Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Strangely Familiar

wrestle one's demons, dark intervention, Ben Collins?

Void Plateau

The Incubus feels the breaking of the illusion that has started in the throne room. Angered, he shouts- “I’ll be back for you”. The wings behind him rear up. Nigel can see that he is about to teleport. Nigel leaps forth and grabs on to the Incubus. They tumble off the side of the plateau.

Nigel is deft enough to hold on to the Incubus as it teleports back to the throne room.

Throne Room

Ben and Hammond quickly rush up to the throne. They try and wrestle Marilyn from it. This wakes her for a brief moment. However, some unknown force holds her the throne.

The Incubus arrives, along with Nigel. He sees what is happening and waves his hands toward the adventurers. The posse disappears into a puff of dark smoke.

Meanwhile – Within the bottom level of the Prison

A group of people enters from the elevators and begins following the paths of the prison. They find the same series of clues and follow the signs of movement left behind by the posse.

This group of people arrives at the Cultist chamber, finding the charred remains of the worshipers. They speak to each other, clearly making reference to the posse members. They continue on into the Obsidian Chamber.

Within the chamber, the other group is revealed to be Jonathan Douglas, Michael, and Charlie Silverfox. They have been tracking down the posse. They discuss what may have happened in this place. Then they push forward to the final threshold. They find the demonic gate opened before them. Each of the members steps forth into the dark.

The Big Empty

Each of the posse members appears in an empty black space. They are each alone in their space. Confusion sets in and they scan about looking for some indication of where they are and what is happening.

Then out of the darkness, slowly fading in, comes the surrounding scene. Each hero has their own vision independent of the others.

Outside Castle Rock

Nigel looks around to a sight he’d rather not remember. Strewn about the ground are bodies, both human and anouk. Charred husks of vehicles and collapsed rubble litter the field.

He stands up, and feels a bit of wetness on his head. His hand taps the liquid and it appears to be blood on his fingers. He queries his body systems. Then he realizes, there is no response, not even the normal chatter. He seems to be, alive!

Then, from within a blast crater, a voice bellows. His ears have never heard this voice before, but deep within his soul he knows it’s call. “How long I have waited for this. So many years in that prison, but now I get to rip you apart.”

“This cannot be.” Nigel states in a self-whisper.

Clawing its way up from the crater is his manitou. Separate from Nigel’s body and free of the spirit fetter. It stands before him, a towering brutish monster. Crude wings extend from it’s back, cracks of fiery energy burn all around it’s body. In one hand it wields a flaming whip, in the other a burning sword. The demon rushes in and cracks the whip

Warehouse in JunkYard

Ben finds himself inside of an old dilapidated warehouse. The boxes crates that surround quickly jog his memory. This is the storage area that Jaeger’s men were guarding the ghost rock they had stolen. This is where the coup was squashed.

Emerging from behind a large stack of crates is a pulsating mass. Floating off the ground is a massive brain, crackling with electric energy. It throbs and pulsates as if it is breathing. Though it has no mouth, it speaks to him. “This time I will show you my true power. Prepare to be destroyed!”

Ben hardly skips a beat and quips back that even in this form, “You’re still a weak Earth Syker.”

Vrai responds with a massive brain blast right at Ben.

Templar’s Temple

Hammond sees the familiar sight of the Temple. The main hall is empty, save for some pews. The clomp of heavy feet tells him someone approaches.

Hammy turns to see Brad Modeen walking toward him, with Despair in hand. “Come Templar, I’ll show you the true power the Incubus has given me.”

“You chose the wrong side once before, that didn’t turn out too well.” Hammond points out.

Brad pulls out his massive axe and swings out at Hammond.

Outside Castle Rock

The manitou viciously attacks. Nigel struggles with comprehending what is happeneing. His confusion leaves his defenses down. The demon strikes him several times over, leaving his body ravaged.

Nigel bumbles out loud – “But how can this be? If you were out of my body I’d be a lifeless corpse.”

“You ARE a lifeless corpse!” snaps the Demon.

As the manitou rears back it’s arm for another swing, a flash of energy erupts from nearby. From within the energy storm, the Man in Black emerges. He rushes in front of Nigel and blocks the incoming attack.

