Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Into the Heartland

a line to walk, don't brake for bandits


The posse plans out their trip to Kansas. Unfortunately they’ll have to go a bit out of the way, due to Combine presence in the south of Wyoming. They also cannot tread too far north for fear of running into Sioux Nation territory.

Finally they settle in on a proper route. All in all, the route is about 1600 miles. With a full load of fuel and ideal conditions they can only make it about 1000 miles, so they will need to stop along the way.

Ben recalls Fort Bridger in SW Wyoming- it’s an old for that managed to escape most of the destruction. The people there are more or less self-sustaining, though they do run some decent trade with Junkyard. Fort Bridger will be the first stop on the road, as they have decided to avoid New ’Tello.

From Bridger, they’ll make their way up towards Casper, WY. This will place them very near the Devil’s Tower. Despite their proximity, Nigel opts to avoid going there. He feels that their current mission is of more importance. Also, he does not know what the outcome of battling the manitou could be, so it may not benefit them at this time.

From Casper they will head due East towards Chadron, NE. Then Southeast towards Grand Island, NE. This puts them straight north of Witchita.

Near the intersection of I-84 and I-80

This leg of the journey puts them on the outskirts of Junkyard’s territory. As they begin to head on I-80 towards Fort Bridge, Ben spots a group of vehicles in the rear view.

As he vehicles come in close, Nigel is able to see that they well armed. They consist of a few bikers, a modified pickup, and a large suv. There is little doubt that they are a road gang.

Suspicions are confirmed as the bikers charge up to flank the van. One of the gangers on a bike edges in a bit too close, setting off the black widow’s alarm. The black widow whips around and pumps the biker full of lead.

Nigel focuses on avoiding obstacles in the car. Ben starts firing out the back window. Hammond assumes control of the black widow to focus on the trucks behind them.

Ben blows out one of the truck’s tires with a grenade, forcing it to swerve and pull aside. Nigel spots a biker trying to swing around his side- so he pulls out his pistol and fires a few into the ganger. Hammond sees a biker swing in close, so he opens the door of the van and leaps on the back of the biker and dispatches him with a quick stab.

The remaining gang members give up the chase. The posse loads up the dirt-bike in the bakc of the van for trade later.

Fort Bridger

Nigel, Hammond, and Ben arrive outside of the fort. They wait in the trading queue. One of the guards spots the black widow, recognizing it as military tech. He comes over to speak with the posse.

Stories of their efforts have carried out of Junkyard, and the guard quickly realizes to whom he is talking. As all stories, the posse’s seems to have morphed over time. Ben’s pseudonym has been changed to the Flaming Dragon, a change he is not exactly happy with. The Englishman and the Templar remain the same.

The crew tells the guard of their encounter with the road bandits. They also discuss the Iron Alliance (to which the people of Bridger have already joined). They make a trade using the dirt-bike for some food and fuel for the journey.



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