Deadlands: Hell on Earth

The Good of the Many

Monsters within, demon wranglin, finish with honor

Junkyard – Combine hideout

The horrific form of Baphomet stands before the posse. Its grotesque demonic body is shocking even to these hardened travelers.

Nigel, seeing the effect of the spirit within Simon- begins to fear for his own fate. There is much similarity to his situation. After all, only a small bit of plastic and wire hold back the evil spirit within him. The fear is crippling, and he instinctual runs for the exit.

Baphomet first takes aim at Hammond, his hatred towards the Templars guiding his slashing claws. The two trade blows.

Ben catches the demon by surprise, blasting it with his weapons. Baphomet turns his attention to Ben. With its eyes glowing an eldritch green the beast calls out “Obey”. Ben feels a slight tingle, but is able to fight the demon off with his mind.

The three combatants exchange attacks in quick succession. While Ben and Hammond do manage to harm it, the demon seems to heal with each strike it lands.

Nigel shakes off his fear just as he is reaching the doors of the large room. He turns and fires back at Baphomet. The demon senses his recent fear, and cast forth a command of “Obey”. Nigel’s will crumbles under the weight of the dark spirit’s influence.

“We have decided that you must die.” – Nigel states in a cold and mindless voice. He drops his rifle, produces two pistols and fires on his posse members.

Hammond and Ben take turns tangling with Baphomet and hindering Nigel’s attacks- trying to minimize harm to him.

Nigel lands some damaging shots on Ben, while Baphomet scrapes away at him. The attacks leave him quite wounded.

Ben realizes that Nigel will not stop attacking them while under Baphomet’s command. This forces him to make the choice of disabling Nigel. He takes aim at Nigel’s upper chest and blasts him. The shot is successful, and Nigel’s body falls to the ground. Ben then takes cover momentarily to recuperate.

Baphomet sees his puppet has become useless and releases control. He then turns to Hammond in an attempt to possess him. The power of Simon’s sword aids Hammond in resisting. Nigel calls out to support his friends.

Baphomet stabs and slashes at Hammond. His claws rip into Hammy’s body, but do nothing to stop his will.

Ben emerges to pincer the demon. He and Hammond continue to pummel Baphomet. With a final stab, the great demon is thwarted. The body morphs back into that of Simon.

For a brief moment, Simon awakens. He thanks the posse, before giving in to the eternal sleep. They take a moment to patch themselves up. then collect Nigel and Simon and head to the surface.

Junkyard Town Hall area

Biletnikoff is the first to spot them as they emerge from the sewer. They agree to cart Simon off to a private location. Isaac Taylor spots them as well- but submits to Biletnikoff’s plead to all them a chance to perform “Templar rituals”.

In private Biletnikoff asks them of what occurred. He had his suspicions that Simon was the horror, but had never been able to prove it. He believes that the demon avoided detection because it had become part of Simon. They agree to settle on the story that Simon died fighting Baphomet (a technical truth).

Isaac calls for the conference to reconvene in a few days. This allows time for all parties to send in alternatives. That night Simon comes to the heroes in their dreams to bestow his blessing.

Junkyard (a few days later)

Simon’s 2nd in command Josephine arrives to participate in the conference. She is a bit more receptive to the ideas, and agrees to join forces with the Iron Alliance. She collect’s Simon’s sword and bid that Hammond, Ben, Nigel, and Soria should escort Simon’s body back to Boise.



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