Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Breaking IN to Prison

face to the glass, an act of mercy, crashing the party

Staircase into the dark

The posse descends the steps, leading into a slanted corridor. The walls are constructed of cinderblocks, many of which have cracked over time. The lights which line the ceiling have gone dark and look to be well beyond repair.

The walkway continues on, deeper and deeper, until the group reaches a reflective wall. It looks like a mirror, but the edges of the glass extend well into the walls on each side.

Nigel checks the temperature on the glass. It is not as cold as expected, indicating it is probably some type of reflective plastic. Ben chimes in, stating it is most likely blast-proof security glass. Hammond points a flashlight into the glass, checking to see if it is a one-way mirror. While trying to look through the glass he sees something moving “in” the image.

Ben sees nothing in the glass. On a hunch, Nigel peers into the mirror and tries to reach through and grab his own hand. As he begins to move his hand, he sees his own image reach up to his head and blast with the plasma hand. Shaken by the image he steps back and mumbles out what happened.

Ben checks around the edges, but can’t find a way to pry the glass. Hammond attempts to push the glass or slide it out of the way, but it does not budge.

They talk about possible options. Ben points out how the door in the corn field was just an illusion. Perhaps this is as well. He stands up straight and walks full tilt at the mirror. SMACK The front of his helmet connects with the surface of the mirror. The impact actually dazes him for a split second.

Hammond expresses his belief that the Incubus is projecting itself from the inside. He calls out the demon, staring down the image on the thier side. Ben and Nigel see no change. Hammond sees his reflection shift into that of a young man. The man stands, in a leering, over-bearing stance staring forward with yellow other-worldly eyes. The world burns behind him.

The Incubus speaks to Hammy through the glass. It offers him a deal. Since it’s victory is a certainty, it offers them the change to save Marilyn from total mutilation by walking away.

Hammond quips back- “I’m not a bettin man, but My guess is you’re bluffin. Besides, if you were really certain you’d win- you wouldn’t be asking us to give up.”

The man in the mirror reaches through with icy claws and pierces Hammonds chest. The pain shoots up through his heart and he stumbles backwards. Nigel and Ben heard only Hammonds side of the conversation, so they are a bit confused.

After several more minutes of deliberation, they start checking back down the hall. Ben spots a patch of moss on the left side wall. He presses the moss. Rumble The wall near the glass retracts into the floor. Inside they find a small vestibule leading to a well lit hallway.

“The Maze” level 1

The Hallways leads down straight ahead and out to the right. Doors line the inner portions of each hallway. Immediately to the right they see another door.

The posse opens the door immediately to the right and finds a small security room. One wall of the room is a window out to the corridor (the other side of the mirror). In front of the window is a desk with an old computer terminal. Ben asks Nigel to fix it up or try and access it. Nigel assesses the damage and realizes it will take far too long to repair.

They move on to the first door in the hallway. Inside they find a small office, which looks to have been for the top level administration and security. The rummage around for anything useful. Hammond finds a laminated floor map on one of the walls. He pulls it of and they use it to navigate their way through the halls.

Ben does not recognize any of this area from the memory he accessed in Twitch’s mind. They will need to push on.

The posse finds a stair case, but the ceiling has collapse in on it. The elevator shaft next to the stairs is open, but there is no car, and the drop to the next floor is too far to safely drop.

They work their way around the back side and find door to the warehouse area. There is a sign pointing out the freight elevator, but they decide to check the other side of the facility first. In the other end of the hallway they find another elevator shaft. This one has a car ready and waiting – and the door to the stairs next to it is welded shut. Ben points out that a path has been laid out for them, and is most likely a trap.

Hammond pulls out his hammer and smashes the door. The force is strong enough to breach the sub-par welds on the door. They manage to carefully make their way down tot he next floor.

Level 2

The posse enters the 2nd level. The walls and floor of this level are a bit more grey than those of the 1st floor. Otherwise the layout is, at first glance, the same. However as they begin to traverse the hall, they find the doors to be heavy, with only a small slit at about eye level. Several of the rooms have bodies, or, what is left of them. In one, they see a mound of dried oozy-goop.

The next door holds back a smokey presence. The smoke floats in the vague shape of a man. The figure seems to perk up, noticing it is not alone. It breaks into a stream and flows up to the door before reforming into the man shape.

“Release me.” The smokey figure’s eerie disembodied voice half commands, half pleads.

Recognizing that this being may be quite dangerous, the posse questions it first. It is not able to escape on it’s own as it’s powers are being dampened. Some type of technology is keeping it’s powers from working to their full potential.

Smokey does know of the Incubus, but indicates it does not side with him. (In retropect, obvious from the fact that it is still sealed in the cell.) The being simply wants to be freed, it will neither help nor hinder them. The posse deliberates about it, and decides to free the being. They smash a hole in the view slot and Smokey slips out through the spot – speeding off to exit the prison.

As they explore they find that the hallway is blocked just around the corner. A large barred gate blocks the way. They check the other end of the hall and find another gate. This gate was blow out however. There is an old repair job in place, someone had welded several layers of steel plates together to block the way.

They decide to blow the gate on the first side to get through. Ben loads some plastic explosives and detonates. BLAM the blast completely destroys the gate. “If they didn’t already know we were here, they do now” says Nigel.

They pass through the gate and find another security terminal in a nearby office. This one is active. They tap in to the system and find records pointing to some “incident”. This event cause a lockdown situation sealing up most of the rest of the jail. It becomes clear that they will not be able to continue on this route and hope to make it in time.

They check the records to find info about the power controlling tech. They find that there were multiple types, some injectable, some machine based. The injectible nanites sound like the most viable solution- and will be very useful if they need to incapacitate Soria. The log files show that there was a nanite lab located in the 1st floor warehouse area.

Level 1

The posse heads back up to the first level towards the warehouse. As they enter, the blast doors slam shut behind them. As their eyes adjust to the lower light level in the warehouse, they see figures filling all of the space.

The entire room is full of “mannequin” figures, all arranges in grotesque, macabre positions. Some dominant, some submissive- other engaged in lewd acts, still others being tortured/torturing. The site bears a grim resemblance to the bodies that were arrange by Vlados under the Incubus’s direction.

The group slowly creeps their way towards the door in the back end of the warehouse that leads to the nano factory. Suddenly they notice that the eyes of the mannequins are following them. Several of the figures turn their heads and begin to move, creaking and squishing, inching in closer to the posse.



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