.

Twitch has been watching this in a daze. Jason shouts at him to head down the hall. “There is an emergency elevator. Push the button on the electrical box and pull he lever to reveal the door. Go on kid, get out of here!”

Twitch gets to the electrical box at the end of the hall and does as he was instructed. The wall opens up to reveal the small service elevator. He takes a look back to check for Jason.

Jason stands back up to square off with the Demon. He appears to be concentrating hard. “Sit porta aperatur”

As he completes the phrase, a portal beings to open. Looking within, Twitch sees something unbelievable. He sees what looks to be hell, or something like it (in fact he sees into the Hunting Grounds). In his fragile mental state, the vision of such a thing is more than his sanity can stand. In that instant his mind is broken.

Jason yells again for Twitch to escape. The portal grows, pulling the Incubus to the other side. However, Jason had made a mistake. he called the portal too close to himself. As it grew, it began to pull his body in as well. The portal twists his body into unhealthy shapes, and the spell is broken. The portal beings to close.

Jason lay on the ground, in terrible pain and barely alive. Just before the portal closes a small black tendril forces its way through. The portal disappears, severing the tendril from its root. The inky black mass flops to the ground, and wriggles off.

Twitch, nearly unaware of his actions, climbs aboard the elevator and pushes the button. The gate closes and he begins to ascend.

Back in real time

Ben emerges from the vision and quickly explains it while rummaging around in the trash on the floor. Through some stroke of incredible luck he finds the crumpled paper dropped by Jason Graham. However the writing has long since faded.

Nigel suggests they try and do a rubbing to see if they can pull the words from the page. Unfortunately, they are short on pencils, and haven’t the time to track one down. Hammond suggests they use ash instead of the graphite. They burn a scrap piece of closets and use the ashes to get a rubbing with the light spell.

They come down tot the corner and find the service elevator. Unfortunate it looks as though it has long since been destroyed. They turn down the last corner and find a hole has been cut out of the wall. It leads to a cave, which descends even further. Regretfully, they all suspect this is the correct way to go and climb into the cave.

The Cave

They follow the cave down to another level. All they while they hear an eerie but enchanting song coming from the depths ahead of them.

Eerie song

Come little children
I’ll take thee away, into a land
of Enchantment

Come little children
the time’s come to play
here in my garden
of Shadows

Follow sweet children
I’ll show thee the way
through all the pain and
the Sorrows

Weep not poor childlen
for life is this way
murdering beauty and

Hush now dear children
it must be this way
to weary of life and

Rest now my children
for soon we’ll away
into the calm and
the Quiet

Come little children
I’ll take thee away, into a land
of Enchantment

Come little children
the time’s come to play
here in my garden
of Shadows

The chamber

They find the source of the singing and chanting in a chamber at the end of the path. Inside is a group of cultists, cloaked in deep red robes. They stand in a circle, spaced out by candelabras , encircling a large glyph in the floor. It’s seal seems to have some archaic meaning, not unlike the seal of the metatron, but darker and more sinister.

The see a crimson haired women at the center of the circle leading the chanting. She looks up and sees the posse. With a quick wave, she disappears In a puff of smoke. The other cultists turn and acknowledge the posse members. From within their robes they pull various hand weapons and pistols. It looks like the crew has found the right place.



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