Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Accusations Abound

Can't kill an S.O.B., bloody alley, careful reasoning

Sky Pirate Airship (4 days ago)

Ben and Dennis Carlton send the others out the escape hatch. The automatons break through the hangar doors and begin firing on the two men.

Dennis tries to hold his own. Ben lands a few powerful blows. Unfortunately the automatons had gotten too close. Just as they dispatch the machines, Ben realizes Dennis is likely doing to die in the blast.

In a last second effort, Ben conjures up his force field and leaps in front of Dennis. This maneuver saves the young templar, but launches Ben into a wall knocking him unconscious.

JunkYard Hospital

Ben wakes up in the company of a JunkYard Militia member. The JM member informs him that the airship did complete the trip to JunkYard. The JM member also mentions that Simon and the others arrived earlier that day. The JM member will act as guard for Ben until they meet up with the rest of the posse, at which point he will resume his duty as attache for Mr. Mercer.

Dennis is in the bed across the room. He will survive, but his wounds are rather severe. Ben checks in with him, and to inform him of Simon’s survival. Then Ben and the attache head out towards the JunkYard Hilton.

JunkYard Hilton

Simon and the group arrive at the JY Hilton and get themselves settled. Simon retires to his room to rest. Nigel, Hammond, and Soria take the opportunity to eat a real meal and order some room service.

Ben arrives shortly thereafter. The posse is elated to see that he has survived, though as usual, Ben diffuses this with some smart ass remarks.

Nigel and Soria agree to fill Ben in on their journey from the drop off point. Hammond heads to the hospital to see if he can heal Dennis.

That evening the crew splits up to rest themselves. Hammond and Soria retire together, reconnecting privately so to speak. Ben settles in for the evening. Nigel takes some time to check out his systems and run his diagnostic and rest cycles.

In the middle of the night, Hammond hears a loud scream out on the street. He opens the window to find a bum, stumbling out from an alley way. The bum appears to be horrified and in shock.


Hammond wakes up the others and heads down to the street to find out what has happened. Nigel runs ahead using his advanced speed and discovers the site of another grisly murder. Ben and Hammond arrive a moment later. They stop the bum on the way to question him, but his state of horror is such that he seems uncertain of what is happening.

The men search for clues or evidence. All of them point out the similarities to the attack by the Boise Horror that occurred just before they left. The victim was kill viciously, with apparent claw marks on the main body (though the killing wound looks to be to the neck by way of a saw).

Just as before there are no signs of struggle on the victims body. Ben uses his Land Warrior suit to amplify the surrounding heat signatures, but does not see evidence of another person. They also find the Templar Cross painted on the nearby wall in blood.

The JunkYard Militia arrives, as does a rather stressed out and pushy detective. They do not take much of a statement from the posse and quickly usher them on their way.

JunkYard Hilton

The posse meets back up at one of their rooms. Running through some of the logic, they conclude that the Boise Horror has come along with them to Junkyard. Based on this, they believe it could be Simon himself.

They decide to put this to the test right way and head to Simon’s room. Naturally Biletnikoff is there watching over Simon. The group pulls Biletnikoff aside and discusses their theory with him.

He assures them that Simon is not harboring any kind of monster or demon, based on all of the evidence from various healers and spiritualists that have checked on him. This gives rise to the idea that perhaps Biletnikoff is the Horror.

Biletnikoff provides some evidence to admonish himself, but also offers a counter possibility. The gang seems to be centered on the idea that the Boise Horror may be some latent energy from Baphomet, or possibly the bloodwolf. However, this attack did not take place on a full moon, and the have been attacked in this city by the Incubus before- Biletnikoff posits that it may be the Incubus mimicking the actions of the Boise Horror.

They agree that this could be the case. Regardless, it is essential that they rest for the summit the next day.

In the morning they meet and head to Isaac’s conference. Nigel is not permitted in, after the attack on Simon by a cyborg infiltrator. Ben, Soria, and Hammond enter along with Simon and Biletnikoff.

Inner JunkYard (Taylor’s Conference)

The group is introduced to the representatives of the different parties involved. Soria, Ben and Hammond recognize a young person who is in the company of the Chamber’s representative, as they had briefly seen her around Globe, AZ.

The meeting begins and each of the members stands to give their words regarding an alliance among them. The sentiment is basically the same for all, they wish to cooperate in order to eliminate the great threat of the Combine.

When the time comes for Simon to speak, the conference takes a different turn. He agrees that the Combine is a problem, but vehemently opposes working together with anyone that would openly allow the looting and raiding by road gangs (Taylor). He also makes note of the ambush that was laying in wait for him on the way in to JunkYard. “Those gangs are nearly identical to the Combine itself- they simply lack opportunity”. Simon finishes his rant and exits the conference.

Taylor implores the posse to convince Simon to come back. They frantically head back to meet him at the Hilton.

JunkYard Hilton

Simon is highly resistant at first, but with a bit of time and a few clever choices in phrase the posse is able to get him to at least agree to hear Taylor out. They will resume the conference the next morning.

That night the posse is once again awoken by an ominous scream.



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