Deadlands: Hell on Earth

The Den of Evil

burning zeal, the great hunt, a skewed mirror image

The Cultist Chamber

The cultists reveal their weapons and begin to close in on the posse. One of the cult members steps back from the rest of the group and begins to recite some demonic incantation. His hands start glowing with an etheric light as he waves them about. With a quick gesture and an unknown phrase, he casts a cloud or red about the cult members.

The red cloud seems to empower the cultists, enraging them and giving their eyes a thristy red glow. The cultists begin to attack with a wild ferocity. They manage to land a few blows on Hammond and Ben- The sight of the blood seems exhilirate them up, making them attack ever more aggresively.

The posse members do their best to avoid being harmed. However, with so many knives and clubs flailing at them, and bullets being fired haphazzardly, they find it impossible.

Ben and Nigel fire on with their rifles while Hammond slashes out with his sword. The cultist are only wearing their robes, which do little to protect them. While they sustain a lot of damage, the cultists continue to lash out like rabid animals.

Knowling that they likely have much more fighting to do after finishing with the cultists, the posse shouts to each other about how to put them down quickly. This strategy will help them avoid being heavily damaged by the ravenous cultists.

Ben takes note of the cloth robes the cultist bare, and compares it to the swat armor worn by the rest of the posse. In a snap decision, he calls forth a mighty blaze, lighing up the entire room with flame.

Fire engulfs everyone in the room, heroes included. The cultist’s robes ignite. Cloaked in burning death, they scream out before falling to the floor. The posse members shake off the fire and quicly tend to ech other’s minor wounds.

They look about the room and find a large portcullis blocking an entrance to the next chamber. The beams of the portcullis are thick, ancient wood. Each surface of the gate is inscribed with mystical writing. Some is runic, other parts appear to be pictoglyphs. It is a curious mixture indeed.

Recognizing they have little time, they get right to the point- trying to open the door. Hammond grabs at the gate to open it. As his hand touches the wood, the posse’s vision blacks out. Their eyes adjust to the darkness and they begin to see leaves waving in the mild wind, all bathed in the dim of moonlight.

A Dark Forest

From within the brush, a group of warriors appears. Draped in skins and leather armor, wielding iron weapons, decorated with bone; these warriors look to be the Vikings of ancient times. They are anxious, darting their gaze back and forth in an intense search. This is a hunt, but who is the prey?

Suddenly a rustle from nearby startles the Vikings. They run to encounter the source of the sound. The Vikings emerge to find a battle in progress.

Before them stands a hodge-podge of fighters, both Viking and native Americans. However, the two groups are not fighting one another. Their foe is the same. A large black humanoid figure stands in the center, surrounded by swirling tendrils which flail and stab at its opposition.

The Vikings attack with their brutal weapons. The natives fire with bows and hurl spears and sharpened rocks. The fighting seems merely alight diversion for the dark beast. It swipes across a large patch of the fighters, sending them flying back.

Close by, a group of shaman, both Viking and native, perform a ritual. They direct their magical chants and energies at rocky outcropping. The mystical energy is pulling in rocks from nearby, forming a small cave-like structure.

The Incubus continues to play with the fighters, slashing and destroying them left and right. As each one falls, another comes to take the place. It is clear they are only buying the shaman time.

When the cave is completed, several of the shaman break off and divert their attention to the Incubus. They project a force to push it back, toward the cave. Their light magic seems to actually harm it, or at the very least push it around.

The tactic works! They manage to push the Incubus into the constructed magical cave. While they hold it there, another group of fighters grabs the final piece. They hoist a large wooden portcullis, engraved with magic, into place at the mouth of the cave. Using an additional bit of magic, the shaman seal the portcullis to the rock.

The Cultist Chamber

The posse wakes from the vision in a violent flash. This place was a prison to the Incubus. A sad bit of irony that a supernatural-prison was built atop it, and that they somehow managed to free something so dangerous. They also realize, the magic that once lived in this gate is long gone. They work as a group to remove the mighty gate and set it aside. The opening in the next chamber is void, only darkness, but this is practically expected. The crew steps through into the next chamber.

Obsidian Chamber

On the other side of the dark is another chamber. This one is laid out in an almost starburst pattern. The walls look to be made of infinitely black obsidian which shimmers, despite the fact that there appears to be no source for the light in the room.

Before the posse stand the three underlings of the Incubus: The Man in Black, the Crimson Sorceress, and the Pumpkin King.



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