Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Into the Demon's Den

cornered, in for some lab work, elevator going down

Warehouse area of Level 1

The living mannequins shuffle in around the posse. Their claw-shaped fingers swipe out as they flail around. Some of them are wielding actual weapons. The crew is quickly surrounded.

Hammond pulls out his sword and starts doing a figure 8 to keep them at bay. Ben fires around with his assault rifle. Nigel uses his over-charged plasma hand to break up some of the crowd.

Their attacks are successful, but the grotesque horde fills in the empty spaces quickly. The freakish mannequins lash back with a flurry of blows. The weapons and claws come in from all sides making it difficult for the posse members to avoid them. All three of the heros take a few scrapes.

Nigel deftly maneuvers through the crowd towards the lab door. He finds the door is sealed with another keypad. He yells this out to the other while resuming fire.

Ben and Hammond start inching their way towards the corner of the room to avoid from being surrounded. The twisted forms manage to strike them both a few times. Nigel attempts another plasma blast. He fires the shot, but the power draw shorts out one of his internal systems. He hobbles his way into the corner with the others.

Slowly the posse whittles down the numbers of the mannequins until all have been dispatched. They then turn their attention the to door of the lab.

Nanite Lab area

The keypad lock system to the lab is still partially functional. Nigel and Ben work together to jimmy the door open. Nigel enters first. Te lab itself has been completely trashed. Equipment has been picked apart or taken completely. Much of the contents of the area has been destroyed or looted.

But there is something else. The air in the lab is not breathable. There is not sufficient oxygen and it contains high levels of other inert gasses. Ben and Nigel confirm the lab must have been in clean room conditions. In order for the others to enter they will need to get some air flow. Hammond points out the windows, though they are most likely blast proof. Ben says its worth a shot. Hammy slacks the glass with his hammer. The glass does not break but the force is enough to pop the window right out of place.

While waiting for the air in the lab to become breathable, they check the other areas of the warehouse. The door they come through has been barred by a thick steel blast door, far too thick for them to get through in time. They also check out the elevator. They suspect it may be rigged with some type of boogie trap, but don’t find any evidence of it.

Nigel continues searching around the lab and finds some small metal filings on the floor near some busted test tubes. Ben and Nigel inspect them with various optics. They find that there is a very compact structure to the filings, and are nearly certain that these are the nanites they are seeking. Hammond finds a relatively clean test tube and scoops the filings into it very carefully. The posse heads down the only way they can, using the freight elevator.

Level 3 storage area

Much to the posse’s surprise, the elevator is both functional, and free of death-traps. They ride the lift down to the third level. The 3rd floor storage area has an array of boxes and crates. Some are still intact, others have been rummaged through. They venture out tot the main door, but upon opening Ben states that he knows this is not the level.

Hammond and Nigel question this. Ben states he knows because the color is wrong. Twitch’s memory that Ben had tapped into showed the floor color as being a distinct deep red, almost like old blood. They head back to the freight elevator and descend once again.

Level 4

The storage area of the 4th level is much smaller, but the sight when they open the doors has a much bigger impact. Immediately they see a barricade constructed from heavy crates. Curiously, the barricade was set up facing the elevator. Scattered behind the crates are a dozen or so of the prison guards. It appears they were trying to keep something from coming IN.

The bodies are quite old and decayed. Still, the posse can see that they were badly mangled and torn. Whatever made its way in, it made quick work of these guards.

They check the door to the main area. While the color of this floor is red, it is much more vibrant than what Ben had seen. They head back to the elevator and go down once more.

Level 5

The posse reaches the fifth level, last stop occurring to the map Hammond found.

The storage area of this floor is little more than the size of a medium closet. They open the door to the main section.

Ben catches sight of the floor. In an instant he is back in the memory, seeing the floor through Twitch’s eyes as he is pulled through the hall.

Realizing this is the place, Ben states it with an unmistakable phrase in total deadpan – “Ah, shit..”



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