Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Darkness Closing In

Chipping away, double ko, Crushing uncertainty

Mansion Foyer

The group fights the Obsidian Goliath.

“You will taste my wrath, you will taste my seed. You will taste the absolution of your demise. I was playing with you before. Now the game is over, I will tear your souls apart!” snarls the demon.

Each of the posse members takes aim at the cracks in the armor of the goliath.

The great beast raises its hands and blasts with green energy- an atomic blast.

They break off chunk after chunk of the armor, slowly wearing down it’s defensive layer.

Michael and Hammond edge in closer for melee combat. Ben and Nigel fire from afar. The goliath becomes frustrated by being surrounded and uses the China syndrome power. This heats it’s entire body to temperatures enough to melt through steel. It smacks Hammond with it’s arm, burning him with the intense fire.

Nigel lands a shot on the demon, blasting away another piece of armor. In retaliation it shoots him with an atomic blast. While Nigel takes some damage, this move forced the goliath to stop it’s China Syndrome.

Michael calls out the demon “Demon, by the powers of the Gods on High, I cast you from this body!”.

Michael hurls his spear a the demon once again. The shot ricochets and sticks in the wall next to the beast. The goliath reaches over to grab Micheal’s spear. When it does it received a large electrical shock.

Hammond charges in and attacks up close. Nigel continues firing away. Ben shoots and uses his brain blast to punch off more pieces of the armor.

Hammond leaps behind the beast and attempts to place it in a nelson hold. This leaves it open for easy attacks from the others.

Nigel and Ben both get off successful shots on the beast. The situation angers it, and the goliath lights back up with it’s China Syndrome power- burning Hammond on one side. He promptly lets go.

Ben tries to communicate with Marilyn. He talks with her about trying to change this place, or help them in some way. The Incubus sees Ben trying to talk to her and becomes enraged. It fires at Ben with an atomic blast, once again breaking it’s China Syndrome. Hammond takes the opportunity and grabs the demon’s arm and holds it back.

Michael charges in to fight the beast. It lands a devastating blow on his chest. He is noticeably shaken, but rejoins the fight.

The posse continues the skirmish. Chipping away at the armor on the goliath. It manages to shake free of the Nelson hold and smack Hammond away. Michael tries to sneak in an attack while the monster is focused on Hammy. He lands the blow, but is met with a fist full of claws in return. The goliath’s claws pierce in to Micheal’s chest, leaving him incapacitated.

The rest of the posse carries on, eventually wearing down the armor. However, the Incubus still maintains control over Soria, but it has reverted to it’s Golden Knight form. It begins to attack with greater intensity, seeing that its defenses have weakened.

Ben and Nigel keep circling it, trying to keep it away from Marilyn. Nigel has kept a bead on the Incubus. He takes a shot and lands it in the arm.

Hammond goes toe-to-toe with the demon. He tries striking at the head in order to knock Soria’s body out. The Incubus also strikes out at him simultaneously. Both of them land the hits right on the head. The force of the blows knocks both of them out, their bodies drop to the ground.

The helmet of the Golden Knight falls off, revealing Soria’s face. Black veins of corruption retract from her skin as the darkness drains into the floor.

Ben calls out to Nigel- “We’ve got to get out of here, this whole place is falling apart!”

Large chunks of the scene blast off into the nothingness, revealing the dark void behind it all. Ben and Nigel scramble to gather up their collapsed friends. Massive hands form out of the darkness and begin to loom over the group.

Meanwhile, in the Ritual Chamber

Jonathan Douglas has unshackled the body of Marilyn and is removing her from the altar. Walking in to the room is an equipment-laden Charlie Silverfox.

J.D- “Did you bring it?”

Charlie- " Yeah I’ve got it" She pulls out a strange platform connected to a small generator box. She quickly assembles the device and powers it on. A large white portal opens before her. She steps through.