The Man in Black calls out to Nigel. They must fight back. “Look at the weapons, the fighting style. This is the Incubus in another one of it’s tricks!”

Nigel does his best to keep pace, but still struggles to fight back. The manitou and the Man in Black exchange blows, gripped in a heated battle.

The Warehouse

Ben recovers from the brain blast Vrai shot. He manages to dive out of the way and fires back with a brain blast of his own.

As the wave of energy hits the ginate brain’s surface, it disipates. The charged energy crackles and spreads across the whole of the brain.

Vrai attacks once more, this time his power seems to be even greater. Ben realizes he will not be able to use his syker abilities to defeat it.

Ben quickly pulls out his gun and charges up over the boxes and crates. He closes the gap to Vrai in a second and unleashes a storm of bullets.

With the help of his Land Warrior suit, he places the bullets in all the right places. Each one tears through the large brain. It falls to the ground lifeless.

Ben watches as Vrai dissolves into nothingness, as does the surrounding scene. Unsure of the fates of the others, he wills himself back to the throne room.

The Temple

Hammond calls upon the spirit of Aaron McConnell to assist him in fighting the Destroyer. McConnell’s blessing dispels all of Modeen’s Anti-Templar Powers, making him much weaker than before.

Modeen angrily tries to strike down Hammond, but in his weakened state he misses. Hammond retorts with 2 massive blows. The final stab into Modeen sends him crumpled to the ground. His body fades away in an ethereal black haze, followed by the surrounding room. Once again Hammond is in the dark nothingness.

Throne Room

Ben looks up the stairs towards Marilyn on the throne. He also sees an unexpected sight. Ben Collins stands in front, guarding the path to Marilyn.

The real Ben calls out to Marilyn, asking her to trust him. The doppelganger also turns and beckons. This false Ben tries to convince Marilyn -“He is not who he appears to be, do not trust him!”

Both of the Bens enter into a struggle. Each clamors for Marylin’s attention, while fighting off the other.

The doppleganger pulls out a flame whip and a sub-machine gun and begins attacking physically. The true Ben Collins notices that the copy is not exact in this- since he does not use those weapons.

The doppleganger continues to plead to Marilyn, but never states that he is Ben, only that Ben is not being true. “You can’t have her! She promised her to me, she’s mine!”

Ben calls upon the power of Simon Mercer to assist him in this dark hour. His spirit is amplified bu the influx of energy. Ben uses this boost to telekinetically lift the throne and hurl it into the doppleganger. It knock into the fake Ben with incredible force, but the copy manages to grab hold of the side and not fall off.

The false Ben then climbs up to the top of the throne.

Dark Void

Hammond yells out for the Incubus to show itself. Then he gets the idea- he will use his will to summon the demon to his location. He concentrates extra hard.

Outside Castle Rock

The Man in Black tries to fight off the manitou. Unfortunately he is overcome and is run through with the flame sword. His body drops to the floor and disintegrates.

Nigel braces himself for the end as the manitou rushes in to strike. Poof The manitou disappears just before the strike lands. Nigel looks around puzzled.

Dark Void

Poof the Incubus appears (in the form of Nigel’s Manitou) immediately in front of Hammond. It’s original swing strikes Hammy, knocking him back a few steps.

“Clever. Very clever, not that it really matters.” The Incubus waves it’s hand. In an instant Nigel appears not far behind them.

All around them the ground begins to open up revealing that they are back on the Void Plateau.

The Incubus stabs the ground with it’s sword. The flam extinguishes and the blade turns to obsidian. “It’s time to make this fight a bit more personal.”

The demon reels and contorts it’s body. It lets forth a bone chilling snarl as it’s body morphs and grows. Hammond recognizes the shape. The Incubus is using Soria’s Viridian Goliath power. It’s transforms into a hulking bestial Obsidian Goliath. Monstrous and terrifying, it is bulky and covered with thick obsidian plates.

Nigel sees the monster , and in his dazed state becomes immediately panicked. He lets out a verbal scream and runs as fast as he can. He is just barely able to stop before hurdling himself off the side of the plateau. He then feels the stinging touch of a smoldering vine grab at his foot.

The familiar creature, the Pumpkin King, emerges from the flames below. It’s body little more than a smokey pile of embers. It’s eldritch flame still burns, however softly.



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