Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Fitting place for a Prison

battlefield saviors, clues from a dead language

Camp area outside of the corn maze

The posse awakens and packs themselves up to leave. They discuss their destination. Ben and Nigel feel that the cemetery is unlikely, as it seems too cliche, even for the evil being they are pursuing.

It is decided that they will make their way to the battlefields. This is where Twitch had been scrounging with his father when he was abducted. They’ll be heading out into the area East of the Wichita Maelstrom.

Battlefield Outskirts – East of Wichita

As the van pulls up to the outskirts of the battlefield, they slow down to take in the view. As far as the eye can see (which is rather far considering the flat land of middle Kansas) nothing is visible but piles of dust covered rubble commingled with husks of tanks and vehicles.

They see a modified school bus being surrounded by a pack of walking dead. The scavengers riding in the bus are firing out at the zombies, but seem to be losing ground. Some of the scavengers climb on the roof of the bus in desperation.

Seeing this, the posse drives in to the rescue. They spin up the black widow and quickly mow down the walking dead. The scavengers seem relieved, but are very leery of the posse- considering how out-gunned they are. Hammond shouts out to them and gets them to let down their guard. Nigel and Ben chime in, asking only for information, a small price considering the posse just saved their lives.

The scavengers reveal that they had been scrounging for items to trade in Near-Kansas City / Topeka. They have not seen or heard anything of similar to the Pumpkin King. The scavengers point them in the direction of Near-KC and head off on their way.

Battlefield – Among the wreckage

Hours pass as the crew scours the endless wastes. They find no evidence of an underground area matching “the room” (from Twitch’s memory). They also realize that the undead have been looming nearby- but they have not been attacked. The Incubus must be holding them back somehow. Karisha wants them alive and has made it know in the local circles of darkness.

They stop for a bit to determine their next course of action. They discuss the area. Thinking about likely locations, they conclude it may be a larger installation with a bunker. Ben’s initial training was here on Earth. Portions of the training took place at military installations near Kansas City.

During his time in Kansas City, Ben heard about an underground military jail in the area. Rumors about “The Maze” stated it was some kind of prison for particularly dangerous individuals- those with exceptional powers. There were also stories of terrible mishaps and strange goings-on. According to the legends, it was because it was built under a cemetery, but they only moved the headstones when they cleared the ground."

Ben finishes relating this story to Nigel and Hammond. They conclude the cemetery is most likely just a cover for the underground prison. They head out towards the cemetery that afternoon.

Cemetery outside near Wichita

They arrive in twilight. The grounds of the cemetery are relatively intact. A small maintenance shed sits on the edge of the grounds. There are three plots, situated around a group of mausoleums. Remembering the story of the Pumpkin King as relayed by the head of Near-Wichita, they recall the “legend” was spawned from an encounter near a cemetery. The posse keeps on guard while surveying the area.

Ben checks out the maintenance shed, it’s placement and menial nature could be hiding a secret entrance to the prison below. Inside he finds only rusted tools and old broken gardening supplies. Their attention turns towards the tombs themselves.

Monuments area of the Cemetery

In the center of the grounds lies a grouping of 3 mausoleums and 2 obelisk style monuments. One of the mausoleums has crumbled completely on top of itself. While they inspect the other monuments, the posse mulls over possible strategies. They realize that since Karisha has taken over Soria, they may have to dispatch her. Hammond is uncomfortable with this, but the reality is that while she is under control she is a extremely deadly. They will have no choice but to take her down.

Hammond checks the first mausoleum and finds it slightly cracked open. Inscribed above the door is a latin phrase “semper viam pugiles”. He gives the phrase to Nigel for storage/ possible translation. Semper is easy enough to figure out, but the rest is unknown. he digs around the inside of the tomb, but nothing else is found. He does note that the casket was emblazoned with a regal bird- making it highly likely this was a military grave.

Nigel explores one of the obelisks and finds the phrase “vigilit qui custodium”. Nigel attempts to translate "viglient? " the guardians. Perhaps vigilit is meant in the sense of watching. Watch the Guard

Ben comes over and inspects the other standing mausoleum. This one curiously has a large steel door, with no identifiable handle. He talks with the others and they all find this strange. Above the door is the inscription “ad abyssos nos infixit eas”.

The posse debates what the meaning of the phrases could be. They have a little bit of an idea, but feel they need to find a bit more to clue them in.

On the second obelisk they find another inscription – “inluminent viam ad caelum”. They understand it as “Light” something “to” something

Another hour or so is spent trying to discern the meaning of the phrases. On a whim, they check the stones again.

This time They find a slot carved into the side of one of the obelisks. On a hunch they create a small flame inside the slot. A loud chunk is heard, followed by a low rumble coming from one of the mausoleums.

They inspect to find that the steel door has retracted into the ground, revealing a descending staircase.

Staircase into the dark

Ben makes a quip about who would like to be the first to step into the dark, creepy tomb first. Hammond notes the fact that the prison is covered by a tomb does not bode well for them.

For Player reference, and reader’s ease
latin on the grave sites:

ad abyssos nos infixit eas – to the depths we fixed them

inluminent viam ad caelum – illuminate the way to heaven

vigilit qui custodium – watching the guard

semper viam pugiles – always the way of champions



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