Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Obscure Connections

buy better bullets, custom designs, summer camp for special kids


The posse prepares themselves for the trip back to Boise. They decide to take a swing out to Jericho, Nevada to stop by a school for Sykers. Ben had heard of it from one of his bretheren and felt it they may be able to assist in the Iron Alliance.

Before they leave, the crew has a few bits of business in town.

Now that they know they will be encounting more of the Combine forces, they decide to ditch their stardard ammunition and switch to strictly armor piercing. They sell off the old and split their ammo between AP1 and AP3.

Hammond decides to pick up a sword, since he liked the way it handled during the battle with Baphomet. He purchases a standard sword and commissions a junker to make similar modification as those on his hammer.

Nigel searches out some replacement armor, while Ben gets a slight upgrade to his swat suit.

They find a trader caravan that is headed up to Boise. In exchange for protection services and a small amount of trade, the trader agrees to provide them with transport- out to Jericho, then up to Boise.

Jericho, Nevada

The town of Jericho is small, and remote. It’s relative lack of importance left it basically unscathed by the bombs of the war. Being right on the outskirts of multiple large state parks, it also has quite a substantial amount of natural resources (wood, pelts, etc.)

Ben uses his rank and Syker status to gain access into the Syker school. There they meet several men that served along side Ben and Nigel on Banshee. The posse is invited to stay for several days.

Ben shares with the leaders of the school the news of the Iron Alliance, and the ever-more-dangerous Combine. While their numbers are small, and many of the recruits are simply greenies, the Sykers agree to join. They will send someone to Junkyard to express their allegiance.

The posse stays in town for a few days. Nigel fors an interesting bond with an Earth Syker from his side of the pond. Ben assists in teacher the new recruits some of the basics of Syker powers. Hammond uses the extra time to reflect on his Templar teaching and practice his sword combat.



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