Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Podunks Aplenty

a golden eagle, small town character, destination bound

I-80 East past Rock Springs

Nigel continues driving down the open road. Ben catches something in
the rear view mirror. A dust cloud billows up from behind them. It
looks to be a hoverbike moving at a very fast speed.

As the bike approaches, Ben notices the front of the chassis is
chapped into a golden eagle. He gets a good look at the driver. Much
to their surprise, Cole Ballard the famous Law Dog is catching up to
them. ben points out this could be really bad, or really good.

Cole pulls up along side the van. Nigel does his best to stay on a
straight path. Hammond looks out the window to figure out what Cole
is doing.

Ballad eyes up the van, taking note of the black widow. He then
signals to the posse. Ben calls out to him.

Cole offers up info- “Look behind you. See those clouds?”

Ben and Nigel both look- spotting black clouds quickly advancing on them.

Cole- " Black rain is headed this way, Follow me if you want to live."

The posse follows Cole off the road to a rocky cliff face. The way
the earth moved has formed a natural shelter from the rain. They also
see that there is a small group of boxes near a camp site.

They secure the van under the land-shelf. The top of the black widow
sits just inches below the rock. Then they sit and speak with Cole a

It turns out Cole recognized them from the reports in junkyard.
Seeing the military tech on the top of the van, he put it together.

Cole appreciates what they have done, though he does take issue with
the fact that the party let Rolan Delacriox get away. The crew
explains that they knew he was a mercenary, but not that he was an
assassin. This settles Cole down a bit.

Ballad offer them a bit of food while they wait out the storm.

Cole inquires about their destination. They provide the background
details on the Incubus. Cole reveals he and some others are meeting
up to head across the Mississippi to explore a city just on the other
side. Lots of walking dead have been showing up, and it is believed
they originate from that city.

The rain lets up and Cole gets back on the road. The posse gets
situated and gets back in the van.

On the way back to the highway, they encounter a large ball of
electrical energy. Ben recognizes it as a Storm Crow (opportunist
monsters that strike after natural disasters).

The Storm Crow blasts a few nearby trees with lightning before it
detects their presence. It begins moving towards them menacingly.

Nigel sits frozen, unsure of what to do. Hammond calls out “I’ve got
a plan. Nigel, gun it!”

Ben expresses his feelings about it “You’re plans are always terrible!”

For lack of a better suggestion, Nigel hits the gas and the van
charges forward. The Storm Crow seems a bit surprised and fails to
move out of the way. There is a noticeable thud. The vehicle absorbs
a bit of electrical power, but does not sustain any damage. the posse
speeds off.

Casper, WY

At first glance Casper looks like a ghost town. Many of the buildings
are still intact, moderately, but there is little left behind. The
center of town does have a small settlement of folks. As the posse
comes close thug, the townspeople quickly hide.

Hammond and Ben exit the van and offer up some trade. One man pokes
his head out of a doorway- expressing that they are not interested,
nor do they have food or fuel to spare.

Realizing these people probably do their fair share of hunting, the
posse offers up some ammunition for rifles. This breaks the ice a
bit. They are willing to trade some clothing (gloves, hats, etc.).
The posse makes the trade and head outside of town to lay camp.

Chadron, NE

Chadron is essentially bare. What little was left here has been
picked dry. Chances are anyone left after the war ventured out to
bigger towns to band together. The crew quickly moves their way
through town.

NE route 2 , slightly West of Grand Island

Nigel spots a crashed Semi and trailer on the side of the road. The
front face is smashed in up against a tree, but the trailer is intact.

Ben open’s the cab door. The impact forced the steering wheel
backwards, smooching the ribcage of the driver. Ben finds that the
driver is actually a fellow syker (though he does not recognize him).
He grabs the psychotic helmet off the dead man’s body.

In the trailer they find a fully-intact ultra-light aircraft. The
engine is small and gas powered.

They also find a few gallons of diesel inside the truck’s tank. Nigel
siphon’s it out and they take it with them.

Grand Island, NE

The town of Grand Island may have survived the war, had it not been
the location of Nebraska’s law enforcement training center. This fact
alone doomed the town. Nothing but rubble and the occasional basement
was left after the conventional bombing. The posse finds nothing and
heads on down the road.

Aurora, NE

Only 20 miles or so from the destruction site of Grand Island, the
posse finds the small town of Aurora. It stands in stark contrast to
Grand Island. Most of Aurora is still in decent shape. There are
even people out on the street, gathered around fire barrels to keep
warm in the night.

The posse is greeted with a few suspicious eyes. The people in town
seem a bit on edge, possibly fearful- but it is subtle and veiled.
There is something familiar in their uneasiness, but the posse can’t
quite put their finger on it.

The crew mentions trading for fuel. They are directed to a large
house at the center of town. As they approach, they see that the
house is quite nice. Outside, several armed brutes stand guard. It
seems this is where all the wealth is located, and the weapons.
Smells like Kingman the first time around.

The posse realizes the problems in town, but has little time to spare.
They make a quick trade with the brutes for some fuel. Despite the
clear injustice in town, the posse leaves to deal with the Incubus.



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