The Shattered Dream

Inside the crumbling remains of the mansion, a white light appears, then a large circular portal forms. The white edges of the portal actually seem to repel the Shadow Hands, preventing them from swooping in to harm the group. Stepping through the portal is Charlie.

“Hey guys I came to … oh god, I remember this place, no I do not want to be here long, come on lets go! I can only transport one at a time though.”

Ben looks at the surrounding area, the only remaining semblance of the room is that which is held by the light. It becomes clear that the Incubus is trying to wrap around and absorb them.

Charlie grabs Soria and pulls her through the portal. It disappears temporarily, giving the darkness a chance to encroach a bit more.

The portal re-emerges- this time there are small cracks of darkness in the edge. “It’s getting harder to break through. Michael you’re next” Charlie grabs Michael and pulls him in to the portal.

Hammond wakes back up, and sees the enclosing darkness. Ben suggests they try the light spell. They all chime in, and implore Marilyn to join in. “Opet Lumen Disper Gimin” they chant, over and over. All around them a sphere of light appears. It is barely holding back the shadow.

“I will consume you” The Incubus’ voice echoes out. A small sliver of darkness punches through the sphere and grabs hold of Ben. They try to wrestle with the shadow.

Marilyn’s fear begins to get the best of her, and it shows on her face. The group sees this, and notices that the sphere of light begins to shrink.

“We can do this Marilyn, We can get out of here.” “We’ll be alright, we always are.” “We have to fight the dark, you can do this!” The three heroes reassure her.

She recognizes that she no longer has the same hold on the world that she once had, The Incubus has diverted some of it’s power out of her hands and is using it to try and absorb them. Marilyn begins to talk about the Incubus having too much power, that they will be absorbed. “I don’t know what will happen when the light fades, when the darkness consumes us.” Her will is breaking under the pressure and stress.

Nigel – " You are the reason we have fought so hard, the reason why we cannot fail."

Ben – “Maybe you’re the light it can’t extinguish- that’s why it wants to corrupt you.”

Hammond – “Ben and Nigel are right. You have to believe. You represent something that is within all of us, something that is prevalent most of all in you. HOPE, something most people don’t have nowadays. That’s what it wants to put out, and that’s why we can’t give up. YOU need to believe we can beat this, because WE CAN. But only if you believe.”

Their rallying words inspire in her a great confidence. The sphere of light reinforces. The manages to hold back the darkness.

Ben suggests they try to use the portal spell. The three of them carefully chant out the spell. They plan to use the portal to bring the Incubus into their word, but in it’s original form.. There they can defeat it once and for all.

“Sit porta aperatur”

They call out the spell and a portal is created. The the darkness itself seems to be sucked into the portal, like water into a drain. The three look to each other. The power of the portal beings to pull on them. The light of Marilyn’s sphere is also pulled in. All three are pulled in to the portal.

Cracked battlegrounds in the middle of Kansas.

The three men appear in a clearing within the battlefields of Kansas. There does not appear to be any immediate danger. They have a few moments to themselves and use this opportunity to heal themselves in anticipation of the battle to come.

A dark storm is building above them. The unnatural look of the clouds only solidifies their suspicions that it is a sign of the coming of the Incubus.

As the clouds begins to circle, they hear the voice of the Incubus. “All you have done is delayed my reign. I will destroy you and then bring my wrath to this world.”

A soft, refreshing wind blows in from the side. An ethereal, almost angelic, vision of Marilyn appears.

“I can only stay but for a short time- to wish you safety against the coming dark. I wish I could be with you, but I can’t. All I can do for you is pray. You’ve been my guardians, my protectors. I wish wish I could defeat it, but I can’t. However, I can pray for you, and give you my blessing.”

She kisses each of the heroes – Nigel on his plasma Hand., Ben on his head, and Hammond on the hilt of his sword.

“Do what it is in your destiny to do. This is where all roads meet. I love you all, remember this. Goodbye.”

Marilyn’s image fades away, as the storm clouds sink down to the ground, and begin to form into the inky black body of the Incubus. Karisha stands before them in his true form.



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