Deadlands: Hell on Earth

A Different Kind of Crop Circle

Jacks in the round, follow the light, a forced rest

The center of the corn maze

The center of the maze has been cleared in a large circle. A few tall trees are the only things that stand out in the field. Funny, even with their large size and ominous appearance, they were not visible from within the corn maze. Yet another of the Pumpkin King’s tricks.

The posse is surrounded by a dozen pumpkin-headed scarecrows. Each and every one moving independently, but all look identical. One of the scarecrows holds a lantern with a greenish glowing eldritch flame. This one holds up a hand can commands the others to attack.

Several of the scarecrows break off from the circle and rush forth. They attack with a variety of rusted, bloody, farming tools. They slash and swing at the posse members.

Hammond sweeps his sword around, hitting several at once. Nigel begins firing on the ones charging at them. Ben fires a few times before resorting to his powers. The crew and the scarecrows trade blows. All three of them sustain some moderate injuries, but not enough to stop them fighting.

Finally, Ben uses his pyrokinetics to light up the outer area (near the scarecrow with the lantern). This lights a few of the scarecrows, as well as one of the large trees. The tree seems to come to life, flailing in pain, it’s large branches swinging like arms. The lantern holder waves a hand, and is replaced by one of the other scarecrows. The lantern appears in the hand of a scarecrow on the other side of the circle.

Nigel lands a shot right through the head of the lantern holder. The pumpkin head explodes and the body slumps to the ground. But once again, the lantern appears int he hands of another scarecrow.

The posse notices what is happening, and quickly devises a plan. Hammond continues fighting the scarecrows in the immediate area. Ben and Nigel try and put some of them down as well, in order to get an opportunity to take a shot at the lantern holder. Nigel gets hit with the business end of a large scythe. The blade cuts deep and puts him out of commission of a bit.

Ben gets his chance, sending forth a brain blast which shatters the lantern. The eldritch flame flickers, then flies straight up into the sky, out of sight.

As soon as the flame leaves, the rest of the scarecrows drop to the ground. Everything around them, the trees, the pumpkins, the corn itself all wilts away. Everything crumbles to the dirt, leaving only a mixed slop of mud and rotten vegetation.

Ben and Hammond assist Nigel in getting back to the van. They perform what medical aid they can on each other and discuss what their next move should be. It is agreed that they should set up the auto-shelter and rest for the night, since they all have been been damaged and have been up for an unknown amount of time.



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