Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Something Deep Within

a merciful death, crash the party, face the facts

Junkyard Hilton

The scream in the night is enough to wake up the whole posse. Nigel and Ben head out into the hall to look for the origin. Hammond makes his way toward Simon’s room to check on Mr. Mercer and Biletnikoff.

Biletnikoff answers the door, a bit startled awake by the knock. He indicates that Simon is fast asleep and seems to be in a better condition that the past few days. Hammy informs him there has been another scream, and that they should be aware. He also suggests that Biletnikoff come with them, perhaps he can aid in identifying something.

Nigel spots a bit of blood seeping out from the bottom of the janitor’s closet door. Ben is able to pick the lock and gain entry.

Within the closet is the body of one of the Hilton janitors. He is bleeding from his abdomen, just as the previous victims, but does not appear to be ripped apart like the other bodies. Soria and Ben check the body and determine the old man appears to have had a heart attack, from fear most likely.

Nigel inspects the place to look for a possible entry/exit. The air vent is secured, and even when opened, the layer of dust within proves that nothing came in through that method.

Once again, there is a Templar cross painted in blood on the wall. Hammond helps pick through to find more evidence, but it all seems to add up to another attack from the Boise Horror – though in this case, it appears to have been interrupted.

The posse speculates that this does fall in line with the idea of a possession type killing. Perhaps the reason it is unfinished is that the man had a heart attack, and could not complete it. This still does not rule out the possibility of it being the Incubus, but they have doubts.

The Junkyard Militia arrives, along with the detective. She is none too pleased that the posse has yet again shown up at a murder scene. She scolds them, but does note that she does not feel they are guilty of the murders (if so they’d have already been arrested). She does threaten that the crew would be unwise to interfere further, lest they end up in front of Judge Tolliver again.

With no additional help they can provide, the posse members return to bed.

Inner Junkyard

The next morning everyone sets out for the 2nd day of Taylor’s conference. As before, Nigel is forced to wait in the lobby area for security reasons. Ben uses a psychic link to maintain contact with him during the conference.

Inside the conference room, the various members pledge their groups’ allegiances towards the collective effort against the Combine. Finally it is Simon’s turn to speak. He elaborates the reasons for his earlier position.

Nigel hears some commotion outside, as if some kind of group has gathered. He hears shouting and chanting, but cannot make it out. Simon has just begun to explain that the Templars will agree to join in the collective, when suddenly there is a blast from outside in the hall.

Nigel sees the doors of the hallway blow open. He pokes his head out into the hall and sees two automatons advancing, followed by a whole squad of black hats. He uses his mental link with Ben to send a quick warning into the other room.

Ben barely has enough time to shout out a warning before a loud bang echoes into the conference room. A large circular section of the ceiling caves in, revealing an automaton up above.

Ben circles around to the other side of the room and shoots some flames up into the floor above. As he does this, he spots a heavily armored drone and some black hats.

Nigel sees the black hats fire RPGs into the doors of the conference. Fortunately they only bulge inward, but do not break. He then charges his plasma and blasts at the squad. He struggles to fight off the automatons and black hats, trying to buy the rest of the posse time.

Back in the conference room, Hammond and Soria join in the fight with the black hats upstairs, though at this angle it is hard to hit them. The automaton and the drone walk/fall down to their level. The automaton gets a few sweeps in with it’s gun as the black hats dump tear gas into the room.

Soria is put out of commission from the tear gas. Ben continues firing in, killing off some of the black hats and damaging the automaton. Unfortunately many of the conference members are heavily wounded or killed.

Nigel kills off a few of the black hats and makes a run to try and find an alternate exit route for the posse. One of the automatons from the hall ways rips its way into the conference room. Simon musters up his strength and slays the metal creature in one swift blow. However, he staggers from the power of it’s explosion. Nigel rounds the corner and comes to the stairs, where he is greeted by a much larger squad of black hats.

In a desperate move to save Simon, Hammond tackles the drone, causing it to fall on top of the automaton. The impact crushes the body of the robot and sets off it’s explosion. Fortunately the body of the drone absorbs much of the blast. However, seeing an opportunity, the drone leaps to it’s feet, grabs the weakened Simon and charges down the hall. Nigel is nearly run over by the large mechanoid on its exit.

The remaining black hats exit, following after the drone, down into the sewers. The posse collects themselves, helps patch up the survivors, and reviews the situation with Isaac Taylor. Biletnikoff, who was knocked unconscious when the ceiling collapsed, wakes up, and locates Simon’s sword among the wreckage. He bestows the blade to Hammond in the hopes that this weapon may aid in retrieving Simon.

Time being of the essence, the posse quickly gathers ammo and supplies and heads into sewers.

JunkYard Sewers

The posse quickly finds the trail of the drone and the black hats. It takes them roughly 3 hours to catch up. Along the way they have a few run-ins with Morlocks, but make quick work of them.

Junkyard – Combine hideout

Deep within the sewers lies a large cleared area where the Combine have made a hideout. When the posse arrives, they find Combine guard towers, but the guards stationed there have been brutally executed.

All along the entrance and paths, they find bodies savagely ripped apart. They enter a large chamber, most likely the center of the hideout. What they see is most disturbing. Nearly all of the Combine forces are dead. Those that remain are literally tearing themselves apart (including the drone). Their eyes glow with a dark energy.

Standing in the middle of the chamber, Simon turns around to greet the posse. His face is twisted into a demonic grin. An unfamiliar voice bellows out from his mouth. It is the voice of Baphomet. He explains he has been lying in wait all these years- but now that he is out, there is so much more killing to do.

For a brief moment, Simon’s face reverts back to his own, though with a grimace. Simon understands he was blind to the presence of the demon within. He realizes it is now tied to his body, and he will do what he can to restrain it so that the heroes may slay it- even if it will kill him in the process.

As the posse advances, Simon’s body twists and contorts, stretching and growing into the horrific shape of Baphomet itself.



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